Hello and Welcome to the inaugural first post to Logophilia.net!

I spent a lot of time trying to find a platform that focused on writing in a way that I liked. Some of you may recall my previous attempts to find something satisfactory: Ghost, Discourse, PHPBB Forums – and now, this.

WriteFreely is the same platform that write.as uses, but I can host it myself and have complete control over the data involved; and so far, it seems like it just might be what I've been after. (Though I have yet to figure out a nice way to make the global CSS a dark theme)

Why is any of this necessary? Why go through the trouble of hosting a site like this yourself in the first place?

For the simple reason that I don't like the current options, and I have the capability to host my own site, so I might as well.

Surely there's a site out there that will host your work, you just haven't found it yet!

There are a few that would host my work, but none that I like. These are the sites I considered:

1) Eka's Portal 2) Deviant Art 3) Literotica 4) Archive Of Our Own (AO3) 5) Reddit

Let me break that list down and explain why none of those sites are to my liking.

Eka's Portal

  • Hasn't seen any significant update in a long time
  • Focused on visual work rather than written work
  • Chose to change internet providers rather than ban NSFW content that involved underage characters or minors

Deviant Art

  • Again, focused on visual work rather than written work
  • Lately has started to selectively purge NSFW content without warning, resulting in prominent accounts disappearing without a trace


  • Sexualized death, “vore”, or “snuff” fiction. Characters are allowed to kill or die in stories, but the death should not be intended as sexually titillating.
  • My work directly violates Literotica's Content Guidelines because it largely revolves around vore, and the sexual aspects of it

Archive of Our Own (AO3)

  • Focused exclusively on fanfiction, and my work is original work


  • With Reddit angling for an IPO, I have the sneaking suspicion that NSFW content will start to be suppressed and/or removed
  • At best, a sub par and laggy reading experience
  • Focused on making money and harvesting data

So there you have it. The major sites I considered, and why I ultimately decided to host my own instead.

It's not enough to simply host the written word though – if I wanted to do that, I could've used a service like pastebin and shared links to my work elsewhere. I like how writefreely feels, and I like the idea that this site might even host other people's written work someday. To that end, I set this instance up as a multi-user instance with open registration closed.

If you are interested in publishing your content here, contact me. For the foreseeable future, this site will be invite only – it helps cut down on spam, and helps to ensure actual interested writers are hosted.