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“What in the nine isles?” Savaron cursed, the light from her hands flickering. “Mila?” she whispered, fumbling forward into the dimly lit room. Carefully, she sat down next to the cocoon, mattress barely acknowledging her mass.

The slime stared at the wrap, her thoughts as chaotic as the silk she was so carelessly losing mass to. Seconds ticked away before her core finally coiled her thoughts into a somewhat coherent collection. First things first, she had to find Mila.

Well, perhaps find wasn't quite the right word...

She knew just enough about cocoons to know that, usually, you wanted to leave them well enough alone. One of this size, in Mila's room... Either it was Mila in there, or some impossibly large monstrosity. Letting her hands liquify for a moment, she began prying a seam through the silky layers, slowly but surely spreading them apart.

With meticulous effort, she eventually spread the silk apart. With the cocoon fully splayed, her chest bubbled softly in relief. It was Mila. She began brushing the inner strands of silk off of her partner, taking care to mop up any lingering residues the threads may have deposited.

“Mila?” she asked, rolling the slumbering human onto her back.

Or rather, attempting to roll her.

Instead, she found Mila's stomach bloated and heavy, resisting any attempts to move her with ease. A newfound appetite was one thing, but this was extreme. If she didn't know any better, she could've sworn Mila was pregnant!

It wasn't possible for a slime to get a human pregnant... right?

Setting that rather fizzy thought aside for the time being, Savaron refocused her efforts on waking the human. Sliding a hand under her cheek, she turned the lightly snoring girl to face her.

“Mila, you need to wake up,” she said, eyes searching for any signs of movement. “Mila!” she said, a bit louder this time. Under normal circumstances, she could appreciate a heavy meal and a long nap, but the silk absorbing her mass kept reaching for her attention.

“Sav?” Mila mumbled, stomach grumbling as she squirmed. “M' sleepin.”

“You need to wake up,” Savaron said, caressing the human's face. “What happened?”

“Must've dozed off,” Mila mumbled, batting away the slime's hands. “Don't s'pose you're feeling savory right now, are you?” she asked, licking her lips.

“You're kidding, right?”

“No, 'm hungry,” she yawned, idly rubbing her stomach.

Fantasies of slime droplets rolling around her tavern briefly occupied the slime's thoughts.

“Sit up and we can get you something to eat.”

“Fine,” Mila mumbled, rolling over to her back. Her stomach audibly sloshed, gurgling loudly at the movement as its mass settled. “What in the world?”

“You sure you're hungry?”

“Savri, what happened?”

“I was hoping you could tell me,” the slime said, casting the light from her hands across the dark room. “Found you wrapped up in this,” she said, holding up a bit of the shredded cocoon. “Are you okay?”

“I have no idea!” Mila hissed, eyes transfixed on the silk while her hands were glued to her gut.

“What do you remember?”

“I,” she paused, stifling a burp. “The last thing I remember is eating the steak that Phil set out for me.”

“There's definitely more than just one or two steaks in there. What else did you eat?”

“Just the steaks!” She paused, scouring her brain again. “I think.”

“I could go in and check,” the slime offered, resting a hand on Mila's belly.

“There was something else,” the human said, closing her eyes as she focused. “Something delicious. Better than anything I've ever tasted.”

“Well what was it? I'll have to make sure to make it a special!”

“I can't remember,” Mila said, stifling yet another belch.

“Must've been pretty good, whatever it was,” Savaron said, gesturing towards Mila's waist. Her underwear was still shoved down, loosely wrapped around her thighs.

“What in the Isles?” Mila mumbled, pulling her pants and panties back up.

“Still doesn't explain the silk everywhere,” Savaron said, glancing around the room one more time. “It's going to take a while to digest all of this.”

“Is,” Mila paused, a third burp pushing its way up through her throat. The eructation nearly rattled her teeth, leaving an odd sensation in her throat. “Sorry, something in my throat,” she said, placing a hand on her chest.

“I'll get it,” Savaron said, casually reaching into Mila's mouth. She found the obstruction, carefully pulling it out of the human's mouth. On the trip back out though, she did make sure to take her fair share of thick, hot saliva. Eventually, the slime forced herself to stop slurping up the delectable substance and pull the obstruction fully out.

With a heavy splat, a tattered bra landed on the human's gurgling stomach.

“I don't suppose that's yours, is it?” Mila asked, color draining from her face.

“Not mine,” the slime whispered back.

“You're sure?”

“All of mine are lace, and I don't usually wear them.”

“Then whose is it?” Mila asked. The two stared in silence at the soaked bra, the human's stomach gurgling loudly underneath it. In some vain hope, Mila picked it up, holding it up to her chest. “Savri,” she said, staring at the woefully ill-fit garment. “What did I do?”

The slime said nothing, instead placing a hand on Mila's bloated belly. The warm skin of her partner gave way ever so slightly at her touch, occasionally growling or gurgling in response. The repeated intrusions into the human's distended middle continued to yield only one, ever inescapable truth.

“I think you've eaten someone,” the slime finally said, her gaze slowly moving back up to Mila's face.

No,” Mila whispered, hands on her stomach. She closed her eyes, clenching at her belly as if to squeeze the contents out.

“Mila,” Savaron said, placing her hands over the human's. “Mila,” she said again, pulling her arms up. “No-one can change what has been done.”

Why,” Mila asked, tears beginning to well. “Why would I do this?”

“It's got to be something that Risha did to you.”

“But why? What could she do that would make me,” she paused, the words hung in her throat.

“Maybe you didn't,” Savaron said, a new idea conjuring up in her core.

“Savaron! There is no other explanation!” The human held up the tattered bra again for emphasis.

“No, it doesn't make any sense,” the slime said, looking around the room. “Where did the silk come from? How did you get a whole person into your belly without a fight?”

“What about the webs from last night? In my room?” The slime said nothing, core beginning to spin as she tried to focus in on something – anything that might shed reason as to what was happening. “What about this?” Mila asked, holding the bra up again.

“Enough of that,” Savaron said, snatching the garment away from the human. She took it into her mass, obscuring it behind her jacket. Electing not to mention how divine the generous helping of various stomach juices and saliva was proving to be, the slime pushed forward to a new train of thought. “What if this was Risha's doing?”


“What if she forced you to eat someone, then cocooned you?”


“I don't know,” the slime admitted. “I just know that whatever happened, it wasn't your fault.”

“Savaron!” Mila said, holding her belly for emphasis once more.

“I won't believe it,” the slime said, looking at Mila's belly. “If it's your fault, why can't you remember what happened?” It was the human's turn to fall silent, her gaze slowly drifting down from the slime's to her stomach. “Whatever happened, at the very least, you're not solely responsible for.”

The human stared at her stomach, the only source of sound in the room as the couple tried to think.

“Doesn't change what happened,” she finally whispered.

“No, I suppose it doesn't,” the slime sighed.

“I can't believe I'm saying this,” Mila said, wiping her eyes. “But I'm still hungry.”

“That, at least, I can help with,” Savaron said, placing her hand on Mila's once more.

“But I don't want to eat.” The words hung in the air, so much so that Savaron's core threatened to twitch. “I don't want to let this happen again.”

“I'll help you,” Savaron said. “You don't have to go through this alone.” Mila pulled the gooey figure into a hug – a somewhat awkward embrace for a semi-solid being. “Besides, that's my home,” the slime said, smiling as she felt Mila's snicker mix with a sob.

“Now,” the slime said, pulling back from the embrace. “You try and get some sleep. I'll take care of all this.”


Sleep. Words in the morning, okay?” Savaron leaned back in, replacing the rest of the silken cocoon under the human with a blanket. She gave Mila a kiss on the forehead before focusing on her own need for rest.

Had she any energy to spare, she would've stayed awake all night with Mila. As things stood though, her mass had been holding shape for far too long, her own legs threatening to dissolve at any moment.

Deciding to stay in Mila's room, Savaron let herself into the bathroom, collapsing into the tub. With a splash, she closed off the tub's drain, pooling herself just under the faucet to rest. She was going to need her energy tomorrow...

For Mila though, sleep was but a elusive fantasy.

She was full – satisfied, even – but sleep would not come. She had managed to rest most of the evening, leaving her more than refreshed and awake now. Though, even if she could sleep, she doubted she would.

Laying in the bed, she stared at the ceiling, trying not to focus on her stomach.

But how could she not? The thing gurgled and groaned – sometimes so loudly she swore she could feel it shake the bed!

Questions and curiosity plagued her mind, inviting such quandaries as why? and how?

Since she was going to be awake the rest of the night anyway, she decided to try and ignore the question of how for the time being. Why had she done it? Why couldn't she remember?

No matter how hard she tried, the only images she could conjure up were that of a warm, comfortable bed and big, filling meals. It was as though an instinct had taken over, settling her into an auto pilot of sorts.

Perhaps she was possessed? Bewitched? Maybe she was still asleep at this very moment, the whole experience some kind of nightmare inflicted upon her by a scorned dream eater?

No, everything felt too real. There was something absolutely clarifying about the meal she'd managed to indulge in. Were she bewitched or possessed, she had to wonder who would do such a thing, let alone command her to eat some goblin she barely knew...

What if it was instinct?

She was no stranger to instinct, having found herself at her dorm or at her next class with nary a memory of the journey there. If she tried hard enough, sometimes she could remember bits and pieces of the trip, but only just.

But what instinct? What would compel her to eat another creature like that?

Her stomach groaned and growled as she rolled to her side, bed creaking under her shifting center of gravity.

No humans she knew of had an instinct like that. If they did, they certainly never acted on it. So why did she have this instinct? Other creatures capable of swallowing their meals whole looked nothing like her – from mermaids to dragons and centaurs, none shared her comparatively petite frame.

Slowly, she got to her feet, discarding the blanket Savaron had so carefully tucked her in with. Quietly, she made her way into the bathroom, only glancing around to make sure the slime wasn't there.

In the dead of night, the light of the moon shining in through the fogged window, she looked into the mirror.

Staring at her hazel eyes, she resisted blinking. Maybe, if she was observant, she could catch some alter-ego peeking through, hiding in the darkness of her pupils. She stayed there for a time as her eyes watered, desperate for reprieve.

The cool air raised the hair on her arms, the eventual shiver giving her eyes an excuse to blink. Whatever secret identity her pupils hid, they would not reveal it tonight. Slowly, her eyes wandered over the rest of her face – inspecting each barely visible freckle, every hair of her eyebrows.

Eventually, her gaze landed on her lips. She knew they concealed another purpose – her newfound fangs. Slowly, she opened her mouth – teeth still well hidden. She didn't want to bare her teeth – her tongue gave her plenty of reminder that her new incisors were still there.

She did so regardless, pressing forward. The fangs were just as prominent, if not more so than the first time she'd noticed them. Closing her mouth, she felt no strange sensation by the protrusions. Her mouth felt normal, as though her teeth had always been like this.

As her gaze rose back to her eyes, a new feeling began to set in.

The longer she stared, the more it felt like this was not her body. Her skin reacted like her own, her muscles responded just as she would expect them to; but it did not feel right. Something was off.

Not wanting to look the stranger in the mirror in the eyes any longer, she cast her gaze down to her hands. Experimentally, she flexed her fingers – curling and uncurling them slowly, watching the mechanical motion. It wasn't until her fingers started to tremble, that she had had enough.

Burying all of the intrusive thoughts deep in her mind, she wrapped herself in her arms, quietly leaving the bathroom and finding her way back to the bed. Sitting down, she put a hand to her stomach before lying down on her side – away from the bathroom door.

Back in the bathroom, the puddle that was Savaron trembled. Tonight, Mila's gentle weeping would eventually carry them both to sleep.

Slimes, as flexible as they are in all other areas, tend to have more rigid rest requirements. Suffice it to say that lack of proper rest for a slime would eventually result in collapse. Their body would simply cease to hold together, forcing the creature into a loose liquid state until the stresses of holding shape could properly recover.

What that usually translated into, was a solid four to six hours of sleep for the slime, per day, minimum. Most slimes, if they needed to be active for longer, would simply take more restful breaks throughout the day – spread out their regeneration.

Savaron, however, was still very much in a liquid state as the sun rose. She had pushed her mass to its limit over the past couple of days, and the events of last night had left her more than physically exhausted.

To that end, Mila decided to burden only herself with her woes this morning. Leaving the webbed room and its troubles behind for another time, she headed to the campus library to try and find some answers.

Thankfully, it was still somewhat early in the morning. While there were a few other early birds out and about, the library itself was virtually empty. Ducking inside, she hoped she wouldn't be disturbed too much in her search for knowledge.

But where to begin?

Magic itself had a whole devoted section, spanning nearly a quarter of one floor, and half the next. Though she tended to avoid this section out of sheer frustration; the library's organization was one that she was intimately familiar with.

A paltry stack of books in hand, she made her way to a study cove and settled in. Her selection yielded a jumble of titles, but they were the best sources she could find on her first pass.

Defense Against Drider – A Traveler's Companion – it was the one book she'd managed to find with drider in the title.

Drider are formidable opponents that should not be underestimated. Possessing the strength and agility of a spider, along with the cunning of a human is a deadly combination. One must always be prepared when traveling near or through drider infested territory.

While surviving an encounter with a drider is not unheard of, these instances are exceptions rather than the rule. Some drider have taken to acting docile as a way to lure in prey – if you see a drider, always keep in mind that they view you as food.

Never travel alone when concerned with drider if you can avoid it. While drider are formidable, they are not invincible, and can be overwhelmed by numbers. Fire spells or devices are a quick way to disengage with a drider if you're ever caught off guard.

Mila's heart sank. If she was truly to become a drider, she could never show her face around humans again. The rest of the book went in to tactical weaknesses when approaching a drider – be it for capture or to kill. Crossbows, spears – even thrown apparatus were all suggested. Anything to maintain distance between yourself and the threat.

Her next book, Vicious Vexes and Horrible Hexes, was... a choice. Part of her still clung to the hope that she was transforming by means of some curse Risha had put on her. Opening the book, she began scouring the pages for anything useful she might be able to gleam.

While the various hexes were bemusing at best, she found little in the way of transformation. With titles like “Attack of the Silverware” and “The Bubbly Bra,” that particular book seemed to be aimed at more juvenile applications of magic, rather than anything truly egregious like full blown transformation.

Though, she did set it aside for later. Dancing silverware or antagonistic underwear might be juvenile, but the hexes themselves were simple enough to grasp in theory, and they might prove useful one day...

The third book, titled Magical Creatures and You, seemed a bit more hopeful at first glance. A few pages in though, and it was apparent that this book's sole purpose was to capture magical creatures and bring them to local authorities for study or dissection. The creatures themselves weren't even named, only summarily categorized.

For small magical creatures, it was advised to use nets and bags; for larger creatures, ropes and crossbows for binding. It went into detail on how hunting parties should move and communicate, or how they could coordinate to bring down nests of creatures at a time. Her expression now thoroughly sour, she flipped the book over.

This year?!” And presented by the Governor's library no less!

Feeling thoroughly betrayed by her own skin once more, she put the two less than helpful books back where she found them, taking the other to the counter to check out.

“Mila! You're here early,” the librarian said, smiling. “I didn't see you come in!”

“Hi Ms. Rose,” Mila said, setting the book down on the counter. “I wanted to get in early. Got a big project to get ready for.”

“Hexes and Vexes? Just what kind of project are you planning?”

“It wasn't my first choice,” Mila mumbled. “I really need to find something on drider, but I'm not having much luck there, either.”

“Drider? Rather odd subject,” Ms. Rose said, scribbling down the book's information. “Have you tried looking up information on demi humans?”

“Demi humans?”

“It's the proper term for creatures like drider – half humans. We don't have a big selection of those books anymore, but there might still be something useful for you.”

“I'll have to check them out,” Mila said, taking the Hex book back off the counter.

“I trust you'll sign your books out when you're ready if I'm not here?” Ms. Rose said, pushing her glasses up.

“Of course! Thank you Ms. Rose!”

Mila wandered back to the Magic section, a renewed glint in her eyes. Scouring the first floor section didn't yield any results, unfortunately. Not even a hint of demi-anything in the titles so far. She was about to give up on the second floor as well, were it not for a slim section tucked away in the very back corner.

Demi Humans

“Finally,” she mumbled, starting at the top. The section was only three shelves tall by one shelf wide, but at least it was something. Most of the books focused on merfolk or scylla – creatures of the vast oceans. Setting her interest aside, she eventually found a few books that were worth a closer look.

Savaron bubbled quietly in her tub, core drifting lazily around in the warm light. Pulling herself together, she started resting her chest against the porcelain container, blinking her eyes into existence.

While slime's didn't biologically need to yawn, Savaron had maintained the habit for as long as she could remember. Something about her previous iterations, to be sure; but an overall not terrible way to yank herself to the present after a good night's rest. Stretching her arms, she slid out of the tub, legs still solidifying as she found an upright posture.

“Mila?” she called out, yawning again. “You up? Did you get some rest?” she asked, pushing the door open. The warmth from the sun faded as she stepped into the web ridden room. “Where did you go?”

Before she could head out and find the human, she had to clean up the webbing. Letting her legs deform from her knees down, she simply glided across the room, soaking up any silky goodness she could find.

The material had a slightly different taste from the last time she remembered. Not quite unpleasant, but... noticeable. Was it tangy, maybe? No, that didn't fit... Smooth?

Yeah. It tasted smooth. Not exactly a traditional taste, but it was the only one that came to mind as she went about the process of absorbing the stuff. Feeling her mass increase, she simply spread herself out further, absorbing more of the webbing faster.

A whirlwind of less than conventional cleaning later, and she was done. Not a single strand of silk remained in the room – it had all been collected and absorbed by her body. No-one would know but her and Mila. Sighing contently, the slime reformed her legs, only to find her feet still in a puddle.

The extra mass was a bit... more than she expected. Dumping it all in her chest nearly landed her a face-first splash on the floor; and her thighs would basically be formless if she put it there. Grumbling at her efficiency, she decided to simply evenly distribute it.

Her height increased, along with the rest of her body in appropriate proportions. Still having a bit of puddle around her feet, she decided to dump any remaining extra mass to her chest today – she was feeling a bit jiggly, after all.

Shaking off the first mass adjustment tingles of the day, she returned to the bathroom to collect her clothes. The trousers were out of the question – they were tight legged before, she'd rip them to shreds if she tried to slide in now. Her vest was... optimistic, given her new bosom.

Sliding the vest on, she went downstairs, peering into the bar area for signs of life. One or two early birds, no doubt after Phil's infamous omelets.

“Phil?” she whisper-yelled, looking towards the kitchen.


“Hey! You got any spare clothes?”

The shrill clang of a pan missing it's destination on the stove rang out.

“What?!” Phil poked his head around the corner, looking at the slime. “What happened to you?”

“I'll explain later, can I have some pants first?” She paused, sliding to the other side of the bar to avoid any further inquisitive looks from the patrons. “Or an apron?”

“One second,” Phil grumbled, returning to his omelet. He finished preparing the dish and set it aside, leaning down to grab an extra apron from the cabinets in the back. On his way back out, he dropped off the meal to a quiet patron before heading over to Savaron. “What did you do?

“It was a busy night!” she said defensively, sliding the apron's hoop over her head. Tying up the back was a bit more cumbersome than normal, but she managed.

“Got any spare pants back there?”

“I don't think mine would fit you!” he said, looking up at his boss as she stood up. “You're nearly a head taller than me!”

“Guess I'll have to figure something out,” she mumbled, looking around the bar.

“Can't you just get rid of extra mass?”

“Not unless you're feeling particularly hungry.”

“I'm not eating you. That's just weird.”

“It's perfectly natural!” she said, feigning offense. “I'm told I taste kinda like blue berries.”

“You look,” he paused, hand on his chin. “Opaque today.”

“Do I?” she asked, looking down at her body. “I hadn't noticed.”

“Hmm. Here,” he said, taking his own apron off and handing it over. “Put that around your back. You'll look silly, but at least nobody will try and fine you for disrupting anything.”

“Thanks,” she said, sliding the apron on, facing opposite the first. At least she had extra pockets now... “Guess I have to go shopping.”

“You need some gold?”

“No, I got it covered.”

“What about that deal last night with the goblin?”

“Too rich for my goo after all,” she said, shrugging. “Couldn't come to an agreement.”

“Well, if you find something that fits, bring that apron back in one piece – it's my lucky one,” he said, heading back to the kitchen.

“Excuse me,” Savaron said, ducking into the library. “Have you seen Mila?” she asked, correcting her posture as she approached the desk.

“Second floor, I believe,” Ms. Rose said, adjusting her glasses. “Have you gotten bigger since I saw you last?”

“You could say that,” Savaron said, rubbing the back of her head. “Bit of a long story.”

“Mmm,” the librarian said, watching silently as the larger than normal slime ascended to the second floor.

“Where are you?” Savaron whispered, managing to find a benefit to her extra height. Peering over the shelves, she carefully walked down the isles, trying to catch a glimpse of Mila.

“A-ha!” she said, more to herself than to anyone else. Turning to head down between the shelves proved to be a bit of an oversight, part of her shirt catching a book and taking a shelf down.

“Savaron?” Mila asked, looking up from her book she'd been studying. “How'd you find me?”

“Where else would you go?” Savaron asked, picking the books back up and placing them on the shelf. “I'd have been more surprised if you were still at the tavern when I woke up.” Making her way over to Mila with a bit more caution in mind, she sat down on the other side of the study cove. “Find anything useful?” she asked, head curled against the ceiling of the small chamber.

“What are you wearing?” Mila asked, squinting.

“It's the only thing they had that would fit me!” the slime pouted, crossing her arms.

“At least you'll be warm I suppose. Not sure flannel goes well with your slime.”

“Is it the flannel? Or the overalls?” Savaron asked, looking down at her legs.

“We'll have to ask Cassidy,” Mila said, closing the book she'd been reading. “To answer your question, no luck so far.”

“Really? You'd think a library would have something on drider.”

“Oh, they have some books on drider,” Mila said, reaching over to her 'discard' pile. “How to capture and kill a drider,” she said, pointing to one spine. “How to fuck your way out of a drider's grasp; how to hunt a drider; where to turn a drider in for a fine reward,” she grumbled, pushing the tower over.

“Which one was how to seduce a drider?” Savaron asked, poking through the now pile of books.

“Drider was a bust for help. Tried transformation magic, nothing really helpful there though. Not unless you want dancing silverware.”

“Oh, that could be fun!”

“This one is the most helpful book I've found so far,” she said, holding up the book she had been reading.

The Demi-Human Royal Compendium, Second Edition,” Savaron said, contorting her head to read the title. “What's a demi-human?”

“Technically, I think you are,” Mila said, opening the book again. “It's supposed to mean part human I think.”

“I'm part human?” Savaron said, looking down at her semi-transparent hands. “I feel like I should've been told.”

“I think they only consider slimes that can take on human form to be demi humans.”

“Got any juicy secrets about me in there?”

“Only that you don't mix very well with salt water. Other than that, they don't have much. I guess slimes are rarer than the rest of the demi-humans in here.”

“Does it have anything on drider?”

“More than I was expecting,” Mila said, flipping back to the spot she had been reading. “Apparently there are as many types of drider as there are types of spiders. Big ones, small ones, jumping ones, burrowing ones...”

“Makes sense.”

“Did you know most drider have something called a book lung?” Savaron shook her head. “It's some kind of semi-passive lung on the bottom of their abdomen.”

“Sounds freaky. What else?”

“Two stomachs for all except the smallest of drider species,” Mila said, turning the page. “They're quick, quiet and most are naturally armored on their spider bits.”

“What about magic?”

“What about it?”

“Does it say they can do magic?”

“I don't think I've gotten to that part yet,” Mila said, flipping to the next page. “Here we go: most drider are incapable of using magic, as the drider body normally absorbs or dissipates directed magic. Any drider capable of magic are hunted by their fellow drider, usually perceived as a potential threat to others.

“Well, that doesn't sound like Risha,” Savaron said, gaze drawing to the floor. “Maybe she's working with someone else who can use magic?”

“Who would team up with a drider?” Mila asked, temple scrunched in frustration. “And that still doesn't explain why they would target me.”

“Maybe there's another book or section we can look through?”

“I've been here for hours, Savri,” Mila said, setting the compendium on her worryingly small 'check-out' tower. “I've been through every book I can find about drider, about magic transformation, even the odd romance story. I wasn't kidding when I said this was the most useful book I've found.”

“Well, what next then?”

“I think we have to go find Risha,” Mila said, her eyes burrowing into the same spot that Savaron's gaze had found earlier.

“Are you sure?”

“She's the only one who knows for sure what she did to me. We've just got to find a way to make her talk.” Mila silently started collecting the books from her 'discard' pile, standing up to return them to their proper shelves. “And I want to check on my parents... make sure they're okay.”

“Well, it is still pretty early. We can probably catch the mid day train, if we hurry!”

“Was that ride a little... too serene?” Savaron asked, straightening her overalls.

“I hadn't noticed,” Mila said, stepping onto the platform. “I imagine it's got to do with the drider we reported.”

“That's what I mean,” the slime said, doing her best to match Mila's stride. “You'd think there would be troops or knights or... something.

“Maybe they took care of her already?”

“That doesn't feel right,” Savaron said, folding her arms across her chest.

“Suppose it's a good thing I've got you to protect me then,” Mila said, bumping her hip against the slime's thigh.

“Keep that up and you'll knock me over,” the slime grumbled, catching her balance. “Still don't know what I'm going to do with all this extra me.”

“Why don't you just liquify your legs or something?”

“Clothes make it easier for me to hold my shape,” Savaron said, looking down at her aforementioned features. “Besides, legs are comfy!”

“Well, it's still here,” Mila sighed, taking in the familiar, if empty looking, streets of her home town. “Still quieter than I remember, too...”

“I'm beginning to think you might just have a loud memory.”

The couple walked down the streets of Vastkóg, just as they had the last time they had visited. Being a couple feet taller and quite a bit more massive garnered Savaron a few more glances than usual; but the two were never approached. Windows and doors remained tightly shut, the light breeze barely strong enough to ripple the slime's cheeks.

“Hope I'm not too tall,” Savaron said, crouching slightly as Mila knocked on her parent's door.

“I'm sure it'll be fine,” she said, shaking off a shiver. The slime's hands found Mila's shoulders, rubbing her ever so gently.


“Hi Melody,” Mila said, opening her arms.

“You'd better get in here before someone sees you,” she said, tugging her daughter in rather abruptly. “I suppose you can come in, too.” Savaron smiled sheepishly, ducking into the doorway, pushing the hearty slab closed behind her. “Gale! Mila's here!”

“Gale's home?”

“You didn't think he'd stay in Crada forever, did you?” Melody's expression softened, a glint of a grin sneaking onto her features. “You, sit,” she said, directing the oversized slime to an empty chair.

“Yes ma'am,” Savaron said, cramming herself into the rather tight-fitting furniture.

“Why're you so big?”

“Had a big meal!” the slime said, rubbing the back of her head. “Maybe a bit too big...”

“Well, don't go leaving any dribblings. Just got the house cleaned up.”

“Mila!” Gale said, smiling broadly.

“Gale!” Mila said, rushing over to her father's embrace.

Savaron flexed her arms, mimicking the burly appendages that embraced her human partner. While impressive at her mass, the lack of arm hair left the slime feeling less 'cuddly bear' and more sleek than she was aiming for.

“I was so worried about you!”

“Worried? About me?” Gale said, setting Mila back down. “Why ever for?”

“The drider – Risha. I thought she might've done something to you.”

“There's no drider in Vastkóg Mila,” her father laughed, rubbing her head. “Never has been!”

“But, she was here,” Mila said, turning to look towards her mother. “Didn't you tell him?”

“You,” Melody said, pointing again to Savaron. “You eat?”

“Yes ma'am?”

“Let's have some lunch then,” she said, not so much as glancing at Mila.

“But Melody, what about the drider? What about Risha?! She threatened you!”

“Mila,” Gale said, crossing his arms. “I thought you'd outgrown those children's tales. No drider has been seen anywhere near Vastkóg in a generation. Now, are you going to keep badgering your mother, or are you going to introduce me to your friend over there?”

“Right,” Mila said, shaking her head. “Gale, meet Savaron.”

“Pleased to meet you,” the slime said, crouching to avoid scraping her head against the ceiling.

“So, Savaron,” Gale said, sitting down in the seat across from the slime. “How are your studies?”

“Oh, I'm not in college,” Savaron said, rubbing the back of her head. “I run a tavern just next to the campus.”

“A tavern?” Gale repeated, glancing over to Mila. “How'd you two meet then? Our Mila is no drunkard.”

“Oh no, nothing like that!” Savaron said, cheeks bubbling. “Mutual friend, a year or two ago.”

“It's nothing bad, Gale,” Mila said, rolling her eyes. “Savri makes me happy.”

“Well, if you're happy, I suppose that's all that matters,” Gale said, smiling softly behind his mustache.

“Lunch 's ready,” Melody said, moving chairs around in the kitchen.

Savaron waited for Gale to head towards the kitchen before working her mass out of the rather tight chair. Catching herself on Mila's shoulders, the slime ducked into the kitchen, following the human's lead. Taking a seat next to Mila, Savaron slid down into the chair, letting her legs bend into rather uncomfortable looking folds as she settled in.

“Oooh, egg flats?” Mila asked, eyeing the flat, circular bread.

“Mhmm. Freshn's, too,” Melody said, sliding one of the stuffed bready things into Mila's plate. “You want some?” she asked, looking to Savaron.

“Sure!” the slime said cheerfully. What's the harm in a few more ounces of protein at this point, right? She took the folded, stuffed bread – heavy aromas of cheese and egg assaulting her senses as she engulfed her helping.

“Fascinating,” Gale said, digging into his own meal. “Why do you eat like that?”

“Like what?”

“Gale,” Mila said, nibbling at her food.

“I'm just curious!”

“It's,” Savaron paused, the food sizzling away somewhere behind her overalls. “Comfortable?”

“But you could eat with your hands or-”


“I've done that plenty,” Savaron said, picking up a nearby fork with her right hand. The utensil slipped into her mass, disappearing into her sleeves. A moment later, the same utensil slid out of her left hand, a barely noticeable film having accumulated on its surface.

“What do slimes eat, anyway?”

“Protein, mostly. I can eat other things, but I need protein to keep my mass up,” she said, brushing her shirt down for emphasis. “I'm not usually this massive though...”

“What did you eat to get so big?” Melody asked, long since having finished her meal.

“Cleaned out some leftovers this morning. Guess I got a bit carried away!”

“Well, for someone with no teeth, you mimic human eating pretty well!”

Gale!” Mila said, cheeks a definite shade of red now.

“It's fine,” Savaron said dismissively, rubbing Mila's shoulder. “I'll work on my teeth next – maybe try out some fangs like Mila has!” she said, smiling.

“Fangs?” Melody asked. Before Savaron could continue, she felt something penetrate her pants – something metallic. Leaning back to get a better look, she flexed her leg mass and slurped the fork into her body, concealing it. Mila's face had lost all color, eyes silently pleading with Savaron.

“You know, incisors?” Savaron said, the fork now firmly tucked away in her abdomen. “I have a thing for mouths, never really thought about my own.” Though she couldn't see it, she could practically feel a sigh of relief wash over more than just Mila.

“Mila, you hardly touched your food,” Melody said, poking at her daughter's plate. “Do you not like egg flats anymore?”

“No, I do! I was just thinking it would be nice to have a home cooked meal when I get back.” Mila paused, glancing over to Savaron. “Speaking of getting back...”

“Already?” Gale asked, collecting his plate and Savaron's.

“Are you sure?” Savaron asked, leaning down to whisper to Mila. “What about Risha? Or your fangs?”

Not here,” Mila whispered back, making sure to collect her own and Melody's plates.

“You sure you can't stay a while longer?” Gale asked, stretching.

“We've got some stuff to take care of this afternoon,” Mila said.

“Well, don't forget your meal,” Melody said, wrapping up the aforementioned food for Mila.

Savaron watched Mila hug both of her parents, take the food, and head out the door. Gale smiled at the slime, excusing himself to wander into another room. The slime glanced at the door, then at the sink Melody had started working with.

“Melody?” she asked, keeping her voice low as to not alert Mila or her father.


“When I was here last time, do you remember what you told me?”

“I've slept since then,” Melody said, shrugging.

“You told me to protect Mila from herself. What did you mean?”

“You must have your memories all swirled up in there – t'wasn't me.”

“But what about the drider – Risha?”

“Now I know you're all bubbles. Whatever it is you're on about,” she said, turning to look Savaron directly in the eyes. “Did. Not. Happen. Not here, and certainly not with me.”

“She bit you!” Savaron said, inner mass swirling heavily.

“I think it's time for you to go. Don't you go poisoning my daughter's mind with nonsense about drider or monsters like that neither.”

Savaron was utterly lost. She knew what she saw – she was half tempted to prove it, too.

“Savri?” Mila called, opening the door.

“Coming!” Savaron called back, giving Melody one final look over before turning to follow Mila.

“What's going on?” Savaron whispered, closing the door behind her.

“I'm not sure,” Mila whispered back. “But we can't talk about it here.”

The remaining walk to the train station was made in silence. Just like their last visit, not a soul so much as said 'hello' to either of them. With her extra height, Savaron took care to observe any action she could from the people; all while keeping an eye on Mila, making sure she didn't lose her.

Once they were on the train back to Jesa, Mila waited until well into their journey before finally picking the conversation back up.

“I think something's gotten to my parents.”

“From where I stood, it was more than just your parents,” Savaron said, leaning back. “Every single person we walked by avoided looking at us. This might sound shallow, but...”

“How could they avoid looking at an eight foot tall slime?”

“Exactly! Your mother didn't even remember that Risha bit her!”

“I think they're being watched,” Mila said, looking out the window. “I'd bet money it was by Risha.”

“The whole town?”

“Alls I know is that there's something going on that no-one wants to tell me about,” Mila said, rubbing her temples. “And I have a feeling it's to do with Risha.” She paused, rubbing her fangs with her tongue while her mind wandered. “What I can't figure out is why.”

“Maybe they're trying to protect you?”

“Bit of a strange way to go about that, don't you think?” Mila rubbed her temples. “Someone doesn't want me to know something. I'm just not sure who it is.”

“When I met your mother the first time,” Savaron said, gaze fixated on the floor of the train car. “She told me to do something while you were in another room.” The slime's eyes slowly worked their way up, focusing in on Mila's.

“What did she tell you?”

“I didn't know what to think of it at the time, but she told me to protect you.” The slime paused, biting her lip. “From yourself. I still don't know what she meant by that...”

Mila sat in silence, her own gaze fixating on the passing scenery as the train chugged along. Savaron's core twisted and spasmed, all hidden within the confines of her clothes.

“I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner...”

“You're sorry? I'm sorry my parents are so weird,” Mila said, half laughing. “I know where we need to go next though.” Savaron looked up, core practically deflated with relief. “We need to talk to professor Eless – he's the campus expert on magic.”

“You think your new features are because of magic?”

“One way to find out.”

“How do you find your way around this maze?” Savaron asked, ducking through yet another doorway. She really needed to shed some mass...

“It's mostly muscle memory at this point,” Mila mumbled.

“You know, there's not as many people here as I thought there'd be.”

“You don't come to campus very often, do you?”

“Not particularly.”

“Right on time,” Mila said, sticking to the side of the hallway as students began to pour out of one of the classrooms.

“Woah,” Savaron said, mimicking Mila's move as best she could. Crouching her head, she simply smiled back sheepishly at any wayward glances.

“Professor?” Mila asked, pushing her way into the classroom as the last of the students filtered out. “Professor Eless?”

“Ah, Mila, is it?” the professor said. “Friend of yours?” he asked, nodding towards the door as Savaron made her way inside.

“Ah, right! Professor Eless, meet Savaron, Savaron, meet—”

“It's a slime?”

“I am,” Savaron said, smiling. Once inside the classroom, she stood back up, extending her hand.

“I see you've dressed it up,” the professor said, observing the slime for a few more seconds. “What can I do for you?” he asked, returning his attention to Mila.

“We're looking for some information on transformation magic,” Mila said, glancing from Savaron as she awkwardly retracted her hand.

“You'd know all you need to if you paid attention in my classes,” he said, crossing his arms. “What is it you want to know?”

“We want to know about transformation magic,” Savaron said.

“Speak for yourself Mila, I'm not impressed by your pet's mimicry.”

“We want to know about transformation magic,” Mila said, placing her hand on the slime's leg.

“We covered that last semester,” the professor sighed. “What about it?”

“Could it turn someone into a demi human?” Savaron asked.

The professor glared at the slime, turning his ire to Mila. He simply tapped his finger on his arm, waiting for the human.

“Could it turn a human into a demi human?” Mila repeated, squeezing Savaron's thigh.

“Absolutely not,” the professor said. “Not permanently, anyway. Magic is an illusion at worst, simple mechanics at best. Something so complex as changing ones appearance or feigning intelligence would not last more than a few days, even for the most experienced practitioner.”

“So, if someone was changed by magic, they wo—”

“They would revert in a matter of days, if not hours,” the professor said, glancing to the clock in the room. “Magic is simply too weak a force to apply any serious, permanent change like that.”

“Is there any magic that could make someone look like a demi human?” Mila asked.

“Why don't you write down your questions and we can discuss them in your next class, hmm?” he asked, rubbing his temples. “I need to prepare for my next class, and your pet slime will only distract my students from actual magic studies.”

Mila lunged towards the professor, fangs instinctively at the ready. Her mouth clamped down, piercing the cotton-y arm easily.

Wait. That's not right.

Reality caught up with her, and Mila found herself fang-deep in Savaron's arm. The slime had blocked her from biting the professor – who was thankfully still too focused on himself to notice what had transpired.

Glaring up at her partner, Mila quietly released Savaron's arm, wiping her mouth as she regained her composure.

“Thank you for your time, professor,” Savaron said, placing her hand on Mila's shoulder. Whatever the professor's response was, it fell on deaf ears. Mila's anger had blinded her to one purpose, while Savaron had become entirely focused on ushering Mila out of the classroom.

Before her consequences could come back to bite her.

So to speak.

“I can't believe him!” Mila growled. “He acted like you weren't even there! Like you didn't have any thoughts of your own!”

“It'll be okay, Mila,” Savaron said, her cheeks starting to simmer as she smiled. “I'd rather him be arrogant and oblivious than trying to punish you.”

“He can rot in the depths of-”

“His own thoughts,” Savaron said, interrupting Mila's fuming. She squeezed the human's shoulder gently, ushering her back through the halls of the campus. Hopefully in the direction of the exit...

“I want to just—,” Mila growled, grinding her teeth. “He needs to wake up.”

“In all my time dealing with people,” the slime said, sighing. “I don't think I've ever seen arrogance corrected by anyone other than the arrogant person.”

“I can think of a few ways to help the good professor.”

“More importantly,” Savaron said, glancing down at the human. “Can we trust what he said about magic?”

“I don't know,” Mila sighed, still scowling. “If he's right though, then we know that whatever's happening to me isn't magic...”

“Well, whatever our next plan is, it won't benefit from you starving yourself.”

“What do you mean?”

“You think I haven't noticed?” Savaron laughed. “It's probably why you're so irritable right now!”

“That's different!”

“Is it?” the slime asked, holding her other hand out in front of Mila. The two pools of Mila's venom swirled around in her hand, distinctly visible through her pearly, translucent mass. “Why haven't you eaten anything?”

“I,” Mila paused, her gaze falling. “I don't want to lose control again.”

“Hey,” the slime said, halting their walk. “You got blind sided by some nonsense Risha is putting you through. We can get through this together,” she said, kneeling down to eye level with Mila. “What do you think you'll accomplish by not eating?”

“I won't eat anyone else,” Mila whispered, eyes glued to the floor.

The slime scooped the human up in her arms, hugging her tightly.

If she had been any less dense, she might've lost her balance. Was Mila always this light?

“If I have to carry you around in my body to make sure you eat, I'll do it,” the slime said, picking Mila up as she stood. “But I'm not about to let you hurt yourself.” She paused, stroking Mila's hair as the human wrapped her arms around her neck. “In fact, I think I know just what you need to feel better.”

“Hey Phil,” Savaron said, closing the door with a harder-than-intended thump behind her.

“Sav?” The human rubbed his eyes, taking in Savaron's new outfit. “That's certainly... a choice.

“It's all they had that would fit me!”

“Is she okay?” Phil asked, gesturing to Mila who was still strung out across Savaron's chest.

“That's what we're going to take care of,” the slime said, smiling warmly as she rested her cheek against Mila's head. “You're gonna want this back though,” she said, procuring Phil's lucky apron from... somewhere inside her mass.

“This is wetter than I remember.”

“It's clean, I promise!” The slime said, cheeks bubbling. Not her fault she was so massive today...

Well, maybe it was.

But still.

“I'll wash it tomorrow,” she said, glancing around the rather empty tavern. “Slow day?”

“You're ahead of the rush. All that mass really has gone to your ass, hasn't it?”

“Maybe,” Savaron said, silently redistributing her extra goo. “I'll catch you after closing,” she said, crouching as she made her way up the stairs, Mila still clinging to her neck.

“Do we have to go back here?” Mila asked, looking around as the slime ducked into the same room Mila had spent the night in previously.

“We do, and I'll explain why after you have a good, hot shower,” Savaron said, sitting down on the bed. She gently pulled Mila down, sitting her on her lap. “Trust me, it'll be worth it.”

“Okay” Mila said, eventually pushing off of the slime's lap. “If you say so.”

The slime smiled warmly at Mila, patiently waiting as the bathroom door closed behind her. Once she heard the shower water kick on, she sighed sweet relief.

The plan she had settled on was... uniquely suited to her abilities.

And interests.

Leaning back, she began to ooze out of her new clothes. Even with her increased size, she still felt incredibly dense. How humans walked around like that all day, she wasn't sure...

Collecting herself in a pool at the side of the bed, Savaron slowly reformed her humanoid shape. Glancing at her rear, she wondered how long she'd been unconsciously favoring her rear over her chest... She shrugged, forming her hips and legs – paying extra attention to shift some mass up top.

Savaron had hoped that the shower would help Mila relax a bit – maybe unwind after the busy day. Picking up her rather large clothes, the slime folded the garments up neatly, piling them on top of the room's dresser.

While collapsing into a puddle was certainly relaxing, there was something about holding a humanoid form that just felt so... natural to Savaron. Even if she missed a few details here and there. Why were belly buttons so hard?

Shoving those distracting thoughts aside, the slime focused on her dinner plans for Mila. The problem was simple – Mila didn't want anyone else to get hurt if she somehow lost control of her hunger again. A problem the slime was more than capable of solving.

A life condemned to sliding down her partners throat, over and over, bloating her stomach to deliciously round proportions...

Her core rippled.

“Savaron?” Mila asked, towel tightly wrapped around her chest. “Are you okay?”

“I'm fine!” the slime said, sitting upright on the bed abruptly. “Must've gotten lost in thought...”

Mila smiled, albeit half-heartedly. She picked the towel up, drying herself off a bit more thoroughly before turning to the dresser.

“What should I wear to this... whatever it is you've got planned?” she asked, picking out a pair of panties.

“Wear as little as you like,” Savaron said, smiling.


“It's a private affair~” the slime cooed. She stood up, walking over to stand behind Mila. Leaning down, she rest her heavy breasts atop the girl's head. “Unless you want it less than private?”

“What are you planning?” Mila asked, cheeks flush as she stared at the pair of panties she'd picked out.

“Let's call it a romantic dinner.”


“I can hear your stomach from here. I know you're hungry.”

“I don't want anyone to get hurt!”

“It'll be just you,” Savaron said, turning Mila around to face her. “And me. Nobody will get hurt, you have my word.”

“What about you? I couldn't forgive myself if-”

“So long as this survives,” sliding a hand into her mass, the slime gestured to her core. “I'll be fine. And I know just how to keep this safe, don't you worry.”

Mila said nothing, staring intensely at the slime's core.

“Now, come,” she said, guiding Mila over to the bed.

The pale girl quietly followed the slime's lead, eventually finding herself kneeling on the bed, face to face with Savaron.

Well, face to chest, but still.

Before Mila had a chance to get cold feet, Savaron pulled her into a hug. Squeezing her tightly, the slime picked her up, planting a kiss on her lips. Mila's eyes were closed, but she was squeezing back just as passionately.

The difference in heat between a human and a slime can be... pronounced. Depending on what the slime might've been doing, it could be anything from a gentle misting on a hot day, to a deluge of ice water in the middle of winter.

To that end, Savaron could feel herself heating up as more and more of her surface area came into contact with Mila's body. Breasts and bellies mashed together, tongues began to twist and dance, fingers interlaced...

“W-wait,” Mila said, breaking off the kiss for a moment.

“Mmm?” Savaron mumbled, utterly lost in the delicious taste of the human's saliva.

“How do slimes,” she paused, cheeks rising in temperature enough that the slime's might start to bubble from exposure alone.

“All in good time,” Savaron said, planting a somewhat cooling kiss on Mila's cheek. “But first, it's dinnertime.”

“Are you sure?”

“More sure than I've ever been. Open wide,” she cooed, kissing Mila on the lips again.

The human obeyed – sort of. Her lips parted ever so slightly, but it was all the encouragement the slime needed.

Savaron pushed the first bulk of slime down her tongue, into Mila's mouth. Her cheeks puffed out until she reflexively swallowed, plunging the helping of slimy mass down her throat.

The first gulp electrified Savaron's core. Every ridge and ravenous contraction of Mila's throat was relayed back to Savaron's being. She shuddered, feeling the connection begin to thin as her offering was deposited down into Mila's belly.

She repeated the offering a second time, as soon as the first was secured – she needed the experience that swallow again.

Mila obliged, closing her eyes and opening her throat to accept the slime. She gulped, rippling her muscles around Savaron's now excited being. Her stomach gurgled ravenously, depraved as it was for nutrition, at finally getting something to work on.

Feeling the thralls of digestion nibbling at one end, while Mila's throat coaxed yet more of her mass further in was enough to get Savaron's core bubbling. She bit her proverbial lip, doing her best to stave off foaming for a bit – this was all for Mila's benefit, after all!

That's why they were naked!

Savaron pulled out of the kiss, her mouth still connected to Mila's by the thin strand of slime and saliva.

“Better?” she asked, slurping at the connecting strand.

Mila gulped, opening her eyes to look at Savaron. Instead of putting her somewhat informed vocabulary to use, she pulled the slime back in to another kiss. Her mouth opened more, openly suckling and slurping on Savaron's surprised lips.

The slime laughed to herself, and began pumping a truly monstrous amount of slime down Mila's throat. Each heap increased in size from the previous, slowly stretching Mila's mouth and throat to her absolute limits – but the slime dared not slow down.

If she slowed down, she might focus on the loud, wet swallowing sounds Mila was making.

Or the savory heat that was being exchanged from the human's tight, wet insides to her own dense, viscous being.

Or the intense urge that was building to fully immerse herself in Mila in every possible way.

Instead, she focused on Mila's now bulging stomach. She could feel the inside and the outside simultaneously now – her mass pressed across every square inch she could manage.

As her mass was slowly transferred, Savaron's proportions became more in line with that of a normal sized human. Her head was now just above Mila's, though she was fairly certain that was only because the human's stomach was displacing so much of her outside mass right now.

Sitting back for a third time, she managed to pause Mila's aggressive gulping.

“How're we feeling now?” Savaron asked, scooting back to admire her handiwork. Mila was now sporting a well beyond pregnant looking stomach, her belly button threatening to pop out like some kind of timer.

“Be'er,” Mila mumbled, still licking at the slime tendril that connected the two.

“Good,” Savaron said, shaking herself around to focus. “Now bite me.”


You need to sever the connection,” Savaron said. It wasn't entirely a lie – if Savaron focused, she could sever the connection to the cauldron of pleasure she was experiencing.

She was simply not sure she could muster the willpower to do so on her own.

Mila looked into Savaron's blue eyes, slowly closing her mouth around the tendril. Still staring, she bit down with her teeth, feeling the slime's mass separate. As soon as the connection was severed, a loud slosh emanated from the human's stomach.

Savaron's core foamed heavily, distorting her mass even more while Mila's belly sloshed. The human was too engrossed with what was going on in her belly to notice the slime bubbling over herself in pleasure.

Mila gulped the rest of the slime eagerly, feeling it splash down without any resistance. Her stomach groaned as the thick liquid settled, a bubbly simmering having started somewhere deep in the depths of her latest meal.

“Savaron?” she asked, prodding her stomach. “What's happening?”

“Wa-huh?” the slime asked, barely holding onto her form. Her half-lidded gaze followed Mila's, ending up on the bloated, bubbly belly they'd managed to create.

“What's happening in there?” Mila asked, anxiety tip toeing on the edge of her words.

“Bubbles,” Savaron said, smiling sheepishly. “You're warm,” she giggled, placing a hand on Mila's belly. “n slime gets bubbly when 's warm.”


Savaron snickered, pressing down on Mila's belly. The taut tum gave way with relative ease, its contents starting to tickle Mila ever so slightly. She could feel something start to work its way up her throat – but before she could properly process what it might've been, it was in her mouth.

The slime leaned in, kissing Mila on the lips as the hefty belch rattled through her unprepared lips. The gas bubble ballooned into the somewhat prepared slime, being directed and coaxed down into her middle.

“Bubbly,” the slime cooed, sitting back from the kiss. She worked the bubble down into her stomach, letting it swell out ever so slightly. She pressed her belly outward towards Mila's, swaying it from side to side.

“O-oh.” Mila blushed, covering her mouth.

“Now, let's have some fun while you've still got this beauty,” the slime said, pushing Mila down on the bed. Once she was properly settled, the slime began rubbing and caressing the incessantly hot, burbling orb before her. Her core shivered with each groan or growl that Mila's belly offered, foam starting to build up in her chest again.

For her part, Mila found herself lost in a myriad of emotions. She wanted her stomach to drop, to slink away and take with it the guilt of her previous meal. Instead, her stuffed belly was treating her to pleasure she'd not known before.

Savaron was pushing and prodding at her stomach, reliably moving her taut skin around just enough to elicit electrifying sensations – all while the contents of her stomach were bubbling – simmering away in a cauldron of flesh. She wasn't familiar with her belly's newfound sensitivity, but she wasn't hating it...

In fact, she was rather enjoying herself. Despite her mind attempting to focus on the life she'd taken, the only thing she could consider was how immensely wonderful it felt to be so full and so utterly overwhelmed with sensations.

Kneeling between Mila's legs, Savaron was in a prime position to pick up on the human's pleasure as well. Taking her cue, she slid her hips up, letting her lower mass envelop Mila's. The human whimpered, biting her lip as she looked up, over her stomach to Savaron.

“Hold on to your gut~” the slime teased, grabbing said stomach with both hands.

Her mass began tickling and probing at Mila's pussy, her slime slowly enveloping each and every nook and cranny she could find. Pushing in gently, Savaron began to spread her mass around, sampling Mila's excited juices.

Before pressing in further, she worked her slime around, finding Mila's clitoris. The accompanying attempted leg lock from the human was a pretty good indicator she was on the right path. Slowly, she fed her slime up into the hood, letting it slowly envelop the sensitive gland completely.

She began pumping her mass in and out of Mila's pussy, working a slow, methodic rhythm up. Unable to restrain herself further though, she began massaging and slurping on Mila's clit with her mass.

Mila's legs tensed up, pushing into Savaron's mass as the slime had her way with her. Arousal began to flow freely now, something that the slime was more than happy to taste and absorb.

Leaning forward, Savaron spread her remaining mass over Mila's stomach, very nearly enveloping the entirety of Mila's abdomen with her enthusiasm. Her head melded away, pooling across the crest of the human's stomach as her rhythm increased.

Mila tilted her head back, arching against the bed as the first orgasm of the night shook her. She could feel herself clamping down on Savaron, attempting to pull what she could in, but she didn't care. Her body spasmed around the slimy appendage, legs twitching somewhere inside the mass of her lover.

“W-wait,” Mila gasped, peering over her stomach. “How do we keep your core s-safe?” she asked, still twitching on Savaron.

“Well,” Savaron said, rolling her core around on Mila's belly. “We put it somewhere safe.”

Mila wanted to ask like where?

She wanted desperately to form cohesive words and have a conversation that involved more than one or two errant conjugations.

Instead, the strange texture now rolling up against her thighs skipped over most of her linguistic capabilities. Moaning, she arched her back as the slime's core spread her thoroughly. Inch by trepid inch, she felt the heavy orb slide up into her, until it passed in with a satisfied plop.

Savaron shuddered, pushing her core deeper into Mila as it foamed. Making sure to protect it further with a thick coating of her mass, she felt herself start to spread thin across the human's stretched, full stomach.

As her core throbbed and twitched inside Mila, the slime began tucking more and more of her remaining mass in with it.

So much for sleeping in her bucket tonight...


from The Webs We Weave

“Mila!” Savaron said, clinging to the human. “Mila, slow down!” The slime held strong to Mila's energetic sprint, regretting instigating it. “We're not being chased, we can figure this out!”

“I just want to wake up!” Mila said, feet hitting the ground hard.

“We can both wake up when you slow down!” Savaron said, clenching tightly around their human. Mila said nothing, inhaling sharply as she continued to run. Each heavy footfall stirred the slime's volume, threatening to toss them into a puddle at any moment. “Mila!” Savaron said again, clenching around the human's legs.

Mila wasn't prepared for the sudden disobedience of her legs, her momentum throwing her into the path. Dust scattered around the couple, the cold regaining its silent strangle on the air. Mila laid on the ground, breathing rattling while Savaron collected their mass.

“Sorry about that,” Savaron said, coalescing into a humanoid shape. “I didn't know what else to do to get you to stop and think.” A gooey hand hung in the cold air, icy crystals already forming on the exposed surface. The normally collected core of the slime twitched uncomfortably in the silence. Being lost for words was not a familiar feeling...

A warm hand broke the crystalizing skin of the slime. Pulling herself up, Mila fell into a hug against Savaron. The slime shivered, thankful for the offered hand to be accepted.

And for the body heat.

“We'll figure this out,” she said, squeezing Mila. “Let's go home.”

“Do you think she'll be okay?”

“I think that drider has more trouble than she might realize with Melody.” Savaron ran a hand across Mila's cheek, pulling back from the embrace. “Besides, she said something about you and her being 'under her protection' or something, right?”

“I trust a drider's protection about as far as I can throw her.”

“What's this about a drider?” Savaron could practically feel their back solidifying at the new voice. A massive humanoid form stood farther up the path, tusks glistening in the two moon's light.

“A drider was spotted near here,” Mila said, holding Savaron close.

“A drider? Here?” The form stepped forward, their green skin illuminated clearly in the night light. “How long ago?”

“Maybe ten minutes or so?” Savaron suggested.

“Ten minutes...” The orc pulled a time piece out of his shirt pocket, mumbling to himself. “I think you two oughta come along to the station. I promise ya, no drider would be dumb enough to attack a horde of gobbos.”

“Goblins? What are goblins doing in Vastkóg?” Mila asked.

“They're here every night,” the orc said, putting his timepiece back. “Hurry along, they won't do nothin' to you. They're after good pay, same as me.” The orc ushered the two further down the path, squinting into the desolate path behind them. “Drider,” he said, huffing. “Never in the nine isles.”

“There've never been goblins in Vastkóg – not since I can remember.”

“You've never been to the station at night, have you?” The orc chuckled, turning to follow them to the station. “When do you s'pose all the deliveries happen? Night is good for gobbos and cargo.”

“Maybe,” Savaron said, bubbling with thought. “But that doesn't explain quite why an orc is here with them.”

“I'm an engineer, I'll have you know! Gobbos too short to run the train.” He smirked, rubbing his chin. “I'm Sguk, by the way.”

“I'm Mila, and this is Savaron,” Mila said, holding the slime close.

“What're you two doin out here at night anywho? You comin' over all peculiar?”

“We were running from the drider,” Savaron said, shivering in the cold air.

“Away from town? While the leaves are turnin'?”

“Not my best laid escape plan, I admit,” Mila said, looking to the ground.

“Well, you two can stay at the station till mornin. We've got a busy night tonight.” The orc's heavy footsteps were now clearly audible as he started heading back along the path.

“Actually, could we take one of your trains back to Jesa?”

“Jesa?” He repeated, turning his head slightly.

“We were visiting family when the drider showed up.”

“Well, if you say so,” he shrugged. “I can probably squeeze you in somewhere.”

“Somewhere warm, I hope,” Savaron said, shivering as he caught up to the orc, tugging Mila along.

“Now, I've not met goo before,” the orc said. “Are you aware you're nude?”

“We left in a hurry,” Savaron said, core bubbling.

“Iffin it fits your fancy,” the orc shrugged. “Gobbos might try and get handsy with you though. Remind them who pays them if they get to ya.” He stepped forward, holding the door to the station open for the two. Savaron's core spun in place as the couple's eyes adjusted to the light of the platform.

A sea of what had to be hundreds of hats were scurrying about, all manner of cargo and equipment was bobbing along the chest-high sea of goblin workers. Stacks of lumber, crates of pine needles and whole logs floated atop the chaotic sea, all slowly making their way to one car or another of a waiting train.

A shrill whistle cut through the chaos, halting every inch of movement at once.

“Listen up!” Sguk bellowed, letting the whistle drop back down around his neck. “A drider's been spotted in the woods. Iffin you see somethin' strange, say somethin; and don't go off on your own!” He paused, taking his timepiece out of his shirt pocket. Mumbling to himself, he closed the piece's cover, sliding it back in place. “Back to work!” he shouted, punctuating the command with a shorter blow on the whistle.

As soon as the whistle fell silent, the chaos of the platform resumed.

“What in the nine isles,” Mila said, rubbing her ears. “It's all just noise!”

“To you and me, maybe. Gobbos are wired to make sense of it all though,” the orc said, picking up a pipe wrench. “Iffin you two will follow me, you can stay in the first crew car.” Looking into the crowd of goblins, inhaled deeply. “Ash!” he called out, heading towards the train. “C'mon now, follow me or the gobbos might stack you in with the logs.”

Mila held Savaron's hand tightly, attempting to keep her focus on the orc as the sea of goblins parted around the group. The goblins seemed to offer neither of them any attention, merely brushing alongside them as they made their way up to the crew car.

“Ash!” the orc called again, standing on the steps to the crew car. “A- oh!” a tug on his vest interrupted the next call. “There you are. Ash, I'm trusting these two in your care until we stop at Jesa,” he said, gesturing towards the couple. “Ash here is one of the foremen – she'll make sure you're safe,” he said, opening the door to the car.

The goblin mumbled something, ears twitching as she turned her attention to the pair. She walked over, took Mila's free hand, and began pulling her up the stairs of the car. The goblin's grip was rough, her tough hands yielding no sympathy as Mila tried to keep her grip on Savaron.

“I'll check on you before we depart,” the orc said, closing the door behind Savaron. The goblin led the two into the center of the car, gesturing towards one of the seats as she released Mila's hand.

“Thank you,” Mila said, taking the offered seat. “I'm Mila.”

“I'm Savaron,” the slime said, deforming a bit next to the human.

“Ash,” the goblin said, taking her hat off. Her red hair billowed out, draping down to her waist. Taking the seat opposite the two, she set her hat down and began rubbing her ear lobes.

“Thank you for helping us. I'm not sure what we would've done if you all weren't here,” Mila said.

“Gettin paid is thanks plenty,” the goblin said simply. She closed her eyes, continuing to massage her ears.

“We should focus on what we're going to do back in Jesa,” Mila said, turning her attention back to Savaron. “We've got to bring help and make sure that monster never lays a hand on Melody.”

“Our shift will be wrapped up once delivery's been made,” Ash said, still rubbing her ears. “Gobbin hoard could probably wrap the dumb spider up with her own silk.”

“Really? You'd be willing to do that?” Mila asked.

“For the right price,” the goblin said, letting her ears perk up with her posture. “Ain't nothin stands between a gobbin and gold. Not for long.”

“How much gold?” The slime asked, folding their arms across their chest.

“Well, a drider be a serious problem. I reckon serious pay would be in order,” the goblin said, kicking her feet in thought. “Say twelve gold per head?”

“How many goblins do you think it would take to take down an adult drider?”

“A dozen or so. Maybe two, iffin its a big drider.”

“290 gold, and the drider gets driven out?”

“It's a nice thought, but I don't think I've even got twelve gold to my name right now,” Mila said, rubbing the back of her neck. “We'll have to find some other way.”

“I can get the gold,” Savaron said. “How soon do you need it?”

“Half up front, half after it's done.”

“Meet me in the Third Moon Tavern in Jesa when you're done with your shift,” Savaron said. “We can discuss the finer points there.”

“You've got yourself a deal, goo,” Ash said, walking over to extend her hand. The slime took it, all too familiar with the solid gesture. “You drink?” the goblin asked, wiping her hands off on her coveralls.

“Not exactly,” the slime said, walking over to the collection with Ash. “Alcohol doesn't affect slimes – or at least, doesn't affect me – the same way it affects solids.” Savaron reached for a bottle filled with a black syrup. “I've picked up a thing or two on how to mix drinks though.” Siphoning off a few heavy globs into their chest, the slime put the bottle back and eyed the rest of the shelving for the other ingredient.

“Ah, here it is,” they said. The second liquid was shimmering, hints of gold fleeting through the thick white volume as it fizzled down her throat towards their chest. Savaron put the bottle back, turning to face Ash. “Something called Star Liquid.” As the slime settled into their tavernkeep routine, the two liquids swelled into her chest. Her hips became more defined, while she casually worked her breasts together, combining the two heavy liquids.

It was only once she was done mixing that she noticed Ash's red face.

“Do you have a cup I could pour this into?” Savaron asked, looking to Ash. The goblin simply stared at the slime's chest, entranced by the sparkling liquid sloshing around in her breasts.

“Savri!” Mila said. “You're not wearing any clothes!”


So, you formed nipples!”

“Quickest way to get the drink out of my tits and into a cup!” she said, folding her arms in a pout. “Not my fault solids are so flustered by boobs.”

“Savri,” Mila said, walking over to the slime, coat in hand.

“First it's the spoon, now I've got to go and wear clothes even when I'm not working,” Savaron mumbled, pulling the jacket on.

“You're free to slip into mine any time you want,” Mila teased, kissing Savaron's cheek.

“So, got a cup?” the slime asked, looking back to the goblin.

Ash shook her head, rubbing her eyes for a moment. Nodding, she walked over to a cupboard, collected a mug, holding it tightly the entire way back to her previous position in front of Savaron.

“Sorry for the display,” Savaron said, rolling her eyes at Mila. “Usually I have this stuff mixed already.”

“If I get to drink from the tap, consider my head paid in full,” Ash said, ears twitching as she held out the mug to the slime.

“Really?” Savaron said, holding the mug. “At least some people aren't afraid of my goo,” she said, letting the jacket fall through her torso to the floor. She stepped out of the jacket, puffed out her chest a bit, and took a seat.

“You've never offered me a drink from 'the tap!'” Mila said, cheeks burning ever so slightly.

“You never asked,” Savaron shrugged. “It's not like I've only got one,” she said, scooting to the middle of the seat. “Betcha you'll like this drink, too,” she cooed, holding up her sparkling breast with one hand.

Mila's face discovered new shades of scarlet as Ash clamored up, attaching to Savaron's chest eagerly. She huffed, sitting down on the seat across from Savaron, watching as the goblin suckled the sparkling liquid out of the slime.

“Suit yourself,” Savaron said, sighing contently as the goblin practically inhaled the liquid. “It's a good stress reliever,” she continued, leaning her head against the wall of the carriage. Her hand went to the goblin's head, stroking her messy head of hair.

Melody needed to escape the drider's clutches. Gale needed to know what was going on, maybe he could get help, too.

And here Mila was, doing her level best not to rub herself raw at the sight of a goblin nursing from Savaron.

“Easy with the chewing – this is relaxing, but not a date,” Savaron said as the goblin switched breasts. The goblin mumbled into Savaron's body, sighing contently as the last of the sparkling liquid was slowly slurped into her stomach.

Once the goblin had thoroughly emptied the slime's breasts, she leaned back in her seat. A burp prefaced the onslaught of hiccups as the content goblin rubbed her distended stomach.

“Paid in full, was it?” Mila said, looking away from the pair.

“Mhmm,” the goblin hiccuped.

“Seems like a reasonable trade to me,” Savaron said, picking the jacket back up. “Think any of your crew would be up for a similar deal?”

“Savaron! Absolutely not!” Mila hissed.

“What? If it saves some gold, it saves some gold!” The slime slid the jacket back on, sitting down next to Ash. Leaning over, she began gently massaging her ears while resuming her conversation with Mila. “It's not like it's hurting anybody – there's plenty of me to go around.”

“We need to focus,” Mila said, cheeks hot enough to sear steaks. Her stomach rumbled loudly, potently reminding everyone within earshot that it had been nearly a full night since she'd eaten proper.

“Snack time?!” Savaron asked, core practically leaping from her chest to her head.

“This snack's not coming back out,” Mila said, rubbing her stomach.

“Promise?” Savaron asked, cheeks starting to bubble.

“Got anything to eat around here?” Mila asked, directing her question to the dazed goblin.

“Some meats n cheeses in t-the bar,” the goblin burped, sending her into a giggling fit.

“What was that drink, anyways?” Mila asked, heading over to the bar.

“Something I picked up from a customer a while back,” the slime said, collecting herself. She walked over to Mila, leaning down on the bartop while the human searched. “Find anything?”

“Some kind of jerky, I think?” Mila said, holding up a handful of dried, salted meat. “It's like goblins only eat jerky or something,” she said, pulling up another bundle of meat strips.

“Meat sticks for trips and work,” Ash mumbled, smacking her lips. “Good food for home.”

“Or it's just lazy,” Mila mumbled, tasting one of the meat strips.

“La-Lazy is just efficient to gobbinses,” Ash said, smiling sheepishly.

“It'll do,” she said, slurping it up like a noodle. Her stomach growled loudly as the snack made its way down, gurgling just as loud as before. Savaron took a couple of strips, letting them start to dissolve within her body while Mila continued to pull out more of the strips.

“You, uh, hungry?” Savaron asked, looking at the rather daunting pile of meat Mila had collected on the counter.

“Mhmm,” Mila grunted, shoveling handfuls of the strips down her throat. Savaron watched in awe as the human's throat greedily pulled the dried meat in without slowing down. The sheer amount of salt Mila had ingested was enough to make Savaron's core clench.

“Maybe you should slow down a little?” Savaron cautioned, holding one of Mila's hands down. Mila growled, scooping up even more meat with her free hand. She had eaten so much already that her shirt was starting to ride up, exposing her belly button as her stomach continued to bloat with food. “Mila,” Savaron said, grabbing her other arm. She found herself exerting more force than she'd anticipated to restrain the ravenous girl.

“I'm still hungry,” Mila said, swallowing the last of the food she'd shoveled into her mouth. She eyed the pile, stomach growling as it churned away at the pittance it had been granted.

“But that should be more than enough to tide you over,” Savaron said calmly, still restraining the human. “Ms. Ash, could you please put this meat away while I help Mila?” she asked, turning to look at the buzzed goblin. Her core sank a little when she found the goblin snoring, hand on her gut.

“I need food, Savri,” Mila said, drool dribbling down her chin as she leaned towards the pile of meat.

“You do, but not that – it can't be healthy for you,” she said, pulling Mila back up. She pressed forward, licking up some of Mila's saliva, tongue shriveling slightly in the process.

“I've got to have something,” Mila said, voice cracking. “I've never been so hungry in my life, Savri,” she said, attempting to lean down to the pile again.

“Mila!” Savaron said, shaking the human. “Snap out of it!” She crawled over the counter, sliding into Mila's clothing to get a better grip.

“Mmm, you feel good,” Mila purred, clenching her hands as Savaron slid over her skin.

“There'll be plenty of time for that later, after we get you sorted,” she said, forcing her to walk away from the pile of meat.

“Savri,” Mila said, still fighting the slime. “I need it!” She lurched towards the counter, straining to reach more of the super salted snack food.

“No!” Savaron hissed, using all of her might to pull Mila to the seat. “You'll make it to Jesa without more of that, I promise.”

“Savri,” Mila whined. “Savri I'm so hungry...” Using every ounce of energy the slime had, she pulled Mila's gaze from the pile of dried meat. The human's stomach growled violently, jostling the slime's volume inside her shirt. Mila's gaze locked firmly on the wall across from them, the slime finally eased her iron clad grip just a bit.

“You let me worry about driving for a bit, hmm?” the slime said, gently massaging the human's arms and back.

“So hungry,” Mila mumbled, her gaze drifting downwards with her suddenly heavy eyelids. Her neck stiffened despite the slime's dutiful massage as her gaze swept across Ash's buzzed form.

For maybe the second time in her iteration, Savaron's core ceased nearly all movement at the sound of a stomach growling.

“No,” Savaron whispered, following Mila's gaze. “No, no, no!” The iron clad grip returned with a vengeance, locking the human before she could make any foolish decisions.

“I could do it, Savri,” she mumbled, licking her lips. “She's small enough.”

“Hardly!” the slime said, bracing herself. “Your appetite is bigger than your mouth right now!”

“She looks so,” Mila paused, swallowing. “Delicious.

“As tasty as she might be, she's not on your menu – not tonight,” she said, sliding her volume down over Mila's eyes.

The human mumbled protests, attempting to rub at her eyes, but ultimately gave in to the slime's silent demands. Her lids heavy with slime and exhaustion, Savaron felt Mila start to finally relax in her grip. Gently, she guided her human down on the seat, core spinning slowly in relief as the human drifted off into sleep.

Savaron felt her body losing form, only snapping to something resembling distinction when the train jostled from the occasional bump. The crew car was full of snoring goblins – none of which were too interested in conversing with the slime or sleeping human. Ash was still sleeping off her drink, leaving the slime mostly to her own thoughts.

Just a few more hours, she thought, core contracting as she stretched in place. Even for a slime, going nearly a day and a half without so much as a rest in a comfy bucket was starting to take its toll. As much as she wanted to rest in Mila's belly, she got the distinct feeling that she would be digested if she wasn't awake.

Not that she'd mind being digested by Mila...

Her thoughts pushed the idea of total digestion and absorption away for now. She needed to figure this situation out. 290 gold was a fair amount of money... even with all the savings and profits from the tavern she'd amassed, by her calculations she was still about 60-ish gold short.

She looked down at Mila's head, her hand running through the girl's hair. The tavern was a blink of existence – a moment for this iteration. The idea paled in comparison to letting herself be happy with a human. If she was lucky, they'd both be happy – maybe even for multiple iterations of her core.

The thought of slowly bubbling around Mila while the two relaxed in front of a fire felt so... right.

The train jumped again, pulling the hopeful slime back to reality. She had made a promise to Melody, she intended to keep it. Protect her at all costs, no matter what she says. The words hung on Savaron's core like old honey. What did Mila need protecting from, aside from the drider? How had she been 'tamed' by her parents?

Slowly but surely, the momentum of the train started to decrease – the thumps between breaks in the track spacing out farther and farther. Eventually, the brakes applied with a hiss as the train stopped.

The flood of warm light did nothing to stir the sleeping goblins, even as Sguk stepped in. He squinted in the darkness, affixing his goggles as he scanned the car's occupants. Gaze settling on Savaron, he motioned for them to exit the car with him.

“Time to go,” Savaron whispered, slipping into Mila's clothes. Gently puppeteering the drowsy human upright, the slime steered them both towards the waiting orc. She could feel Mila's belly rumbling, not even a hint that she had gorged herself silly mere hours earlier. Settling her face over Mila's, the slime smiled weakly at the orc as the two stepped off the train.

“Jussa few more minutes,” Mila mumbled, fidgeting in the slime's grip.

“Alright, a few more minutes,” Savaron cooed. “Thank you, Sguk. I'm not sure what we would've done if it weren't for you and your crew.”

“Think nothin of it,” the orc whispered. “You gon' be alright from here?”

“This isn't the first time I've had to walk someone home.”

“I wish we coulda helped with the drider problem, but there's not 'nough time. I'll spread the word where I can that there's trouble brewin in Vatskóg – see if I can rustle up some help. If we're lucky, maybe the governor will lend a hand!”

“I appreciate it, but I won't hold my breath.”

“Well, stay safe then. Perhaps we'll run into each other again some time.”

“If we do, I'll buy you a drink,” Savaron said, smiling as the orc headed back towards the engine. “Come on now, let's get home.” Her volume was beginning to dissolve, despite her best efforts. She could feel tendrils of slime trying to drip off of Mila's fingers, only to crystalize in place in the cold. As warm as the jacket was keeping them both, the slime was starting to worry they might not make it back to the tavern.

“Looks like we're staying at your place,” Savaron said, plunging Mila's fingers into her pockets. She made a note to collect any loose slime after the two had gotten a chance to sleep properly.

Slowly shuffling through the dim light of the third moon, Savaron could feel her face starting to crystalize. Mila was, apparently, oblivious to the predicament if her snoring was to be believed.

“Not quite the late night stroll I envisioned,” she said, half-laughing to herself. “Hope Cas doesn't mind having me over.”

Despite the state of her slime, Savaron decided to forgo holding onto the metal hand rails leading up to Mila's dorm. At this rate, she'd be lucky if she could fill a pint by the time they made it up to the third floor.

“Thank Gias you don't sleepwalk,” Savaron mumbled, reaching for the handle. She grumbled to herself when the handle didn't yield, oozing some slime down into the locking mechanism. Feeling her semi-solid extension start to become fully solid, the slime sped up her work, eventually unlocking the stubborn door.

The heat of the room washed over her as she walked in, quickly shutting the door behind herself. Pulling her and Mila's hands out of the jacket pockets, Savaron leaned against the door, slowly sliding down into a sitting position.

She'd managed to get them both safe and warm – it was her turn to rest. Letting her form collapse into a pool, she felt herself splash down on the floor unceremoniously. Loosely collecting herself as a puddle, the slime gently rolled her core into the center of her mass, climbing up the nearby counter.

A bowl had been left out, and it would hardly contain all of her volume, but Savaron didn't care. She heaved her core into the bowl with a fair coating of her slime – it wasn't much, but it would do. At least she wouldn't lose herself with it tucked safely in the bowl. Barely enough energy to bubble, the slime collapsed into blissful rest.

The slime's core swelled and contracted slowly, slime bubbling around it as Savaron returned to the world of consciousness. Feeling her volume dribble and drip, she slowly started to pull herself together, coalescing around her core. Light trickled in through the window above the sink, causing her mass to tingle ever so slightly as it filtered through her body.

She allowed herself to ooze out of whatever bowl she'd found, plopping down to the floor unceremoniously. Gathering up any nearby globs of herself, she slowly began forming her humanoid shape. She stretched her semi-solid limbs out, loosely forming her legs as she reached her full height.

She grumbled as her eyes met the edge of the counter, a fair amount of mass having been lost somewhere between the train station and the dorm. She oozed over to check on Mila, only to find that she wasn't where she'd left her. Shrugging, the slime headed for the pantry, on the prowl for some peanut butter.

“Consider this payment for the ride last night,” she mumbled, finding the jar and plunging her hand into it. She sighed contently, chunks of the paste sliding up through her arm into her torso as she began tearing into the protein rich snack. It was no steak, but at least she'd be bigger than the goblins she met last night.

“Sav? Issat you?”

“Cas?” Savaron said, turning to find the source of the voice. “Sorry for the surprise visit – wasn't expecting to stay the night.”

“What happened to you two?” Cassidy asked, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“Met Mila's mom, ran into a drider, made a few friends. Y'know, your typical family visit.”

“A drider?” she repeated, scratching her side through her loose shirt. “That might 'splain why Mila's locked up in her room.”

“What?” she asked, pulling her hand from the jar she'd been cleaning. “What do you mean?”

“She's been in there all night, heard her bumbling 'round before daybreak. Didn't mention you were here though.” Cassidy yawned, stretching wildly upwards. “Thanks for takin care of the dishes.”

“Dishes?” Savaron looked down at her torso, bits of cereal and globs of milk floating around her core. “Who eats cereal at night and just leaves the bowl out?”

“I was 'ungry!”

“Yeah, yeah. I'll go check on Mila, but after that, I need to head back to the tavern. It's been a while since I checked on Phil.”

“I'm gonna shower then,” Cassidy said, shuffling off towards the bathroom. “See you later, Sav.”

Savaron mumbled to herself, dissolving the chunks of food she'd picked up from her nap. Holding the peanut butter jar up one more time, she pushed her hand in, making sure to get as heaping of a helping as she could manage before setting the jar on the counter. Opening her mouth, she tossed the glob of peanut paste in like candy, smiling as it fizzled down her throat and into her torso.

As the protein dissolved into her mass, her legs became more defined, height increasing just a bit. She would need to really gorge on some food before she could return to her full height.

“Mila?” she asked, hearing the water flush through the pipes as Cassidy drew her shower. “Everything alright?” The knob to her door wasn't locked, but the slime could hear movement as she let herself in.

Savaron's core twitched as she tried to match up the scene before her to the few times she'd seen Mila's bedroom in passing previously. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't manage to conjure up a memory where there had been cobwebs all over her bed or floor.

Was she losing her mind? Maybe some core memories flaked away in the cold and she simply hadn't noticed yet?

Her eyes soaked up the bizarre scene, slowly scanning over to Mila, curled up in a corner. She looked roughly the same – at least, as far as she could remember.

“Mila?” she asked, kneeling down next to the human.


“Mila, what happened?”

“I don't know,” Mila said, burying her head in her hands. “I don't remember any of last night other than eating.”

“What is all this?” the slime asked, more to herself than to Mila. She picked up a handful of the sticky stuff, running it through her mass to taste it. “Doesn't taste like anything I've eaten before,” she said, fizzling the material into her system. “Lots of protein though!”

“I think,” Mila said, peeking out from behind her hands. “I think I made it. All of it.” Savaron scooped up another handful of the stuff, fizzling it out as soon as it was within her body.

“It's kinda sticky,” Savaron commented, letting her legs melt into a more undefined form. She went to work, dutifully absorbing all of the stuff she could reach, eager to refill her protein. “Might be even taller after all this.”

“There's more,” Mila said, eyes drying up as she watched Savaron clean up her mess. “Look at these,” she opened her mouth, exposing her rather pronounced fangs.

“Those definitely weren't there before,” Savaron said, leaning her face in close to Mila's mouth. She kissed the human's tongue and licked her new fangs before pulling back, face foggy with the human's breath. “Still tastes good though,” she smiled, absorbing the excess moisture.

“What if Risha was right?” Mila looked away from Savaron, down at the floor that had just moments ago been covered in some new substance she'd created. “What if I really am a drider?”

“I still think she's trying to mess with your head. Besides, don't drider come out all spindly and spidery once they're born?”

“I don't know.” Mila looked at her hands, turning them over as though inspecting them for changes. “But Risha would.”

“We can't trust her,” Savaron said, grabbing Mila's cheeks. “We'll figure this out together – without her nonsense trying to muddy the waters.”

“What would I do without you, Savri?” Mila said, eyes watering again.

“You'd probably be gorging on meat right now, to be honest,” the slime smiled, core fidgeting in a snicker. “Let me get this cleaned up – clean room, clear mind and all that, right?”

“There we are,” Savaron said, her eyes wandering over the now spotless bedroom. The only traces of the stuff ever existing now were in her chest or in her hands. Her blue tint had a new sheen to it, light dancing through her newly developed volume as it filtered in from the window.

“That must've been a lot of protein,” Mila said, looking up at her companion. The slime's humanoid form now stood a full head above her, even with her legs partially dissolved.

“I'll say! Don't know that I like being this tall though,” Savaron said, redistributing her volume until she'd sunk down to her normal height. “But I'm not sure where to put all this,” she said, gesturing to the pool of herself that was now encompassing Mila's legs.

“Can't you just get rid of it?”

“I'm not about to put this much protein down the drain!” she said, crossing her arms. “Not without some fun, anyway.” Her mass churned and sloshed within the loose confines of her form, her breasts doubling in size. “Whatcha think?” she asked, squishing her slimy assets together. “Too much?”

“You're a bit,” Mila paused, cheeks red enough to reflect off of Savaron. “Front loaded. It doesn't look right?”

“So maybe just a bit taller,” the slime mumbled, height increasing again. “And a bit thicker?” she suggested, body becoming more curvaceous. It wasn't enough to get all the excess slime tucked away, but it handled most of it. Not to mention she wasn't too tall for her own liking now!

“You've still got a bit extra down here,” Mila said, kicking at Savaron's loose collection of mass that served as her feet.

“You sure the boobs were too much?”

“Positive. If you had a back, it would've been broken.” Mila rubbed the back of her head, doing her level best to avoid focusing on her fangs. “Maybe your belly?”

“What, like fat?”

“What do you think breasts are?”

“Full of milk, duh!”

“Maybe I'll give you a proper anatomy lesson sometime,” Mila said, rolling her eyes. “Besides, a bit of belly looks cute!”

“If you say so,” the slime grumbled, pulling the mass up into a bulge of a belly. “Not sure how I feel about this though...”

“I like it,” Mila said, reaching around from behind Savaron, playing with her new gut. “Besides, it's either that or drag it around at your feet.”

“At least I won't have to worry about my core flaking away in the cold any time soon...”

“You look like Cas did when you were driving her around.”

“Oooh, there's an idea!” Savaron said, batting her eyes as she turned to face Mila. “Maybe you could go for snack, hmm?” she offered, running her finger along Mila's lips.

“If I eat again, I might not stop,” Mila said, tongue playing with her fangs again.

“So long as you don't swallow this,” she said, reaching into her chest to grab her jittering core, “I'll bet we can figure it out. I've always wanted to let some part of me be fully digested.”

“Savri, can you hold out your arm?” Mila asked, swallowing nervously.

“Sure,” she said, holding out both of her slimy appendages. Mila's stomach growled at the sight – before she knew it, she had bitten into Savaron's right arm, an unprecedented amount of saliva pouring onto and into the slime's mass. The human groaned into the semi-solid arm, licking and slurping up some of the slime.

“You taste so good,” Mila whispered, biting into her arm again. She shuddered, small pockets of a dark liquid pooling into Savaron's body from the tips of her new fangs. Mila held her head in place, slurping up more of the slime's arm before finally pulling back. Her stomach grumbled contently with the small deposit of food, clearing her mind just enough to focus on what exactly she'd just done.

“You taste good, too,” Savaron said, pulling the thick saliva towards her core. She let it slowly disperse into her body, core ready to liquify right then and there as she savored Mila's flavor. Biting her lip, she held her arm up to inspect the two blots of ink-like liquid that had been secreted from Mila's fangs. “What do you suppose this is?”

“How am I supposed to know?!”

“Well it came out of you, so I figured you'd be a good person to ask,” Savaron shrugged, fizzling the liquid. “Kinda tart, weirdly syrupy though,” the slime said, wrinkling her brow in thought.

“Great, so I have fangs that probably poison anything I bite into, and I managed to...” she paused, realization slowly falling into place. “That was webbing, wasn't it?”

“Webbing?” Savaron repeated, tilting her head. “Oh! From earlier. Well, it was kinda stringy...”

“I really am a drider, aren't I?” Color fled from Mila's face as she sat down on her bed.

“I'm no expert, but you don't look like a drider to me,” Savaron said, sitting down next to the human. “Kinda low on the leg count, if you are,” she teased, gently pushing Mila's shoulder.

“But look!” she said, opening her mouth to point at her fangs. “That's not human!”

“So?” Savaron shrugged. “I think they're kinda sexy,” she cooed, kissing Mila on the cheek. “From everything I've seen so far, I think that the best thing I can do for you is to stay around you even more,” she said, oozing around to sit behind Mila. She reached forward, pulling the human into a hug from behind. “Don't think you can go and change species to get away from me now,” she mumbled, kissing Mila's ear.

“Sounds like Cas is done with her shower,” Mila said. “How do I break the news to her?”

“I think, maybe, we should figure out what exactly 'the news' is, first.”

“How?” Mila asked, looking over to the slime's face. “How do we figure this out? The only person that has any kind of answers is threatening my mother! If she's even really my mother,” Mila said, looking down at her hands again.

“She raised you, didn't she?” Savaron said, sliding into Mila's lap. “She cared for you, helped you learn and grow. What else would she be?” Mila leaned into Savaron's chest, tears dissolving into her translucent mass on contact. “Let's get something substantial in your belly, that'll help you think straight.”

The slime poured herself into Mila's clothing, core settling in the cusp of the human's cleavage. Even with an incredibly thick helping of slime, Savaron was able to maintain a nearly Mila-sized version of herself sitting on said human's lap.

“Lookout lips, lookout gums,” she teased, leaning in to kiss Mila. “Lookout stomach, here I come,” she sang, pushing herself into Mila's mouth. The human whimpered, swallowing the thick cocktail of rich, candy-like flavor that was Savaron. Her throat bulged as the slime helped her swallow, gently pushing into her belly as fast as she dared.

A couple of gulps later, and the Mila-sized mass of Savaron was now thoroughly bulging her stomach. She leaned back, panting heavily as a thin tendril of slime connected her coating to the bulk she'd just swallowed. Her stomach growled ominously, visibly distending and twitching with the slime's ecstatic movements.

She yelped, covering her chest when Savaron's core started to jitter. Pulling her shirt open, she looked down to the dark blue orb twitching in her cleavage. Her mouth watered as she reached for it, the slime dutifully absorbing and savoring any such waterworks she encountered.

Mila placed her fingers on Savaron's core, halting all movement from the slime in one swift instant. The human could hear her heartbeat in her ears, watching as the orb jiggled with each thump of her chest. Biting her lip, she pushed the core deep into her cleavage with her index finger, completely hiding it from her view. She still felt it, but the overwhelming urge to not gobble it up was subsiding.

She sighed, withdrawing her finger whilst leaning back. Her stomach growled again, churning of its own accord around the slime's mass.

“This is amazing,” Savaron panted, her face distorting over Mila's. “You've got to digest me more often,” she whispered, biting her lip as her core jittered and twitched in Mila's tight embrace. Every square inch of her mass that was within Mila's body was on fire. The stimulation was causing her to bubble – both inside and outside of the human.

Mila said nothing, leaning back and rubbing her belly while it worked on the impressively sized meal. The pressure was rising in her stomach, but no matter what she tried, it would never come up as a burp. She was bloated beyond reason, her stomach was pushing down into her lap from movements not entirely of her own accord, and...

She was starting to grind her pussy against the lower curve of her stomach. She couldn't help herself – being stretched so tautly, her belly had become impossibly sensitive. Mashing the soft but stretched skin of her gut against the equally aroused skin of her nethers was like something out of a fever dream.

“Savri,” she moaned, unable to take her hands off of her belly. She wanted to caress and poke and squeeze every inch of her stomach she could find, all while mashing as much of it as she could against her crotch.

The sheets would've been ruined, had it not been for her partner's attentive care.

The slime eagerly absorbed every ounce of juice her crotch squeezed out. She wanted to plunge in and take some for herself, but the gargantuan gut she had made was rather in the way. Still, the sweat dribbling down and condensing on her core from Mila's chest was equally as delicious, urging her core to a state she hadn't achieved in quite some time...

“M-Mila,” Savaron said, outer layer beginning to foam. “Mila, I n-need,” she tried to say, her own body no longer listening. Her core began to pulse violently between Mila's breasts, spurts of her mass shooting out as though she'd been squished. A streak here, a spasm there, and her loose slime had gotten all over the bed.

Mila collapsed backwards on the bed, her stomach writhing and twitching with Savaron's activity. Her crotch was too sensitive to touch now, each impromptu bit of contact her squirming belly made twisting and arching her spine as copious amounts of her own liquids began to overwhelm Savaron.

“Mila? Everything okay in there?”

“Cas!” Mila said, bolting upright. Her face was flush, she was sweating up a storm, and Savaron still stank of sex. “Everything's fine!” she said, covering her mouth as the pressure started to threaten a burp again.

“Alright, well I'm going to meet up with Lily and Vivian today so we can plan next semester's classes. Don't wait up for me tonight,” she said, door to her room clanging shut just as Savaron started to twitch again.

“Savri!” Mila hissed, biting her lip to stifle a moan as she struck her belly. The slime said nothing, core starting to foam from the overload as the rest of her body began to melt off of Mila. “Savri?” she whispered, pulling her shirt open to check on her lover's core.

Reaching down with one hand, she fished through the foam, sweat and slime to find Savaron's core. Pulling it up gently, she held the twitching, spazzing orb in her palm, watching it carefully. She wiped at her mouth, attempting to clear away any spats of drool from her stupor, only to find some of Savaron's slime instead.

“Everything okay?” she asked, feeling the loose tendril of slime that had been in her mouth slip down into her throat completely. She held the core up to her face, watching it intently as it jumped and turned.

The more she stared, the more she was able to make out two different layers to the slime's core. A deep, sapphire blue sat just below a layer of blue only slightly lighter than the deep sphere. She would never have noticed it with Savaron's slime surrounding it, not to mention the direct sunlight shining through it.

“M-Mila?” the slime asked, bubbling in her hands.

“Savri? You okay?”

“I,” the slime paused, pulling more of herself up over her core. “I think so. That was amazing.”

“What's this stuff?” Mila asked, scooping up some of the light blue foam that had gotten all over the inside of her shirt.

“It's me, more or less,” Savaron said, pulling herself back together. “It hasn't happened in a long, long time.” Mila sniffed the fizzling substance, poking her tongue out to give it a taste.

“Is this your cum?”

“Well,” Savaron said, core starting to luminesce. “Not exactly, but it's probably the best way to describe it,” she said, reaching into Mila's shirt once more. “Let me clean you up.”

Mila took the handful she'd collected and tossed it into her mouth, letting it fizzle and bubble a bit before swallowing it.

Savaron whimpered, core starting to twitch again as Mila went in for another handful.

“Tastes pretty good,” she said, licking her lips clean as she scooped up more of the bubbling stuff. The slime said nothing, simply collecting herself as another layer on top of the human, core resting on top of Mila's chest. Silently, the slime began oozing into Mila's cleavage to help, collecting her troublesome foam and dissolving it back into her mass.

“What happens to all of this slime?” Mila asked, delicately rubbing her stomach.

“I could go back in and get it,” Savaron said, forming her face on top of Mila's once more. “But if I do I might turn to foam completely.”

“Why's it still moving?” Mila asked, her stomach occasionally bulging or pushing outward as the slime moved about. “I thought it was basically water if it wasn't connected to your core?”

“It's still slime, just kinda feral,” Savaron said, wedging her core back into Mila's cleavage. “Not to mention it's being digested. It has every right to put up a good fight!”

“I wouldn't call this fighting,” Mila said softly. “Feels more like a kind of inside out massage.”

“Even without a core, I'd still find a way to get digested,” Savaron mumbled, probing Mila's belly with her slime. “We better get to the tavern before you get hungry again.”

“Phil?” Savaron called out, simply clinging to Mila as she made her way to the bar. “Phil, you here?”

“Sav?” Phil's voice echoed back, somewhere in the kitchen. “I was startin' to worry,” he said, walking up to the bar, apron adorned.

“You think I'd just hand over my tavern so easy?”

“Who's that you're driving?”

“Hi,” Mila said, waving at Phil. “I'm Mila.”

“If you're Mila, I've got a few questions on how you two managed to do that,” he said, gesturing towards her still pregnant looking gut.

“It's a long story,” Savaron said, core bubbling slightly. “You don't have to worry about little droplets of me running around – not yet, anyways.”

“I get the sneaking suspicion you aren't here to come back to work,” Phil said, resting his hands on the bar.

“Am I that transparent?” Savaron snickered. The heat from Mila's cheeks earned a few more bubbles from her core. “Need something to eat, and maybe to pick your brain.”

“What'll you have?”

“Probably just a couple of steaks. Something meaty.”

“Easy enough. How do you want yours cooked?”

“You know I eat it raw.”

“I was asking your captive there,” Phil said, gesturing towards Mila.

“Oh! I'm not sure... Whatever you think will taste good?” Mila said.

“It's her first time having steak. Well, properly prepared steak, anyway.”

“Of all the people you've piloted, she's certainly the most talkative, I'll give you that,” he said, turning to head into the kitchen. “So what is it you wanted to know?” he asked, throwing a slab of steak down on the stove.

“What do you know about drider?”

“Drider?” he repeated, raising an eyebrow. “Only to stay away. From what I hear, they tend to eat just about anything that moves. I'd wager you were both on the menu if you ran into one,” he said, flipping the steak as it sizzled. “Why?”

“We ran into one yesterday,” Mila said, looking down at her hands through Savaron's face. “Barely made it out in one piece.”

“Excuse me?!” he said, dropping whatever shaker he'd been using. A puff of purple smoke erupted from the stove, sending him into a brief coughing fit. “A fucking drider?” He repeated, waving the smoke away. “How in the Nine Isles did you two manage to run into a drider and live?”

“Don't be such a drama queen,” Savaron said, folding Mila's arms.

“You could've died – or worse!”

“We didn't though, so calm down!” Savaron snapped. “You're not getting rid of me that easy.”

Phil groaned, rummaging through various cupboards to collect silverware before heading back out to the bar with Mila's meal. As soon as the plate landed in front the girl, she had picked the steak up with both hands. Savaron wasn't quite aware of just how much saliva she'd been idly soaking up until she felt it running down Mila's chin while she ate.

“I'll leave you to your feast,” Savaron said, pulling herself off of Mila. The human seemed unaware of anything other than food, wolfing down the hefty cut of meat with ease. “As for you,” she said, solidifying her legs. “Trust that ol Savri has a plan, hmm?”

“Please don't tell me you're going to fuck the giant spider woman.”

“That's not a bad idea,” she said, stroking her chin in feigned thought. “But no, not this time. I've hired some help.”

“Does your help know what they're signing up for?”

“Sure do! We agreed on a fair price, and Ash should be here hopefully sometime this afternoon,” she said, walking around to the back of the bar. “One small goblin hoard is going to drive out the drider over in Vastkóg.”

“Goblins? That's your plan?” Phil said, watching as his boss picked out a spare vest.

“Seems like an easy enough plan to me!” she said, flattening the vest while finding a bottom to go with it. “I think pants tonight,” she mumbled, sliding her mass into a pair of tight-legged trousers. “Ash is confident her and her hoard can wrap up that drider and send her packing.”

“I suppose it's better than you running around trying to do it yourself,” Phil said, turning his attention back to Mila. “Is she okay?”

“Oh she'll be fine – she's just hungry. Whatever she wants, put it on my tab,” Savaron said, sliding a belt on. “Now, this week should be the end of finals, unless I'm mistaken. I'm going to go get the gold ready for Ash, just in case – you get the floor ready for rush hour.”

Taking the raw steak that had been on the counter, the slime slid it down her throat somewhere into her chest, fizzling it away delightedly. Mila had started licking her fingers and lips, not a trace of the cut remained so far as Phil could tell.

“Alright, alright, I get it,” he said, taking the practically clean plate away. “Another steak,” he mumbled, heading back to the kitchen.

Mila's belly growled, eagerly working away at the rather alarming amount of food she'd managed to put away. Her stomach had bulged out into her lap, but she didn't care. The commotion of the now packed bar was more irritating than her stomach was embarrassing. Where was that next steak anyways?

“Mila, right?” The voice was familiar, but Mila was still too hungry to focus properly. “Hey!” The tug at her somehow not ripped shirt caught her attention.

“Ash?” Mila managed to sputter out, still glancing towards the kitchen in hopes of the next steak.

“I'm here to collect the first half of the payment. You know where the goo is?”

“Not currently,” Mila said, glancing towards the kitchen. The fever dream she had sworn off earlier had resurfaced. Closing her eyes, she tried to push the fantastic flavors she had imagined belonged to Ash out of her mind. She needed some way to focus on something other than food. “I can find her though. Come with me, you can wait in the guest room.”

“Fine,” Ash said, following the human as she made her way towards the stairs.

Mila scoured the crowded tavern, hopes of finding Savaron's voice of reason becoming fainter and fainter with each step. Where had the slime wandered off to?

“Hurry it up,” the goblin said, pushing past Mila on the stairs. Her stomach jostled, working up a growl of hunger despite how filling her previous meal had been. Her eyes fixated on the goblin's toned rear as she headed up the stairs, mouth watering at the thought of it filling her mouth.

Tearing her eyes away from Ash one more time, Mila desperately hoped to find Savaron – or even Phil – somewhere in the crowd. No matter how hard she focused though, she couldn't make their heads out of the crowd. If Savaron was down there, serving her patrons, Mila's eyes weren't seeing her.

“How long you gonna make me wait, human?”

“Sorry,” Mila said, heading up the stairs to join Ash.

“You're not drunk, are ya?” the goblin asked, following Mila as she headed towards one of the guest room doors.

“Not at all,” she said, opening the door. This had been the guest room that Savaron had allotted to her so she could rest after eating. The sun had set some time ago, and this was the first time she'd laid eyes upon the room. Gulping nervously, she stepped inside the room with Ash. “Just wait here, I'll find Savaron and let her know you're here.”

Mila turned quickly, shutting the door behind her. In the quieter halls of the second floor, the only noise that seemed to permeate the cacophony below was the incessant growling of her stomach.

She wanted to eat Ash.

“No,” she whispered to herself, shaking her head. “It's not right,” she said, trepidly heading for the stairs. She paused at the top of the stairs, looking down to the noisy floor, then back to the door she had let Ash into. Biting her lip, she turned away from the stairs, and headed back to the guest room.

Letting herself inside, she carefully locked the door behind her.

She didn't want to do this. She didn't want to feel the ecstasy of a living creature fighting and squirming in her guts; to learn flavors of a person.

“Well?” Ash asked, hands on her hips. “Where's the goo?”

“On her way,” Mila lied, heading over to the bed. Sitting down, she stared at the floor for a moment.

She wanted to know. Wanted to feel something start squirming. To feel it stop squirming.

And every decadent step in between.

“How are you going to do it?” Mila asked, stomach grumbling.

“Run the spider out?” Ash huffed. “What's it to ya?”

“I'm just curious. Is the gold really worth risking your lives like that?”

“Ain't nothin stands between a gobbin and her gold,” Ash said, standing proudly. Mila's gaze flowed from her bare feet, up to her loosely packed legs. A slight bit of pudge pushed the goblin's shirt out, adding ever more strain to the button up that was tightly compressing her chest. “Truth is, I haven't told the hoard yet,” she continued. “They won't be too willing to help, unless they see the gold.”

“It just seems so risky for goblins to go and attack a drider. Surely there's a better, safer way?”

“Who said anythin' about attacking the spider? I was plannin' on burnin her out and tying her up.”

“Quite the plan.” Mila's gaze eventually found the goblin's face, mouth watering as she picked out each crease or bump that her tongue might slide over. Her fiery red hair was topped with the same dirty cap she'd had at the station, though it was instead flowing out of the cap, rather than being bunched up under it. “What if she retaliates, or gets violent?”

“You think gobbins can't be sneaky?” Ash asked, silently walking over to the human. Standing face to face with the still sitting Mila, the goblin stared into her eyes. “If we don't make it back, you don't pay the rest, simple. Where is your blasted goo?”

“Simple,” Mila repeated. Grabbing both of Ash's arms, she leaned in and bit into her shoulder. The goblin yelped with pain as Mila's venom pumped into the bite, squirming in her grip.

“By Gias' bosom!” Ash hissed, butting her head against the human. Mila released her grip, hands on her head as she rubbed the sore spot. The goblin stumbled backwards, hand on her shoulder as the venom pumped throughout her body. “What's the matter with you humans?!” she hissed, footing faltering slightly.

“I'm so sorry!” Mila said, rubbing her head. “I don't know what came over me!”

“I'll find the goo on my o-own,” Ash snarled, stumbling towards the door. “I'll b-be back for y-you,” she started, tripping over her feet. She fell to the floor with a thump, head turned towards the door.

Mila stared at the paralyzed goblin, watching as her movements ground to a halt. Her stomach growled as she took in the curves of her body, mouth salivating as her eyes drifted over her rear once more.

“Let me help you,” Mila said, walking over to the goblin. Carefully, she reached down, rolling the goblin over. She was still breathing, eyes darting around like mad as Mila slid an arm under her back, another under her legs. Lifting her up with ease, she walked back to the bed and laid her down. “There we go,” she said, brushing Ash's red hair out of her face.

The goblins eyes were focused intently on Mila, her lips attempting to form words that her mouth could not fulfill.

“I am, truly sorry,” Mila whispered, climbing up onto the bed with Ash. She sat down on the bed, holding Ash up by the shoulders to face her. “But I need to know,” she said, leaning towards the goblin's head. She opened her mouth wide, irresponsible amounts of saliva dribbling down her chin as her tongue rolled out.

The goblin could only stare as the pink, wet muscle touched her chin, dragging itself slowly up her face. Thick globs of the human's saliva clung to her cheeks and nose, a few more dribbling down from her forehead.

Mila shuddered at the taste, swishing it around in her mouth for a bit.

Without a word, she opened her mouth again, plunging the goblin's head in entirely. She moaned around Ash's sensitive ears as they folded into her cheeks, her hair matting up against the roof of her mouth like sandwich bread.

She exhaled as her lips closed around the goblin's neck, and started to swallow.

Inch by trepid inch, Ash's head was pulled into Mila's throat. As her shoulders entered the human's mouth, panic settled in with no outlet to free itself. The goblin could only grunt into the heavy, wet throat that now surrounded her head as she was pulled further in.

With Ash's breasts now pushing against her chin, Mila pulled and tugged, feeling her jaw start to go sore just as the soft mounds plopped into her mouth. Sighing with relief, she hoisted Ash up by her waist, tilting her head back to let gravity assist her.

As the goblin's head pushed into her stomach, Mila felt her belly push out against her legs. Leaning back further, she swallowed more hastily. As delicious as the goblin was, she was starting to question whether or not her meal would fit.

Soon Ash's rear was slurped up into Mila's maw, along with the last traces of her red hair. She had been right, the bottom of the goblin filled her cheeks out deliciously. Having the practiced muscle glide against the roof of her mouth only increased her desire to feel it slide down her throat, and so she continued.

Eventually, the goblin's toned legs were all that remained outside of her mouth. Leaning her head against the wall, Mila closed her eyes and swallowed, feeling the powerful muscles slip into her throat, her feet disappearing into her mouth.

She had done it.

Swallowing again, Ash's feet disappeared down Mila's throat in a hurry, bulging it out one last time. Another swallow pulled them down beyond her chest, disappearing into her mountainous gut.

Looking down at her exposed, distended stomach, Mila felt an odd sense of pride lingering in her throat. She'd actually done it. For the first time that she could recall, Mila felt wholly and truly full.

It took an entire goblin to reach that point – someone she'd only met the day before. What were her life plans? Did she have a family to go back to?

Did she know she was going to be food?

Mila shivered at the last question, feeling her stomach clench and squeeze her meal. The sensation of being full was like nothing she had experienced before. It didn't matter who walked through that door next, even if they saw her impossibly large, squirming gut – she was in Gias' embrace right now.

Laying down on the bed, her crotch began to burn for attention as her stomach's weight pressed against her. Gingerly, she slid her hand between her stomach and her thighs, toying with the idea of making a mess on the bed. Biting her lip, she slid her hand into her pants and slowly started fingering herself. Turning her head to the side, her eyes fell on Ash's discarded, dirty cap.

She stared at the hat, still knuckle deep in her drooling pussy.

Her stomach growled as her meal shifted, bringing her fully back to the reality she'd just consigned herself to. What was she thinking? How was she supposed to hide a goblin sized stomach?! When did it slip into her mind that this was, in any way, a good idea?

Then her meal started to move.

Mila inhaled sharply, squirming as though to arch her back, though her stomach's weight would not allow that. She pulled her finger from her pussy, placing both hands on her stomach. She could feel each movement Ash made under her skin. Every squirm, every kick, every swear.

“I'm so s-sorry,” she said, placing both hands on her stomach as she stifled a moan. Being stretched so thin, stuffed so unbelieviebly full, had her mind escaping the realm of proper words. Her thighs were alight with desire, her pussy lips quivering as the mass of her stomach applied pressure in just the right places.

Covering her mouth, she moaned as Ash found more energy within her belly. The goblin was making some semblence of word-sounding noises, but she didn't care. If anything, she wanted her meal to kick and squirm more – really rough up her stomach!

Sitting up proved to be a mistake. Her belly pushed down against her crotch, each kick and squirm electrifying more nerves than she thought she had in her body. Her sensitive stomach now abusing her aroused pussy proved an intoxicating combination however; sooner than she would've cared to admit, the bed sheets had become nearly as soaked as her stomach was with her excitement.

Resisting the pleasure seemed to only increase its effect, the next orgasm sending her into a stupor. Her hands roamed her belly, groping and poking, prodding and kneading at her meal as another orgasm built up. She leaned down to her stomach, kissing it tenderly while her third orgasm ruined any hopes she had of escaping pleasure.

“This has been one otherworldly night,” Savaron said, helping Phil scrub down the bartop. “Must've been a pretty good year!”

“I don't know how they keep up with that kind of life,” the human said, wiping sweat from his brow. “At least it's over now. And look! No broken furniture!”

“One time!” Savaron grumbled. “Never liked that chair anyways.” The slime smiled, standing up to admire their work. “Did Ash ever come by?” she asked, sliding the belt she'd put on earlier off.

“I didn't see her,” Phil said, stretching. “Where's Mila, by the way? She never finished that last steak I set out for her.”

“Must've gotten her fill and went to lie down. She's been through a lot these past couple days.”

“I'll wrap up the kitchen if you want to go check on her,” Phil said, throwing a towel over his shoulder.

“Sometimes I wonder if you're this nice to me or every jell-o shot that walks through the door,” she snickered, heading towards the stairs.

“If you ever figure it out, don't tell anyone – I've got a reputation to maintain, after all!” he said, heading into the kitchen.

Savaron shook her head, slowly climbing the stairs. She'd left one of the guest rooms reserved for Mila, though she had wagered that she would've seen more of her throughout the night.

“That's odd,” she said, jiggling the locked handle. Oozing part of her hand into the mechanism, the slime easily unlocked the door, letting herself inside. “How's it going, Mila?” she asked, shutting the door as she stepped into the dark room.

Her feet rapidly informed her that something was off.

“Mila?” she called out, core beginning to thump. Rubbing her hands together, the slime conjured what energy she had to start glowing. Looking around the room, her core seemed to freeze in place.

Every possible surface had been thoroughly coated in some kind of webbing – the same kind she had found Mila rolling around in earlier. The thumping of her core intensified as her light cast itself upon the bed.

There, in the center of the bed, was a massive, webbed cocoon. Looking around for any signs of a struggle, the slime only found an eerily familiar hat, cast aside on the floor. For a moment, she thought her core was thumping again, only to realize that it was, in fact, the cocoon.


from The Webs We Weave

Savaron's core throbbed and bounced wildly within her mass, tiny bubbles fizzling away as they traveled up through her. The inside of Mila's stomach had been deliciously warm; combined with the intense heat of the shower she'd started, and Savaron considered herself lucky to still manage somewhat coherent thoughts.

Her core spasmed and throbbed, gently bouncing against stomach walls and splashes of her own mass. It had been a while since she'd had a good boil, though she was fairly certain that her now exceedingly soupy body was only a few degrees away from poaching her solid center.

“D-don't stop,” Mila said, hand pressing against Savaron through her stomach walls.

If Savaron could've responded, she would have. Alas, words were surprisingly difficult to come by when your body was splashing around. Her mass would creep up the side of Mila's stomach, only to spasm off of the walls and back down into her center. She let her core simple exist, partially exposed to the space inside of Mila's belly.

Initially, the solid mass contracted back into her mass, submerging itself once more into the safety of her slime. Bubbling nervously, she pushed her core up to her surface once again, slime slowly peeling away.

Now, Savaron had taken it upon herself to measure her core each year, around the time that Phil had decided was appropriate to celebrate her “birthday.” While she didn't take much stock in the idea, she had grown curious as to her age. Judging by how much her core had grown from year to year, she estimated that she was in her late twenties.

Each time she had measured her core, she had made sure to fully expose at least half of it. It was a tradition she had taken upon herself, and one that not even Phil knew about. She would take painstaking measures to ensure that she was completely and utterly alone when she made her core vulnerable like that. Not so much as a butterfly could be in the same room at the same time.

And here she was, exposing her tender core in the heart of digestion. The sting of acids dripping onto her core caused it to throb violently. Her mass overreacted, launching the dense core up against Mila's throat. For a fleeting instance, it was completely and utterly separate from her being.

The bubbles ceased immediately, her slime splashing back into itself like water. She felt her mass attempt to clench at her core that wasn't connected, but nothing happened. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't make her naked core throb.

What felt like an eternity later, her core splashed back down into the pool that was her being. Her slime enveloped it swiftly and immediately, burying it in layer upon layer of the thickest slime she still had. Her core clenched harshly, contracting her body further until she was a simple, formless blob once again.

“Savri?” Mila asked, an odd pressure climbing up her throat. Her mouth opened again, intending to repeat the question, only to find herself eructating instead. Covering her mouth shortly after her outburst, she slid down to the shower floor, feeling her belly bounce gently against the wet surface as hot water continued to pour over her. “Savaron?” Both hands began gently rubbing her belly.

“Savri, are you okay in there?” she asked, feeling the pressure subside. As her fingers probed her stomach, a new thought began tiptoeing from her subconscious to mingle with her slurry of emotions. She had been digesting her friend – she had been digesting Savaron. Caressing her stomach further, she was no longer sure just how big it was now compared to when she'd initially eaten the slime.

“Savaron,” she said again, voice barely louder than the pelt of hot water against her body. “Savaron,” she repeated, one hand dipping under her swollen gut. Her fingers held for a moment, inches from her crotch. She bit her lip to stifle the moan that followed her finger's journey. Her free hand took to the dutiful task of rubbing her belly, coaxing any sloshing she could muster from her meal.

From Savaron.

“Oh, Savri,” she whispered, unsure if she was actually feeling or simply imagining her meal's sloshing. She leaned her head back, water now pelting her neck as the hand that was rubbing her belly made its way up to her breasts. Squeezing ever so gently, her legs twitched as sensation shot from the base of her back up to her head. “Savaron,” she hissed, other hand doubling its efforts.

“Mila?” Savaron's voice had slipped up through Mila's open mouth.

“Savaron!” Mila said, abruptly correcting her posture. “Are you okay in there?” she asked, both hands back to her belly. “What happened?!”

“I'm okay,” Savaron said, shifting her core around. “I'll tell you about it later.” Mila sighed, letting her head rest against the shower wall. “Can you send some protein down?”

“Of course!” Mila smiled, drawing out circles on her belly with her fingers. “Got any specific craving?”

“Just,” Savaron said, searching for the words that felt right. “Just whatever protein you can get me.”

“You got it,” Mila said, looking down to her belly. Her smile faltered as she looked at her right hand. The water had washed away the majority of her juices, but she could still clearly see the sticky essence on her fingers. She stared at her fingers for a few moments more, mouth watering as the shower water continued to wash away evidence of her pleasures. Shaking her head, she stood up. Before shutting the shower off, she rinsed her hands thoroughly.

As she stepped out of the shower, it dawned on Mila just how long she must've been marinating. Steam hung heavy in the bathroom, every surface that could support condensation was doing so – all the way down to the doorknob. Wrapping herself in a towel, she opened the door to confront the cooler air outside of the bathroom.

“Where is everybody?” Mila asked, mind desperate for a distraction.

“What do you mean?”

“Your tavern is,” Mila paused, glancing down the hall before entering the guest room. “Pretty empty.”

“Finals,” Savaron said simply, a slow bubbling returning to her volume.

“What about Phil? Or Ebby?”

“They both have their own places. Why are you so interested in how I run my tavern?”

“I was more wondering if I could ditch the towel,” Mila mumbled, pulling her panties back on. “How do you keep this place running with just three people though?”

“I handle most of the work, Phil and Ebby just cover when I need a break or extra help.”

“Even slimes have to sleep, Savri.”

“Not as much as humans,” she snickered back, core bubbling against Mila's stomach walls.

“What I'm saying,” Mila said, placing a hand against where Savaron's core had rubbed her belly. “Is that it doesn't sound like there's much time for you outside of work.”

“A bit of magic and some determined slime can go a long way.” Savaron's bubbling returned to a light simmer as Mila carefully descended the stairs, fastening her vest loosely against her shirt. “Besides, I haven't had too much reason to spend time away from work – until now,” she said.

“Are you,” Mila paused, placing both hands on her belly. “Are you purring?”

“Wouldn't you like to know,” she said, flicking Mila's stomach walls. Mila inhaled sharply, biting her lip.

“I just got used to walking around with you in there,” Mila said, tenderly resuming her walk towards the bar.

“So you're saying you don't want me to do things like this?” Savaron pushed up against Mila's stomach walls, gently rubbing her sensitive partner's insides with all her mass. Mila's knees buckled as she made it to the bar, both hands gripping the oak structure for support.

“Or what about this?” Savaron asked, pulling her slime into two humanoid hands. She began kneading and rubbing Mila's belly as though it were dough, pressing her hands and fingers out distinctly. Mila squeaked when her hands ran over the outline of Savaron's hands, slipping down onto a barstool.

“S-Savaron,” she said, voice wavering. “I n-need to get you protein.”

“Oooh, sounds delicious,” Savaron said, pulling her hands back into her mass. Mila closed her eyes, breathing heavy as she pulled herself upright one more time. “You really are more sensitive that most human tummies I've been in,” Savaron cooed, sloshing around gently as Mila resumed walking.

“Where's the protein at?” Mila's cheeks burned at Savaron's remark, so much so she could've sworn she was giving off visible light.

“I don't have much peanut butter for you to spoon out,” Savaron said, smiling to herself. “How do you feel about sending me a couple of juicy chunks of meat?”

“I think I can hear you drooling in there.” Mila draped her hand over her stomach, blinking as her eyes adjusted to the light of the backroom. “You don't happen to have any instant meat, do you?” she asked, recoiling slightly from the salted raw meats in the first cupboard.

“I usually just eat it raw,” Savaron said, core rolling around as her thoughts stewed.

“As close as we are, I'm not eating raw meat for you.”

“Fiiinne,” the slime said, her core dipping to the bottom of Mila's belly. “There's some enchanted salts at the counter.”

Mila picked up a smaller steak – maybe six ounces or so – and walked it to the preparation counter. One hand still on her belly, she leaned down to look under the counter.

“Oh, I know this one,” she said, grabbing a pouch of purple salt. Standing upright, she opened the pouch, took a pinch of the purple salt, and sprinkled it onto the steak. It proceeded to pop and hiss as soon as the salt made contact, sparks dancing across the counter. Yelping, she stumbled back from the light show, covering her eyes. The salt bag plopped to the floor, spilling a fair amount of salt in the process.

“What's happening?” Savaron asked, no longer sloshing. She knew those sounds. “What salt did you use?”

“It's sparking! The purple salt made it spark!” Mila said, still shielding her eyes as the sparks started to die down.

“Purple? That shouldn't do that.” The slime's core remained tense and still, barely wiggling in Savaron's volume. As the realization washed over Savaron, her core started to jitter.

“What's so funny?” Mila asked, one hand on her belly.

“This is your first time cooking meat,” Savaron said, trying her best to stifle jittery outbursts. “And I didn't tell you to get the storage salt off of the meat!” Her core jittered heavily, increasing in intensity as she realized this was probably her very first belly laugh. Technically.

“It's not funny!” Mila said, smacking her stomach. “I hate cooking with magic,” she said, trying her best to suppress the tickling sensation Savaron's core was giving her. She glared at the circular cut of meat as the sparks finally dissipated completely, cursing it under her breath. Gingerly, she picked up the fizzling meat with two fingers, hastily brushing any salts away with her other hand.

“What cut did you get, anyway?”

“I have no idea!” Mila brushed away the salts that had collected on the counter, giving herself a relatively clean workspace. Setting the disc of meat down, she looked around for the purple salt sack. Grunting, she leaned down to pick it up, making a mental note of where the spilled salt had landed. “I'm going to need the broom at some point.”

“Protein first.” Savaron could feel Mila's belly working away at her now, her mass easily having halved since she'd been eaten. Mila rolled her eyes, taking a fresh pinch of the purple salt and rubbing it into the meat. The meat sizzled, sparking a few more times as if to ensure Mila was fully awake.

A few minutes later, and the cut had seared itself thoroughly – likely even over cooked. Mila took one of the many knives at the counter and started cutting up the meat, her mouth beginning to water as the fragrance wafted up to her. One bite sized chunk at a time, Mila swallowed the meat down for Savaron.

Savaron eagerly started dissolving the meat as soon as it landed in her sloshing mass. Chunk after chunk quickly dissolved into her, pushing her back to a healthier volume within Mila's belly. Mila found herself burping a bit more as her guest digested the meat, though she dutifully continued to scarf down the remainder of the meat for Savaron's sake.

“Hey,” Savaron said, inspecting one of the chunks of meat Mila had sent down. “This is a filet!”

“Is that,” Mila said, pausing to swallow the last chunk. “Bad?”

“No, I suppose not,” Savaron said, continuing to dissolve the meat. “Bit pricey though,” she mumbled, more to herself than to Mila. Once she had nearly filled Mila's belly once more, she decided to let the rest of the meat float down and give some protein directly to the human.

The meat sat peacefully at the bottom of Mila's belly for a moment – just long enough for Savaron to resume playing with her puddle. Mila's stomach contracted around Savaron, growling intensely as the meat Savaron had left started to digest.

“Sa,” Mila said, burping. “Savri? What's going on in there?”

“I thought I'd give you some meat,” the slime said, now observing the scene taking place in the bottom of Mila's stomach. “Give me a break from being digested for a few.”

“I feel,” Mila paused, burping again. “I think we should probably,” she started, only to interrupt herself with yet another burp. “We better get you out.”

“I'm starting to think you might be on to something,” Savaron said, pulling herself up from the meat. “Let's go back up to my room and get me out.”

Just as Mila had started heading towards the stairs, a knock rang out at the tavern's front door.

“What's wrong?” Savaron asked, taking note of the lack of movement.

“Someone's at the door.” Mila squinted as her eyes adjusted to the mid day light bleeding in through the windows. “I'm gonna go see who it is.”

“Tavern's closed, it's their problem,” Savaron said, keeping an eye on the meat below her mass.

“It'll just take a second,” Mila said, resting her hand on her belly. With one last check to make sure she was in fact fully dressed, she opened the door to greet the stranger. “Hello?”

“Hey, is Saviri here?”

“Saviri? You mean Savaron?”

“Yeah, that's her! Cassidy said she'd know where to find Mila.”

“Hmm,” Mila said, clenching her stomach around Savaron. “She's out of town right now, down at Kaso on a business trip.”

“Kaso!?” the stranger groaned, pulling a map from her bag. “That'll take days!”

“I'm Alvar by the way,” Mila said, opening the door. “Covering for Savaron while she's out.”

“Shelby,” the stranger said, accepting Mila's invitation. “I don't s'pose you'd know where Mila is, would you?”

“I'm afraid not,” Mila said, folding her arms over her stomach. “Is this Mila in some kind of trouble or something?”

“Well, no, not exactly,” Shelby said, opening her bag. A short rummage later, and she produced a silken bracelet, holding it out for Mila to inspect. “I was told to get this to 'er at all costs. Apparently she'd know what it meant.”

Mila took the bracelet from Shelby, the hair on the back of her neck standing up as the material flowed between her fingers. Her back twitched as she held off the urge to shiver while handing the bracelet back to Shelby.

“Any idea what it is?” Mila asked.

“Some kind of family heirloom, I s'pose?” Shelby suggested, tossing the delicate piece of fabric back into her bag. “You don't know when Savaron will be back, d'ya?” Shelby's eyes darted around the tavern, never spending more than a few seconds on any one point.

“I think she's in Kaso for the weekend. I'll let her know you stopped by though.”

“If she gets back early, will you pass this message along to her for Mila?” Shelby asked, pulling out an envelope.

“Sure thing,” Mila said, taking the parcel.

“If you see Mila, will you tell her that Melody wants her to come visit?”

“I'll make sure she gets the message,” Mila said, heading towards the door. “We are closed right now though, and I have some cleaning to get to in the back.”

“Thanks for the help Alvar, you're a real life saver!” Shelby said, heading out. Once the door was closed, Mila locked the dead bolt and leaned against the door.

“Alvar?” Savaron asked, core still spinning in thought. “What was that all about?”

“Shh,” Mila hissed, clenching her stomach again. She watched Shelby's shadow slowly disappear from view as she left the immediate vicinity of the tavern. At least she was out of earshot now. Quickly heading back up the stairs, she sat down on the guest room bed. “Let's get you out, then we can talk.”

Mila felt Savaron shift around in her stomach, pushing up into her stomach just as Mila realized the bed was probably not the best place for what was about to happen. They needed to talk face to face though, and she wasn't about to delay that. Relaxing her throat, she felt Savaron's intensely warm mass slowly slide up and into her mouth, filling it completely.

Breathing through her nose, Mila opened her mouth and cupped her hands. Savaron's blue slime oozed down her chin, pooling in Mila's hands as she pulled herself from the human's stomach. Drop by timid drop, Savaron managed to evacuate herself from Mila's gut, save for her core. Wrapping the last of her slime around her core, Savaron began pulling the heavy mass up Mila's throat.

Mila coughed and gagged around the sphere, but it eventually found its way up and into her mouth. Slowly breathing through her nose, Mila opened her mouth wide as Savaron pulled her core out. A bit of slime dribbled down her chin as she relaxed her mouth, hands still cupped in the middle of Savaron's mass. The slime took humanoid shape once more, delicately setting her core in Mila's hands.

“All done champ,” Savaron said, smiling. Mila opened her eyes, forcing a smile as her stomach growled. “All that mass and you're still hungry?” Savaron chided, placing her hands on Mila's arms.

Mila went to say something, only to lurch both of her hands from Savaron to her stomach. She gasped, breathing heavily, only for another, louder growl to emanate from her stomach.

“Mila?” Savaron watched as the human doubled over, lying down on the bed. “Mila, what's wrong?” she asked, pulling herself from Mila's lap.

“S-stomach,” Mila managed to croak out. Another growl caused her to convulse again, wheezing when it finally relented.

“You need protein or something, that's gotta be it,” Savaron said, core starting to shake. “Hold on, I'll get something for you!” she said, legs solidifying while she moved towards the door. Mila's stomach growled again, and she could restrain no further. She howled in pain, clutching her now flat belly.

Savaron sprinted down the stairs, launching herself over the counter towards the back room.

“Come on, come on!” she said, core shaking violently now. Her back began to crystalize as she conjured a bit of magic, illuminating her hands. “Protein,” she said, eyes adjusting to the low light. “Protein,” she said again, opening one of the meat cupboards. She found a hefty slab of meat, throwing it to the preparation counter with practiced aim. The meat sparked and fizzed as its preserving salt came into contact with the left over cooking salt Mila had used earlier.

“Don't sass me,” she hissed, engulfing the steak into her mass. She ripped the storage salt from it, dropping it to the floor carelessly. Grabbing two other salts from below the counter, she began preparing the meat for Mila. Putting the steak back on the counter, a flurry of various colors of salts followed. A pinch of blue, a heavy dash of green, and the steak was practically dancing on the counter. One quick dash of purple, and the meat was engulfed in rapid, magically induced cooking.

“Hope you don't mind well done,” she said to herself, engulfing the still cooking meat back into her mass. As she sprinted back up the stairs, she could hear Mila crying now. She'd forgotten to cut the meat, but at this point she didn't care. Core still in a frenzy, she knelt down next to Mila and began ripping the slab of meat into bite sized chunks.

“I'm here Mila,” she said, placing both hands on Mila's cheeks. “Everything is gonna be okay,” she said, pushing the first meat chunk up through her arm. Holding the chunk between two fingers, she pressed it against Mila's mouth. “Open wide,” she said, her own voice starting to waver.

Mila weakly obeyed, opening her mouth for Savaron. The slime pushed her hand down Mila's throat, stopping just after it had entered her stomach. She could feel the growl of Mila's stomach around her arm, even as she pushed chunk after chunk of meat into her friend.

With each chunk landing in Mila's stomach, the growling's intensity lessened. Her belly was still growling, but she was breathing normally now. A mess of tears on her face began to dry while Savaron fed her. She watched the remainder of the massive steak get pushed into her throat, slowly relaxing around the slime's arm.

“Better?” Savaron asked, core finally starting to calm down.


“Good,” Savaron said, retracting her arm as the last piece of meat dropped into Mila's belly. While pulling her arm free, the slime used her other hand to wipe away the human's tears.

“Why,” Mila asked, choking on her words as she sat up. “Why did you feed me?”

“Well,” Savaron sighed, wiping up her residual slime from Mila's chin. “I just left your stomach, and when it was growling you were hurting. My best guess is you didn't have food in there that your stomach was trying to digest.”

“You sure you're not a biology major?”

“Just a tum enthusiast.”

“That's a lot of food,” Mila said, looking down to her once again bloated belly.

“It's no small feat to contain this much slime,” Savaron said, sliding onto Mila's lap. Hugging her tightly, she let her core settle into a slow throb against Mila's chest.

“You're just one big cuddly puddle,” Mila said, returning the hug.

“So,” Savaron said, pulling back to sit in Mila's lap properly. “Want to tell me about this Alvar business?”

“That girl you heard – Shelby,” Mila said, resting a hand on her now quietly gurgling stomach. “She's from Vatskóg, my home village.”

“I get the distinct feeling that Alvar isn't exactly a nickname.”

“When I was little, Melody would tell me stories about magic guardians that protected the forests around the village. One of them was named Alvar.”

“So why didn't you tell her your real name?”

“Because she didn't recognize me, and I want to keep it that way.”


“Shelby and her family did everything in their power to make life difficult for me and my parents. Between her and Calvin, it's a wonder I made it here in one piece.”

“What did they do?”

“They would harass me or Melody or Gale every chance they got. They were always so forgiving and apologetic to them,” Mila trailed off, breathing through her nose for a moment. “One time, Shelby found out that meat made me ill, so she got a piece of rancid deer meat and snuck it into my bedroom while I wasn't there. Whenever Gale would go to Crada to get medicine for me, they would spread rumors that I had finally scared him off, or that he'd been eaten by some ogress.”

“That's horrible!”

“That's just a drop in the ocean. If Shelby is looking for you, I promise nothing good will come of her finding you. If she's looking for me through you, that only makes it worse.”

“So, what did she want?”

“I'm not sure. She had Melody's bracelet, and an envelope.”

“Your mother's bracelet?” Savaron repeated, forehead rippling with speculation.

“It was with me when she found me,” Mila shrugged. “She always said it was her way of protecting me – even when she wasn't with me.” Mila looked down at Savaron's core, staring at it as it throbbed gently against her chest. “I think I should go check on her.”

“Didn't you just say that if Shelby was looking for you, it was a bad sign?”

“Yes, but as far as she knows, I'm nowhere to be found, and you're in Kaso for the weekend. I can take the train to Vastkóg tonight and be back tomorrow afternoon – before she's even figured out you're not in Kaso.”

We can take the train.”

“What? No, you need to stay here and out of trouble.”

“If you think you're getting out of introducing me to your parents after nibbling on my core, you've got another thing coming.” Savaron smiled, kissing Mila on the cheek. “Besides, if you try and sneak out without me, I'll just go and try to find your parents on my own.”

“Savri,” Mila groaned, laying back on the bed.

“It'll be fun!” Savaron said, splashing down on top of Mila. “Or do you not like my puddle cuddles?” Mila stared at the ceiling, blowing bubbles up through Savaron.

“Fine,” Mila grumbled, grinding her teeth. “Just know that there's a reason I left Vastkóg. Not everyone there is so accepting of non-humans.”

“I can be just as prim and proper as the rest of you bipedals!” Savaron said, pulling her torso together to fold her arms.

“Right up until someone starts eying you up like the snack you are,” Mila said, tickling her core. Savaron bubbled, melting back down to a shiny blue puddle in Mila's lap. “Come on, we need to get ready if we're going to catch the evening train.”

“You look fine,” Mila said, straightening Savaron's jacket.

“I dunno,” Savaron said, raising her arms to inspect the seams again. “Something feels... off.”

“You could show up naked and my parents wouldn't know any better – they've never met a slime before.” Savaron's face lit up, a devilish smile sneaking onto her face. “No. You're wearing something,” Mila said, rolling her eyes.

“I think,” Savaron said, straightening her coat for the umpteenth time. Her slime shifted around in the clothing – her chest flattening and broadening. “There,” he said, holding his arms up. “Perfect!”

“You sure?”

“I know you prefer girls,” he said, adjusting his voice to be a bit deeper. “But this just feels right.”

“I prefer you, cuddle puddle,” she said, pushing his nose in slightly.

“I've got to find a nickname for you or I'm never going to live that one down.”

“I think you're better off accepting that fate now.” Mila looked up at the sky as the second moon rose. “Thanks for coming with me,” Mila said, looking to Savaron's eyes. “No matter what happens.”

“You're over thinking this, Mila. Before you know it, we'll be back at my tavern, exploring just how sensitive your belly really is.”

“I hope you're right,” Mila said, stretching as they left the train station. “Let's just hope we can get this over with nice and quick.”

“This place is really serene,” Savaron said, distracted by the enormous trees of the Vastkóg forests. “It's like this all year round?”

“No. It's usually much colder.” Mila glanced over her shoulder, eyes scanning the forest as the light faded.

“What's wrong?”

“It's nothing. Just feels weird to be back home.”

“You're a terrible liar.”

“I'll feel better once we're leaving, that's all.” Mila rubbed the nape of her neck, pushing the raised hairs back down. “Feels like there's always someone watching me here.”

“Maybe it's your friend Alvar?”

Mila said nothing as the couple continued their walk towards the village center. Oddly enough, once they were in the actual village, the feeling of being watched felt more like a comfortable blanket than anything. At least here she knew who the eyes belonged to.

“Here we are,” she said, stopping at the house furthest from the village hall. Breathing in, Mila held her breath and knocked on the door. A few moments later, she exhaled, staring at the closed door. “Melody?” she asked, knocking again. “Gale?” she asked again.

“Do you suppose they're not home?”

“At least one of them should be home,” Mila murmured, raising her hand to knock again. As her hand made to strike the wood, the door opened.


“Hi Melody,” Mila said, pulling her hand back. “Surprise?”

“What in the nine isles are you doing here?!” she hissed, looking over Mila's shoulder. “Get in here before someone sees you!”

“What's going on, Melody?”

“Who's your friend?”

“Savaron,” Mila said.

“You trust 'em?'”

“With my life.”

“You'd better get in 'ere too.'”

Savaron nodded, choosing to remain silent as he entered the house. Melody quickly closed the door behind him, sliding several bolts into place.

“What, in all of Gias, made you come back here?” she asked, peering through the windows before closing them. “Now of all times at that!”

“Shelby popped up looking for me,” Mila said, watching her mother. “She had your bracelet.”

“My bracelet,” Melody said, moving one hand to her left wrist. “None of that matters,” she said, standing to her full height. The light of her home danced across her toned physique, casting an imposing shadow. “You need to go. head back, and tell no-one that you were 'ere today.”

“We came to make sure you were okay,” Savaron said, moving to stand between Melody and Mila.

“Who do you think you are, gettin' involved in business not your own?”

“He is mine,” Mila said, stepping in front of Savaron. She pulled his hand to her side. “And I am his.”

“Not until Gias bears witness,” Melody said, eying Savaron up one more time. “Apologies, Savaron,” she said, sitting down at the kitchen table. “A lot's been happening recently. I 'oped, since it was Shelby that gave you the message, you'd know to steer clear of here for a while.”

“She had your bracelet!” Mila repeated.

“And now she does!” Melody snapped back, rubbing her temples. “You both need to get out of here,” she said, looking from Mila to Savaron. “Calvin has been missing for weeks now. His family is looking for someone to blame, and if you showed up right as the searches ended...”

“Why didn't you say so?” Mila groaned. “How are they both still causing this much mess.”

“Easy 'nough to do when your father is village chief.”

“Well, the next train doesn't leave until tomorrow morning,” Mila said, checking through her bag. “If we start now, we can make it to Jesa by noon tomorrow.”

“No. You're staying the night,” Melody said, turning her attention back to Mila. “No matter what happens, do not walk the forest at night. It's not safe here anymore. Your room is just how you left it, you can stay the night here.”

“Not exactly the family reunion I was hoping for,” Mila said, half smiling. “Where's Gale?”

“He's out getting supplies for the apothecary. He'll be back day after tomorrow.”

“Well, I guess we'd better settle in,” Mila said, picking her bag back up. “I'm going to go unpack what we did bring,” she said, heading down the hall towards her old room.

“Savaron?” Melody said, voice lowered.

“Yes, Melody?”

“You have to protect her.”

“Of course,” Savaron said, looking at Melody. “With all due respect though, I think she's probably safer with the two of us protecting her, don't you?”

“You listen to me, and you listen good,” Melody said, tearing her eyes away from where Mila had wandered off. “Gias, magic and all the muscle in the world cannot protect her from herself. Me and Gale tamed 'er through years of training and study – don't let all of that be for naught.”

“Tamed her?” The conversation halted as a knock rattled the door.

“Melody,” a deep, feminine voice said. “Don't make me break the door again.”

“Protect her at all costs, no matter what she says,” Melody said, looking into Savaron's eyes. “Promise me you'll protect her.”

“I swear on my life,” Savaron said, his core still.

“Then go, protect her. So long as she's occupied, you can both escape.”

“I wouldn't count on that,” the voice said. The oak door began to creak, splintering at the hinges.

“I'm coming!” Melody said, standing up. She looked to Savaron one more time before unbolting the door.

“I didn't want to have to break another door,” the voice said, stepping into the home. Savaron stared in disbelief as the massive feminine figure crouched to squeeze into the tight home. As he looked down, his eyes followed the larger than life features of the woman, only for them to fade into the thick, armored chitin of a massive spider abdomen.

“Who are you?” Savaron asked, eyes slowly wandering back up to the drider's face.

“I am Risha,” the drider said, looking down to Savaron. “You would do well to remember my name. Where is the youngling?” she asked, looking to Melody.

“She's” Melody started.

“She's not here,” Savaron said, pulling Risha's attention from Melody.

“Your lies lack substance,” Risha said, lowering her abdomen to get closer to an even level with Savaron. “Do you think your entrance to my nest was unnoticed?”

“That was Alvar, a friend of Melody's. I came with her to make sure she made it back safely,” Savaron said, firming up his chest.

“Better,” Risha said, walking over to Melody. “But I am not the fool you take me for.” She lowered her head, mouth next to Melody's ear. “Mila is here, isn't she?”

“What do you want with her?” Melody snapped, pushing the drider away.

“You know very well what she needs,” Risha said, pushing Melody with one of her legs. “Do not speak to me in that tone again, lest I remind you how delicious Cal was.”

“What did you do to Calvin?” Mila asked, standing in the hallway entrance to the kitchen.

“There you are,” Risha said.

“Mila, no!” Melody said, lunging across the table. “Get out of here, now!” Risha pinned Melody to the table, biting her shoulder. Within moments, the woman was still.

“Melody!” Mila said, approaching the table. Savaron held her back, watching Risha carefully. “Melody!” she screamed, watching her barely breathing frame.

“She will be fine, youngling,” Risha said, looking to Mila again. “She is under my protection, just as you are.”

“What kind of protector bites their wards?!” Mila snapped.

“I will do what I must to ensure the long, industrious future of this pitiful settlement,” Risha said, one hand idly rubbing her belly. “But that is a discussion for another time. You and I have more important things to discuss.”

“You think I will go with you willingly? After you bit my mother?!”

“What lies have poisoned your mind for you to believe that this brute is your mother?” Risha took a step back, looking over Mila's body. “How old are you, youngling?”

“What does it matter to you?!”

“You were certainly raised by thick headed bipedals,” Risha said, rolling her eyes. “You must know that you are not the same as these creatures,” she said, gesturing to Melody's still body.

“That creature is my mother,” Mila said.

“There it is,” Risha said, a devilish grin sneaking onto her pale face. “You've eaten meat, haven't you?” she cooed, climbing over the table. “How long did you believe that meat would make you ill, youngling? How long did your precious Melody lie to you?”

“She,” Mila said, looking to Melody's form on the table again. “All my life,” she said quietly.

“The cravings, have they set in yet?”


“Mmm, still time to enjoy it then,” Risha said, excitement dancing behind her emerald eyes. “Lifeless meat will only sustain you for a time. Listen to your body, youngling. Listen to what it has been screaming to you for years.

“What are you talking about?” Mila said, looking back to the drider.

“You were stolen, youngling. You were never human,” Risha said, approaching Mila. “These humans did something to you. Something no drider should ever be put through. They starved you – corrupted you to their will.”

“Don't listen to her Mila,” Savaron said, placing his hands on her shoulders.

“No,” Risha said, attention snapping to Savaron. “Listen to your own body. It will guide you.”

“We have to go,” Savaron said, whispering in Mila's ear. “Don't let her confuse you.”

“You cannot escape your own silk,” the drider said. “Go. You will know where to find me when you are ready,” she said, smiling.

Mila looked down at her hands, opening and closing them experimentally. The drider's words danced in her head, her body no longer feeling like her own. Savaron's body enveloped Mila's, his hands wrapping around hers. Slowly, his core slid across her back, resting just over her heart.

“We will not succumb to your threats, monster,” Savaron said, fully encompassing Mila.

“I do not threaten the youngling or her 'mother',” Risha said. “Were I another drider, you would be found weak and consumed. One day you will thank me for opening your eyes.”

Savaron moved Mila's legs, pulling her back to reality. She looked up through the slime to the drider, heat swelling in her chest as her gaze moved from the drider to her mother. Without saying a word, she turned with Savaron and ran through the open door.


from The Webs We Weave

“Go home, Cas,” the tavernkeep said, confiscating her glass.

“But I’ve not even ‘ad me fill, Sav!” Cassidy said, words slurring.

“You’re a linguistics major who can’t even get all her letters in order right now, and you’ve got exams tomorrow,” Savaron said, rolling her eyes. “You need rest, not ale.”

“You don’t even have a brain, jelly lady – how’re you upposed to know me drunkerlyness?” “Would you like me to start with the new words you’re creating, or the number of contractions you’re abusing?”

“C’mon Sav, one more drunk! Pleaaaase?”

Savaron rolled Cassidy’s glass around in her hands, strategically absorbing all the traces of alcohol.

“Fine. One more drink,” she said, setting the glass back down in front of her friend. “But I choose what it is.”


“Make sure to drink it all up,” Savaron said, placing one finger over the lip of the cup. Reaching below the counter, she placed her other hand into the keg of water and began pumping the clear liquid up through one arm and down the other. Once the cup was full, Cassidy took to it like gold.

“What’s the big idea?” Cassidy said, her drink dribbling down her shirt now. “This innit ale!” She said, splashing the remaining contents of her drink in Savaron’s face. “That’s right, smarty pants. I’m cutting you off,” she said, absorbing the liquid into a ball in her chest.

Cassidy watched, transfixed on the bubbles inside her bartender’s body as they swirled and merged. Her eyes squinted, trying to focus on all the commotion instead of Sav’s loud words.

“Is that my ale?” She asked, jabbing a finger into Savaron’s abdomen. Savaron quickly closed her jacket, buy it was too late. The damage had been done. “Cas, you don’t want to do this,” she said, standing her ground. “Don’t make me dry you out.”

“I paid for ale, I’m gonna get ale!” She said, grabbing Savaron’s arm. She pulled the gooey appendage into her mouth, slurping it up like a jelly shot. “Mmmm,” she said, voice causing Savaron’s blue body to vibrate.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Cassidy,” Savaron said, biting her lip as her friend’s saliva seeped into her body. Cassidy said nothing, choosing to slurp up more of her friend. While she slurped, Savaron made sure to move the ball of ale she’d collected earlier farther and farther away.

“You remember how this ended last time, don’t you?” Savaron groaned. With no coherent response coming from her friend, Savaron called out to her coworker. “Phil, I’ve got to walk Cas home,” she said, biting her lip. “I might be a while.”

“You got it, Sav,” Phil called back, still clamoring about in the kitchen. Thank Gias it was a slow night.

“Alright linguists major, let’s see how well your tongue works.” Savaron rushed her body forward, into Cassidy’s mouth. The sudden change in momentum caught her off guard, but Savaron knew what she was doing. As her friend gulped and her belly bloated, the blue slime let her attire drop to the floor and enjoyed the ride.

Her core slipped into Cassidy’s throat, bulging it slightly as she swallowed. With Savaron’s help, of course. Eventually, the whole ordeal was over, and Cassidy was sitting on the floor of the empty tavern, caressing her bloated stomach.

“Mmm, tasty ale,” she giggled, burping as her stomach settled. “I told you I’d get my ale!” She said triumphantly, laying back on the floor.

Savaron paid her no mind. This wasn’t her first trip into a stomach, nor would it be her last. She quickly got to work absorbing all the she could within Cassidy, making sure no more would seep into her friend’s body. Collecting herself, she began excreting the water from earlier, giving her friend’s belly something to work on other than herself.

Now came the complicated part. Normally she wouldn’t care how a drunken patron felt after having swallowed her, but she wanted to be gentle with Cassidy. Slowly but surely, she oozed throughout her friend’s digestive tract and throat, spreading back to the outside air through each hole.

After a few careful minutes, Cassidy was fully enveloped in a translucent, blue, second skin. Fitting herself tightly, Savaron reconstructed her face over Cassidy’s, and stood up. “We’re going to have a long talk after your exams tomorrow,” she said, picking up her previously discarded garments.

“You got everything?” Phil asked, walking into the bar from the kitchen. “I think so,” Savaron said, testing out all of her mumbling passenger’s limbs. “Try not to burn the place down while I’m gone.”

“One birthday party!” Phil joked. “Do you need me to come pick you up in a bit? I can bring your favorite bottle.”

“If I’m not back in two hours, maybe.”

Phil nodded, watching Savaron walk Cassidy out.

“Will you stop drooling?” Savaron moaned, vibrating in Cassidy’s throat. “It’s distracting enough trying to wrangle your tits,” she said, more to herself than to her passenger. Thankfully, most other students had already turned in hours ago. Given how thinly she was spread, Savaron wasn’t fully sure she could turn down a fresh protein offering…

“Where ‘m I?” Cassidy said, her muscles twitching in Savaron’s embrace.

“We are on the way to your place, because someone can’t control their liquor.”

“I’m do it myself!” Cassidy said, jerking her limbs around.

“You’re too drunk to stand up on your own right now,” Savaron said, clenching down on Cassidy hard – inside and out.

“Ow!” Cassidy yelled into the back of Savaron’s face. “You’re… mean jelly.”

“Mhmm,” Savaron said, resuming their walk. Cassidy’s stomach growled around her, causing her to bite her lip. “We need to hurry up and get me out of your body.”

“I can count my lickers!”

“I’m inside your stomach right now, and no, you can’t.”

“Not my fault you’s tasty.”

“Oh, victim blaming now, are we? I’ll remember that next time you’re gobbled up by some drunkard at my bar,” Savaron said, ruffling up Cassidy’s hair. “I feel like it is your fault that you chose the top floor dorm though,” she said, sighing. Focusing all of her attention on not tripping over both their feet, Savaron began the arduous task of navigating three flights of stairs.

“I can help,” Cassidy mumbled, tensing her legs within Savaron.

“Woah there tiger, I’m not done absorbing all that alcohol you drank. Better let me drive,” Savaron said, grabbing the nearest handrail.

“N-no, I got this,” Cassidy insisted, moving her legs with more force now. Savaron could feel the ball of ale she’d collected in Cassidy’s stomach slosh around.

“Cassidy!” Savaron hissed, gripping the handrail tightly. “Please don’t make me walk you up two and a half flights of stairs again!”

The hallway ahead flooded with the warm, yellow light of a dorm. As Cassidy and Saravon struggled to climb the last few stairs, another student approached.

“Cas? Is that you?”

“Mi-mi!” Cassidy said, lunging both herself and Saravon forward. Saravon couldn’t stop the momentum this time, and instead focused on holding all the liquor in place.

“Cas!” the other student yelled. With lightning reflexes, Saravon counted her blessings as the other student caught the two of them. “Cas, you’re drunk, aren’t you?”

“Tell me about it,” Savaron said, still fighting Cassidy’s drunken movements.

“Savri?! Is that you?”

“How do ya think she made it this far up the stairs?” Savaron asked, pulling herself and Cassidy up with the student’s help. “Thanks Mila. Help me get her in?”

“For sure,” Mila said, quickly moving to support some of Cassidy’s weight. The three eventually made it into Cassidy and Mila’s dorm. Once inside, Savaron steered Cassidy to the couch and collapsed, while Mila closed the door and started preparing some water.

“So, what happened to drag you into this, Savri?” Mila asked, holding the cup of water. “Our little lit major decided I would be a good substitute for ale when I cut her off,” she said, letting her feet deform into a puddle around Cassidy’s. “She’s been digesting me the whole way here – can you help me out?”

“Oh, right! What do you need me to do?”

“I’m stretched pretty thin right now – too much longer and all the alcohol I absorbed from her will be right back in her belly. I either need some protein to start building myself back up, or somewhere to put all this ale.”

“How much ale?”

“Well,” Savaron said, looking down to Cassidy’s belly. She sloshed the contents around a bit, weighing out an estimate. “Feels like about three pints in here.”

“Three pints?! Cas!” Mila said, looking through the slime to her roommate’s belly.

“Let’s focus on retribution later, eh?” Savaron said.

“Right, sorry. I don’t think we have anything that will hold it all. Can't you just pour it down the sink?” She suggested.

“I don’t know that I can get her standing again, but it’s worth a shot,” Savaron said, polling what was left of her strength. With Mila’s help, the three of them eventually made it to the sink. Savaron breathed a sigh of relief, resting Cassidy’s arms on the counter. Mila watched, transfixed, as visible distention’s inside Cassidy’s stomach disappeared up into her chest, only to reappear in her throat, one after the other.

Cassidy smiled sheepishly, playing as though she was blowing bubbles each time a glob of ale was carried from her mouth. Savaron expertly pumped the volumes of ale into thin vein-like structures down her arms, each slime coated finger pouring the liquid into the sink.

“Is that all of it?” Mila asked, a barely perceptible dip in her voice as Savaron stopped pumping ale.

“No, but I can deal with the rest. Now we just need to get my core out of her stomach,” she said, moving the contents of Cassidy’s stomach around.

“What do you need me to do?”

“I’m going to push it up her throat, but I’m going to need you to push it up with me. Don’t let her swallow it back down – I’m stretched so thin right now, I might liquify on the spot if she decides to nibble,” Savaron said.

Mila nodded, placing her hands gently on Cassidy’s throat through Savaron. Some gurgling noises came from her mouth as Savaron worked, but the human didn’t seem all too bothered by the situation. Mila jumped when Cassidy’s throat bulged against her fingers, brushing the core roughly.

“M-Mila!” Savaron said, her legs threatening to dissolve on their own.

“Sorry!” She said, firmly holding just below the bulge. She pushed up with Savaron, until the resistant collection of goo had made it into Cassidy’s mouth. With one final push, the dark blue orb landed with a heavy splat in Cassidy’s hands.

Savaron groaned with relief, now finally able to focus on pulling herself and the ale out of Cassidy. As her blue slime began to ebb and flow down Cassidy’s chest, a fair amount of amber ale came with it – all still suspended and given shape by Savaron. While she pulled herself out, Mila took to supporting Cassidy and pressing on her stomach.

A few minutes later, and Savaron was fully, finally free from the human’s insides. She took her normal, curvaceous humanoid shape, though her legs and feet were less defined than normal.

“There,” she said, standing upright. She held the ale in her chest, visible slightly through her body as she pulled her clothing back on.

“I’m hungry,” Cassidy mumbled, her belly growling.

“You’re one to talk,” Savaron grumbled. “I feel about a gallon short, even with the ale,” she said, flattening out her top. “Though I could go for some protein, too. Do you have any snacks you could spare, Mila?” she asked, ale beginning to fizzle throughout her body.

“Only if you like vegetarian snacks,” she said, helping Cassidy to the couch.

“I don’t care what it is, so long as it’s got protein,” Savaron said, stretching. “Thanks for helping me out there. I might’ve had to spend the night in her belly if you hadn’t been home.”

“No problem,” she said, rummaging through her pantry. “Peanut butter?” She asked, holding up a small jar.

“Dibs!” Savaron said, opening the jar. Wiggling her fingers, she prepared to scoop out a heaping helping of the stuff.

“Wait!” Mila said, rummaging through one of the kitchen cabinets. “Here,” she said, handing the slime a spoon.

“Really?” Savaron groaned, taking the utensil. She rolled her eyes, plunging the spoon into the jar to get a heaping helping of peanut butter. She unceremoniously heaved the mountain of peanut butter into her mouth, quickly digesting the paste then and there while handing the jar back to Mila. “Thanks,” she said, chunks of the paste still fizzling out, joining the cacophony of dissolving ale.

“I know, I know,” Mila said, putting the jar away. “Call it paranoia.”

“What are you gonna get from me that you’re so afraid of? Savaron’s special ale?” she teased, pushing her fizzling breasts together. “A taste for jelly?” She suggested, batting her eyes and grinning.

“You know, that’s a good point, actually. I’m not sure what eating you would do to me,” Mila said, crossing her arms.

“Well if you ever get the inkling to find out, you know where to find me,” Savaron said, solidifying her legs a bit. “Just make sure you have some protein in that belly of yours for me to snack on – not like party animal over there, drinking on an empty stomach.”

“I did eat a pretty big dinner,” Mila said, idly rubbing her belly.

“How do you survive with an appetite like that?” Savaron asked, poking at her flat stomach. “I’d swear you don’t actually eat anything, if I hadn’t seen it myself.”

“How long could you have lasted in Cassidy’s belly?”

“Being the only thing in there and trying to prevent her from absorbing any more ale… maybe another hour at best,” the slime said. “Why?”

“Do you think you could,” Mila paused, cheeks reddening furiously. “Do you think you could spend a day moving around in my belly like that?”

Savaron’s core throbbed.

“You want to eat me?” Savaron asked, cheeks beginning to bubble. Mila nodded, looking down at the floor now. “What brought this on?”

“I’m sorry, it was a stupid question!” Mila said, cursing herself.

“Hey,” Savaron said, gently grabbing the human’s chin. “I didn’t say no.” Looking into Mila’s eyes, the gentle fizzing of Savaron’s cheeks began to stop.

“I-I don’t know,” Mila said, looking away from the slime. “I couldn’t stop thinking about when you were moving around inside Cassidy, I guess.”

“You do know that there was just as much of me inside her belly as there was outside her belly, right? Not for nothing, but you’re a bit on the smaller size for humans.”

“I want to try,” Mila said, turning her gaze back to Savaron. “I need to try.”

“Well, I suppose I’m not exactly meat,” Savaron said, grinning. “When do you want to do this, then?”

“N-now?” Mila suggested. Savaron could’ve sworn there was a bit of drool leaking from the girl’s mouth.

“I don’t think right now is a good idea,” Savaron said, stretching. “I just got out of Cassidy’s stomach, and I need to get back to the tavern before Phil comes looking for me.”

“O-oh… okay.”

“You’re really ready to just dive into this, aren’t you?”

“It’s… all I can think about.”

“Tell you what,” Savaron said, slinging her arm across Mila’s shoulders. “Get some sleep and think on it, okay? If you’re still feeling like I’m the one to sate your appetite, come to the tavern in the morning.”


“Really,” the slime said, kissing her on the cheek. “Besides, I need to regain some of my volume before I take a dip into someone else’s belly.”

“Oh thank you Savri, thank you so much!” Mila said, squeezing into the slime’s body. Savaron returned the gesture as best she could, gently hugging Mila back.

“You can thank me by getting some sleep and eating a hearty breakfast tomorrow. No empty stomach business, remember?” she said, standing back up from the hug.

“Yes ma’am!” Mila said, almost shaking with excitement. Savaron winked at the human before leaving, shaking off her own excitement outside of the dorm room.

What’s gotten into her? She wondered, walking back down the steps. She’s never had any interest in eating me before… I wonder what’s changed? Her mind went blank for a bit as she walked, noisy thoughts bubbling up and dissolving just as the last of the ale was.

Without having to walk for two, the slime drank in the scenery of her midnight stroll back to the tavern. The moon occasionally peeked out from behind silvery clouds, the streets devoid of anyone else wandering around. As pretty as it was, she could feel her outermost layer beginning to crystalize from the cold. Rubbing her arms, she picked up the pace.

After a while walking in solitude, Savaron’s core was starting to shiver. Freezing crystals had crept up her forearm from her wrists, encroaching on her shoulders. She was shaking her head on occasion, making sure to break up any crystals that were trying to form in her hair. Thankfully though, she had arrived at her tavern only slightly crystalized. Breaking the icy crust on her hands, she pulled the door open and let herself in.

“Savaraon? That you?”

Thank Gias Phil was still there.

“Phil?” she called out, voice raspy from the cold. “Tell me you’ve got a fire going back there,” she said, rubbing her arms.

“Yeah,” Phil said, poking his head out from the dining room. “Savaron!” he said, rushing up to his boss.

“I’m f-fine,” she said, still rubbing her arms.

“You call this fine?” he said, grabbing her icy shoulders.

“A-Ah!” she said, the thermal shock jolting her to attention.

“What were you thinking? Going out in without a coat!”

“Y’know, hadn’t really thought about that when I was driving a drunk Cassidy,” she snapped, legs creaking as she started moving towards the dining room. “Guess her body heat was keeping me warmer than I thought.”

“Alright, come on,” Phil said, picking Savaron up.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Carrying you to the fire, and hopefully helping you heat up a bit,” he said, sweeping his arm under her legs. She reluctantly wrapped her arms around his neck, the thermal shock slowly numbing down.

“My hero,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“I don’t have time to break in a new boss,” he said, smiling. He carried her into the dining room, setting her down on the bench closest to the fire. “Now get yourself warmed up, I’ll make you some soup.”

Savaron grumbled, more to herself than at Phil. He was good to her, and she knew it. The tavern probably wouldn’t be surviving if it weren’t for her… unique management style. Call it a benefit that slimes didn’t follow normal human sleeping behaviors.

A few minutes later, Phil returned to the thawing slime, holding a bowl of steaming soup for her.

“What, no spoon?”

“Since when do you use silverware?” he asked.

“Mila made me,” she pouted, sticking her hand into the bowl. The warmth ran up her arm along with the hearty meal, quickly pouring into her body and gravitating around her core. “Much better,” she said, legs melting into their normal gelatinous form.

“Mila,” Phil said, setting the empty bowl on the bench. “She’s one of Cassidy’s friends?”

“Her roommate,” Savaron said, massaging some remaining crystal formations in her arms. “She’s a nice girl, you’d like her,” she said, winking.

“How do you know her?”

“Like you said, she’s a friend of Cassidy’s. Kinda quiet in a crowd, doesn’t eat much.”

“Explains why I’ve never seen here in here,” he chuckled. “You want me to get your bucket?”

“Nah, I’m gonna hold this form a little bit longer I think,” she said, kicking her legs around as the soup fizzled away in her chest. “In fact, I could use some more protein. Cassidy ate me on an empty stomach, and I swear she digested nearly a gallon off of me.”

“Want me to grab a steak from the back?”

“That could work,” she said, rolling the idea around in her head. “Maybe two. Need to bulk up a bit before tomorrow.”

“You don’t think someone else is going to try and eat you tomorrow, do you?”

“I’m counting on it – Mila asked to eat me,” she said, kicking her feet as he headed towards the back. She stood up, making her way over to the bar while Phil scrounged up some fresh meat.

“How well do you know Mila, exactly?” Phil said, returning with two massive slabs of raw steak.

“I’ve known her since she started attending the college,” she said, picking two bottles from the rack behind the bar. “I trust her,” she said, pouring an orange liquid into a vial. She opened the other bottle, pouring a healthy amount of the pinkish alcohol into a glass.

“I thought slime didn’t drink alcohol?”

“We don’t,” she said, opening her mouth wide while tilting her head back. She emptied the glass into her throat directly, making sure Phil could see the liquid slide down into her chest. She repeated the action with the vial, moving the liquids into her breasts. “It makes us all bubbly,” she said, grabbing her breasts with both hands.

“What are you doing then?” Phil asked, setting the steaks on the counter.

“Making a Savaron special for one of my most valued employees,” she said simply, jostling her breasts around. The two liquids mixed and washed around each other in her chest, forming a neon orange mixture in her bosom. Smirking, she grabbed a martini glass and began pouring the mixture out through her finger. Once the drink was out of her system, she picked up the glass and handed it to Phil, while taking the steaks with her other hand.

“Thanks, Savri,” he said, sipping the drink.

“Anytime,” she said, dropping one of the steaks down her mouth. It was pulled into her throat with ease, fizzling violently in her chest as it began to dissolve. “Maybe I’ll convince Mila to come by, see if you can give us both a bit of protein,” she said, grinning.

“You know I’m not into girls,” he said, finishing his drink.

“I know, I know. If she was interested in guys, I doubt she’d be asking to eat me,” she said, shrugging. “Besides, she’s a vegetarian – she doesn’t eat meat,” she snickered.

“Now, when you decide to present as male again, you can have all of my protein you want,” he said, grabbing a rag to clean the now empty martini glass.

“I think I’ll stick to female for a while longer,” she said, dropping the second steak down her throat. “Though, I may come in for a week or so as male – just so I can get some of that tasty protein of yours,” she cooed.

“Promises, promises,” he said, putting the cleaned glass away. “Well, I’m going to close up for the night. I’d suggest you get some rest – even if you’re going to be mostly liquid tomorrow,” he said.

“Maybe I will spend some time in my bucket,” she said, heading up the stairs. “I’ll see you in a day or two,” she said, steaks still fizzling. “Maybe sooner if Mila’s stomach doesn’t agree with me.”

“Get some rest, Savaron,” Phil said as she closed the upstairs door behind her.

The slime immediately set about dissolving her legs into a rather undefined mass, oozing across the floor to her room. Once inside, she dropped her human clothing unceremoniously on the floor, oozing towards her large metal tub – her ‘bucket.’ Once her legs were comfortably inside, she lit the fire in her bedroom and began slowly liquifying as the room heated up.

As the steaks fizzled away in her mass, she let sleep catch her, slowly bubbling off to a well-deserved slumber.

“Savri?” Mila called, knocking on the door to the tavern. Maybe she was too early? She’d barely slept after talking with Savaron… But the sun was coming up – that counts as morning, right? “Savaron?” she called, knocking again.

“It’s open,” Savaron said from somewhere inside, voice barely audible through the door. Mila put her hand on the handle, staring at it for a minute. She could still back out now – Savri would understand. Nobody would know.

But neither would she.

“You coming?” Savaron called out, what sounded like mid-yawn.

“Be right there!” Mila said, standing at attention. She should just go in and tell her she doesn’t want to go through with it anymore. “But then I’d be lying,” she whispered to herself, opening the door.

“Morning Mila,” Savaron said, still a bit drowsy from her nap. Mila said nothing, closing the door behind her as she came in. “You had breakfast yet?” she asked, rummaging through the bar for some plates.

“No. I-I mean yeah,” she said, desperately trying to focus.

“Well, I’ve got enough protein for two,” Savaron said, patting her own belly. “Come on in and sit down, I’m not going anywhere,” she said, smiling. Mila walked over to the bar, sitting down at one of the stools as she took her jacket off. She could feel Savaron’s gaze wandering over her now, even if she wasn’t looking directly at her. “Second thoughts?” she asked, setting a glass of water down in front of Mila.

“What? I’m here, aren’t I?” Mila said, forcing a smile.

“You don’t look like yourself,” Savaron said, pouring herself a glass. “Tell ol Savri what’s really eating you up.”

“I,” Mila started, only to pause in a desperate search for words. “I don’t know who I am anymore, Savri.”

“What do you mean?” Savaron asked, sipping her glass with both hands.

“I ate meat yesterday,” Mila said, staring into her own glass.

“I thought there was something to do with your stomach where you got sick if you ate meat?”

“That’s what I thought, too. Here I am though,” she said, eyes fixated on the water in her cup. Savaron said nothing, continuing to drink her water. “I thought, maybe it was a fluke – some imitation meat or something like that. So, I went out to the store yesterday and bought some bacon.” She paused, looking up at the slime. “I ate every piece.”

“You weren’t kidding when you said you had a big meal last night,” Savaron said, setting her glass down.

“There’s more,” Mila said, glancing around the bar for any other prying ears. “Is anyone else here?”

“Just you and me,” Savaron said, resting her hands on the counter. “Tavern doesn’t even open until the afternoon today. Finals week and all,” she said, winking. Mila took a deep breath before continuing.

“It was so good, Savri,” she said, looking into the slime’s eyes. “The taste didn’t really mean anything to me, but the feeling,” she said, resting one hand on her stomach. “It felt so good in my stomach,” she said, eyes starting to water. “I spent hours masturbating yesterday,” she said, voice lowered.

“Sounds like a pretty solid day so far,” Savaron said, smiling.

“It’s why I was up so late last night,” she said, blushing. “When you brought Cassidy home, and you were swirling around in her belly, I…” she said, looking away. “I don’t know how I managed to stay upright.”

“Well, so far,” Savaron said, walking around the bar. “It sounds to me like you’re still yourself,” she said, sliding up onto the bar stool next to Mila.

“I have cravings now, Savri,” she said, looking back into her drink. “I want to feel what Cassidy felt last night. At least, I think I do.”

“Well, I’m not going anywhere,” Savaron said, resting her chin on her palm. “Take your time, think about what you want to do.”

“I want to eat you,” Mila said, cheeks burning red. “It’s all I could think about all night. I won’t be able to think clearly until you’re in my belly.”

“Then that’s where I’ll go,” Savaron said, sliding off of her stool and into Mila’s lap. She gingerly wrapped her legs around Mila, engulfing her waist in her gooey embrace. Leaning in, she kissed Mila, probing at her lips with her tongue.

Mila gasped at the touch, shivering slightly as Savaron heated up around her. The slime’s probing tongue eventually got its way, and pried her mouth open. Mila’s sense of taste was, all at once, overwhelmed with the sudden influx of Savaron’s being. She tasted sweet, with just a hint of salt as her tongue pushed further into Mila’s mouth.

Savaron was in heaven. Her core throbbed as thick, delicious strands of saliva were almost violently slurped into her volume. The intense heat combined with the abundance liquid goodness in Mila’s mouth was more than she ever could’ve hoped for. It took all of her focus to not simply dive down Mila’s throat and gorge herself on whatever she could find in her stomach.

She managed to resist – barely. Instead, she focused her efforts on filling Mila’s mouth slowly, oozing into every nook and cranny she could find. Even after every square inch of her mouth was covered by Savaron, the saliva delicious, thick saliva kept coming. Savaron’s core began throbbing rhythmically as she devoured the tantalizing liquid, the first bit of her slime probing into her throat.

Feeling Savaron move and fill her mouth was only serving to confuse Mila more. She felt silly, cheeks practically bulging with gooey slime; but at the same time, the urge to gulp was matching up with a building desire deep in her crotch. Her hands explored what they could of Savaron’s liquifying body, squeezing and groping here and there. In all honesty, she didn’t quite know what to do with her hands. How exactly does one grope a slime?

The first involuntary gulp was all the encouragement the slime needed from Mila. She pushed forward, sliding down her throat like molasses on a cold day. The human’s throat pulsed and tugged her deeper and deeper, barely giving her time to enjoy the ride! The growl of her belly sent shivers down Savaron’s body, tickling her core as she barreled towards the source.

Mila’s hands went to her belly once she felt Savaron’s mass enter. At first, it felt like simply drinking a thick sauce; but as her belly filled, a new sensation began to manifest. Each time Savaron pulled more of herself into Mila’s stomach, she pressed out against her stomach walls. Each time her stomach walls stretched, a jolt of pleasure shot up Mila’s spine – and they were only getting more intense.

Eventually, only a handful of Savaron remained outside of Mila – a gooey strand barely containing her quivering core. Mila slurped up to the orb until it rest against her lips. Opening her mouth wider, she let the core scrape gently against her teeth on its way in. It felt… chewy. The longer she held it in her mouth, the more intense the urge to at least nibble on the orb became. Savaron was tugging to get her core down into her belly, but Mila couldn’t let it slide without at least pretend nibbling it.

Savaron felt Mila’s teeth press against her core, and her entire being tensed up. Then the nibbling started. The slime was completely filling Mila’s belly now, only the core and a bit of connecting slime remained. That being said, if she could’ve screamed in pleasure, she would have. What happened instead, was spasms of movement all throughout Mila’s esophagus and stomach, constantly shifting between solid and liquid states.

The movement against her belly walls caused Mila to gasp hard, involuntarily swallowing Savaron’s core. She hiccupped, forcing the orb down her throat with the slime’s help. The movement in her stomach held her attention intensely, her pussy already practically drooling on its own. As Savaron’s core entered her stomach with a plop, Mila placed both hands on her now bloated stomach.

Mila panted heavily, trying to take slow, deep breaths. She hadn’t anticipated the experience to be this intense, and already her panties were soaked. Savaron was still for a moment, before erupting into movement Mila had never even imagined. All at once there were slimy tentacles writhing around in every square inch of her stomach, sometimes poking, sometimes rubbing. Savaron had started to bubble inside Mila’s belly, as though she were boiling herself from the pleasure.

Savaron erupted everywhere at once, unable to control her own pleasure inside Mila’s belly. The intense saliva, the delicious heat, and the wonderfully tight embrace… She couldn’t help herself anymore, and practically poached herself inside Mila’s stomach. Her core was spasming as errant jets of slime bounced around Mila’s belly, leaving Savaron in a fully liquid state, slowly settling back to a gentle sloshing.

Mila had to bite her lip to stop from crying out. Her stool was soaked, her pants ruined, and her mind shattered. She could’ve sworn that all the slime’s movements in her stomach had turned her own legs to jelly – if only she could see over her bloated middle to check…

“S-Savri,” she panted, still holding her belly with both hands. “Oh, Gias, what have I done?” she said, still too sensitive to move. She felt a pressure sliding up her throat, but her stomach wasn’t reducing in size in the slightest. The burp erupted from her lips, bits of Savaron’s jelly mixed with her saliva dribbling out of her mouth with the expulsion. Savaron shivered inside her, earning a barely coherent moan from Mila.

“Savri?” she said again, louder this time. “A-are you okay in there?” A gentle push seemed to confirm that she was, indeed, still alive and well in Mila’s belly. The push had sent sparks down Mila’s spine, threatening to make her soak the stool she was sitting on completely through.

Standing up caused Savaron to gently slosh around in her stomach, earning a squeak from Mila. Slowly but surely, both of her feet managed to find their footing. Not daring to lift her legs more than necessary, she began shuffling towards the door – crotch still thoroughly on fire. Maybe the cold could take her mind off of these sensations for a bit?

Though, she would have to climb three flights of stairs…

Each step sloshing more than the last…

“Savri?” she asked, voice shaky. “Do you mind if I rest here for a bit?” The slime said something – Mila could feel the vibrations in her stomach, but she couldn’t quite hear what she was saying. “What?” she asked, tingling threatening to start another urge deep in her belly. She inhaled deeply, slowly breathing out to try and calm her nerves.

“I said, up the stairs and down the hall on the right. Guest room is empty right now.”

Mila stared blankly for a second. Her mouth drying out reminded her that her mouth was still open – if anyone were to walk in right now, she might be mistaken for a jester…

“Wait,” Mila said, breathing heavily through her nose. “Say something again?” she asked, barely parting her lips.

“Is this one of the things you wanted to try?” There was no mistaking it – Savaron’s voice was traveling up her throat and out of her mouth.

“Ha!” she said, covering her mouth. “I can feel you talk, but I can’t hear you unless I have my mouth open,” she said, looking down at her stomach. “Oh this is weird.”

“Well if you thought a stomach growling was annoying, just wait until yours starts moaning,” Savaron said, sloshing around a bit.

“A-ah!” Mila said, knees buckling. She braced herself against the bar, slowly pulling herself back up. “N-not so much!” she panted, closing her eyes.

“You must be way more sensitive than other humans,” Savaron said, condensing herself a bit to ease the sloshing. “Your saliva tasted sweeter than Cassidy’s, that’s for sure,” she mused, resuming a soft bubbling inside Mila.

“We can talk more in the guest room,” Mila said, looking over to the stairs. “If I can make it that far…”

“Do you want some help? I can come back out and—”

“No!” Mila said, lurching upright. “N-no,” she said again, softer this time. “One full day, remember?” she panted, gingerly taking her first step towards the stairs. Savaron said nothing, doing her best to keep the jiggling and sloshing to a minimum while Mila ascended. “I can do this,” Mila said, moreso to herself than to Savaron. “This is easy.”

Mila arrived at the top of the flight of stairs, still panting. Looking down at her achievement, she caught glimpse of her jacket resting on the bar. Placing a hand on her belly, she decided that it could stay there for a while. At least until she got her footing figured out again. The walk to the guest bedroom was far less eventful – she’d even managed to take full, normal steps again! Maybe she was getting the hang of this after all?

“Okay,” she said, closing the door to the bedroom. She carefully walked over to the bed and sat down. “Wow,” she said, delicately rubbing her stomach. “Is this what Cassidy felt like last night?”

“I doubt it,” Savaron said, allowing herself to liquify again. “If she did, she was hiding it well. Did you know that when a human blushes, you can see it on the inside of their stomach?”

“What?” Mila said, looking down. She frantically searched her gut for any signs of blushing, feeling her cheeks redden at the thought.

“I said inside their stomach, silly,” Savaron said. Mila could feel the slime’s core jitter for a few seconds after she said that.

“What was that?” she asked, still looking at her stomach.

“That was me,” Savaron said, core jittering a bit.

“Are you… laughing?” Mila asked, brow furrowing.


“I guess I never really thought about what a slime laughing would feel like… why can’t I hear it though?”

“Because I’m not vocalizing it,” Savaron said, sloshing around a bit. Mila moaned, biting her lip again until the slime settled down. “Do you want me to?”

“N-no,” Mila said, kicking her shoes off. “It feels nice like that,” she said, working herself out of her pants.

“What’s the plan now?” Savaron asked, bubbling away happiliy.

“I think I’m going to take a shower,” Mila said, pulling her shirt off. “Maybe that’ll help take care of these urges.”

“It’s gonna get even warmer in here?” Savaron asked, core starting to throb again.


from The Webs We Weave

Risha's Forest

Risha looked at the cocooned, squirming mass writhing around in her den. A sow, swollen and fat, stolen from a nearby farm. The confused, muffled squealing was beginning to grate on her sensitive ears, almost as much as the empty pit in her stomach. Placing her hands on her forehead, the drider silently began berating herself and her prior life choices.

She had paid close attention to all the elders in her home clutter – eagerly lapping up any wayward gossamer they chose to divulge. Her hunting grounds were far from any other drider, nary a hint of competition. Her silk was strong and enticing, woven into webs the elders would’ve been proud of!

So why was she here, sitting in her den, seriously considering consuming a fat, simple sow?

Her stomach growled in response.

This meal would bring her only disgrace. There was no challenge in stealing from farmers. No fulfillment in getting enough nutrients to survive one more miserable day. No threat of outgrowing her body from such miserably tiny meals. This was a hatchling’s meal at best.

She needed sustenance – a meal that would endure and enhance her body, maybe even sharpen her mind.

Groaning at her pride getting in the way of survival one more time, she silently walked over to the cocoon. Picking it up, she gently tore the silk off of the sow’s head, allowing it to see and squeal until its air was stale.

“Don’t worry,” Risha said, turning the pig so that she could speak to it face to face. “You’re not my meal tonight,” she said, setting the cocoon back down. Her soft voice seemed to calm the beast, at least enough to stop its incessant squealing. Gingerly, she sliced the silk open along the pigs back, letting it squirm and scramble to its hooves.

Sighing, Risha picked the discarded cocoon up off the floor and began twirling it into a fine rope. She needed a meal. Why hadn’t she just taken one of the farmhands instead? She had seen it done many times by her elders, yet she couldn’t seem to bring herself to catch her own. Once the cocoon had been thoroughly braided into a rope, she placed one end in her mouth and began swallowing.

As the long strands made their way into her throat and down to her belly, she found herself playing with the end of the rope. Twirling it around her fingers, tugging on it against the pull of her throat. Inch by inch it slipped back into her body, until eventually she was left licking her fingers. The silk would not quiet her belly for long – she needed to find a proper meal. Climbing up along the walls of her den, she paused to look down at the pig one more time. It couldn’t get out even if it wanted to.

“Don’t worry little one – I’ll return with food enough for us both,” she said, turning to leave her burrow.

Silently, Risha climbed out from her burrow tree’s roots, making her way up to the canopy. The forest she had nested in had a thick canopy; one that she had decorated thoroughly with her webbing. No intricate designs, mind you – and only her burrow tree – but it was a start. Making her way to the top, she gazed out across her domain.

She was far from prying eyes – perhaps too far, in retrospect. The humans had yet to make it this deep into the forest, and there hadn’t been any signs of that changing in the near future. No traders, no envoys from foreign kingdoms, not even so much as a thief.

Perhaps that would be her plan? Humans were just curious enough to not learn from their kin’s mistakes… or flat out ignore any warnings that might be there. Perhaps she could catch a human and leave just enough evidence that they had wandered into the forest? If she was lucky, they might even send full search parties!

Her stomach growled again, reminding her just what was on the line. Might as well go all in, right?

Forest Outskirts

Risha sat in the tree, quietly observing the nearby human settlement. The settlement was so quiet, she could distinctly hear an owl swooping down to catch a rodent, somewhere towards the center of the village. Soon she would become a threat to the humans, just as the owl was a threat to the rodents.

Silently, she descended from her tree, tepidly finding her footing on the soft forest floor. Her abdomen moved eerily across the grass, her torso maintaining a constant height as she moved.

Sound. A moan of wood against metal, somewhere close.

Risha skittered up the nearest tree she could find, taking care to disturb as few of the branches as she could. Once in place, she listened intently for more.

There, again – the click of metal against metal. After focusing as much as she could on the sound, she decided it must be somewhere on the other side of one of these wooden ‘huts,’ as the elders called them. Squinting her eyes, she focused intently on where the sound should be coming from.

She needed a better view. There were footsteps, practically crunching the soft grass as the lumbering human attempted to conceal its sounds. Slowly, she descended from her perch, remaining as low to the ground as she could manage. A few strides later, and she had found the source of the sounds.

A human male. Pale in the moonlight, he seemed… more rigid than she had expected. This one was about the height of the humans she had seen before, but nowhere near as soft. The elders had described humans as soft and malleable, yet this specimen seemed to contradict that. His brown hair was barely long enough to rustle in the air as he moved, creeping along the edge of the domicile he had exited.

As he moved further away from her perch, she began to move in concert, maintaining a healthy distance. Eventually, he had stopped at another hut, peering into a window. Risha’s heart stopped beating when he looked around, only daring to breathe through her abdominal lungs until his gaze moved on. She had not been spotted – it would seem that her eyesight was better than his, at least.

He raised his fist, knocking against the glass three times. Two knocks came back, followed by a third, delayed knock. Did humans not speak? She focused more intently on her hearing, narrowing down on the sounds of the human. Why was he at another human's hut, while all the other humans appeared to be sleeping?

A slip of wood against wood, and a new figure had appeared. A human female. She was noticeably shorter than the male, but her black hair was far longer – almost down to her waist. Perhaps hair was some kind of mating display? She was embracing the male, the two running their hands along each other’s bodies.

While they were engrossed with each other, Risha took a moment to consider what they were wearing. The male was wearing a brown, somewhat ragged chest piece and gray leg covers. The female had more intricate clothing – a blue, rugged chest piece over top a fine silken shirt. Her leg covers were a light blue and much tighter than the male’s, defining her muscles clearly.

“Cal,” she whispered, breaking their embrace. “You know my father will be livid if he catches us out this late.”

“Then we’d better get a move on,” Cal said, his voice just as hushed as hers. Risha watched as Cal led the female towards her position. As quietly as she could, Risha slowly backed further into the forest as they approached. Once she was no longer in direct line of sight to the humans, she ascended into a nearby tree, finding her place in the canopy once more.

Risha paced the couple from the trees deep into the forest. Eventually the two stopped wandering, settling down in what could generously be described as a clearing in the woods. Risha forced herself to ignore her own growling belly – she wanted to learn more about these humans. What were they doing out here?

Cal embraced the female again, this time causing them to topple over onto the forest floor. They began disrobing, squirming and giggling to each other as they rolled around in the grass. Risha studied silently as Cal inserted his ovipositor into the female’s cloaca. With how he was gripping and mashing the female’s breasts, it was a wonder she wasn’t drawing blood with her bites.

“Shelby!” Cal moaned, seizing up on top of the female. This was the time to strike – she could bite both in their vulnerable state. Perhaps their mating would enhance their flavor? With the noise of a gentle breeze, the drider descended from her perch, approaching the couple. “Shelby,” Cal moaned again, leaning down to kiss his mate.

“Oh Cal,” she said, caressing his cheek. “What have we done?” she whispered, wrapping her legs around his.

“Exactly what we both wanted,” he said, gently brushing her hair.

“But what about my father? We won’t be able to explain this away,” she said.

“We’ll deal with him together, like we always do,” he said, smiling. “Let’s just enjoy the moment for a while.”

“Such a romantic,” Shelby teased, closing her eyes as he kissed her neck. “We need to head back before all the moons rise.” Cal didn’t say anything. “Cal?” she said, turning to look at her lover. “Cal, what’s wrong?” she asked, feeling his heartbeat slow against her.

“Did he lay his eggs?” Risha asked, looking down over his still frame to Shelby. Instead of simply answering her question though, the human began screaming. Never in her life had Risha heard such shrill noise come from such a small thing! Covering her ears, she quickly leaned down and bit into Shelby’s shoulder. The venom spread rapidly with her excited heart’s help.

She began cocooning her catch, pulling Cal off of Shelby with ease. Laying him down next to her, she could now clearly examine her specimens. As she wrapped Cal’s legs, she paused to examine his ovipositor. The lubricant was a pearly white, smelling strongly of pheromones. Picking up his limp body, she wiped up some of the lubricant to taste it. Salty, she thought. It would make for a fine seasoning, she thought, swallowing her sample.

Still, the ovipositor was far smaller than she imagined it would be. Perhaps it stretched some absurd amount? Examining his egg sac, she found two eggs still lodged inside. Her investigation was halted as her silk made its way up over his crotch. She would explore their strange anatomy back at her burrow. After Cal was thoroughly wrapped up and secured in her silk, Risha turned her attention to Shelby.

This time, she would investigate her cloaca before fully cocooning her. Carefully, she picked up her delicate legs, spreading them apart. Where was her armored covering? Did she simply walk around like this, ready to accept an egg at any time? No wonder there were so many humans… Sliding her index finger in caused Shelby’s muscles to twitch – an impressive feat given how much venom it had taken to quiet her! Pulling her finger out, she licked it clean, contemplating the mixture of pheromones and flavors. Nodding approvingly, she closed Shelby’s legs and began cocooning her.

“Don’t worry,” she cooed, silk weaving rapidly up and around Shelby’s hips. “I’ll make sure your eggs are returned to your hut,” she said, smiling. She slowed her cocooning when the silk made its way to Shelby’s breasts. Gingerly, she made sure the abused flesh was tucked neatly and comfortably in the cocoon before continuing. “Such a violent mating ritual,” she remarked, sealing Shelby’s cocoon.

Now she had to get them back to her burrow.

On an empty stomach.

After just extruding a tremendous amount of silk.

Sighing, she picked up Shelby first, placing her on her abdomen, wrapping her left arm around her torso. Similarly, she placed Cal on her abdomen, using her right arm to secure him to her side. Looking up at the night sky, she found two of the moons had already risen. She needed to get back to her burrow before the third moon rose. Before heading on her way though, she decided to collect her prey’s clothing as well. Perhaps she could adapt it in such a way as to invoke confusion rather than screeching fear for her next meals…

Risha's Burrow

Risha placed the cocoons side by side, leaning them up against the webbed wall of her burrow. Unburdened by the weight of her two meals, she stood to her full height, completely stretching out her legs. Silently mouthing protests, she eventually returned to her normal height, legs properly folded. The sow she had captured earlier was wandering around, much calmer than before. Given the tattered lower layer of silk, it must have taken to nibbling on some of her insulation for food.

“You need to go back home before you eat me out of my burrow,” she said, folding her arms across her chest. Her stomach growled intensely, bringing with it a sting of pain to accent its point. “Right. Food first,” she said, looking over to her fresh cocoons. She walked over, running her hand down the side of Shelby’s cocoon first. “You’ve been through a lot today,” she said, caressing her cheek through the silken tomb. “Perhaps later.”

“You though,” she said, turning to Cal’s cocoon. Slowly, she pulled the silk off of his face, revealing his silent, terrified expression. Pulling the silk away, she let his body collapse to the floor. She rolled him over, pulling away any lingering silk. As she further examined her meal, she began idly taking bites of the cocoon he had been in. While snacking on the silk, she noticed that his opivositor was becoming rigid.

“Didn’t you just mate?” she asked, tearing off another helping of silk. She watched, curious as it apparently reached its final stiffness. “How do you even get eggs out of that thing?” she asked, bending down to examine him. She toyed with the strange organ, poking and prodding at the egg sac. “This thing doesn’t feel stretchy,” she said, prodding the opening at the tip. Cal winced, convulsing slightly at the touch.

“Well, no matter. I would simply swallow any eggs that came out. Maybe feed one of them to your mate,” she said, gesturing to the other cocoon. Cal shuffled on the ground a bit, eventually managing to get some manner of view on Shelby’s cocoon. “That’s enough of that now. You’re not as dim-witted as the elders would have us believe. More than enough of a hunt to satisfy honor.” She picked Cal up by his wrists, hoisting him up to her level.

“Hmmm,” she said, licking his cheek. “I’m too hungry to work out which way of swallowing you would be easiest,” she said, opening her mouth. Placing both of his hands on her tongue, she began the laborious process of swallowing her meal whole. Her throat accepted his arms easily, her mouth engulfing his matted head with nary a worry. One powerful gulp later, and her throat had firmly taken hold of his elbows.

Another gulp, and her lips were sliding around his shoulders nicely. Reaching out with her forward legs, she balanced herself against the walls of her burrow – it was her first properly sized meal, after all! Properly braced, she hoisted Cal’s body up further, tilting her head back. The sudden lurch into her throat caught her off guard, her meal’s descent only stopped by his hips. His ovipositor was somehow still stiff, bouncing against her chin now.

Grumbling around her meal, she pulled him back out slightly, tucked his ovipositor into her mouth, and resumed swallowing. Her abdominal lung inhaled harshly, the webbing beneath her jittering slightly as she swallowed. Another gulp, and his waist was now firmly in her throat’s grasp. She was about to gulp again, but paused when she felt something pulsing in her throat.

Placing her hand against her throat, she traced the outline of her meal, finding the bit that was pulsing. His ovipositor? Was he really trying to lay eggs in her throat right now? She scoffed at the idea around him, reaching back up to grab his legs. Pulling on his legs in time with her swallow, she accelerated his journey into her swelling belly. Once only his feet remained, her abdominal lung sighed with relief. Gulping a few more times, she sent the entirety of Cal down her throat.

Licking her lips, she sighed contently as he slowly but surely slid down her throat. Placing both hands on her stomach, she felt it swell as it accepted him. Gently rubbing her bloated belly, she sat down fully on the floor, legs splayed carelessly.

The elder’s didn’t tell anyone just how good it felt being full.

It was always to be cautious, to not overeat or play with your food too long.

Never about the pleasure of being so wholly and purposely full.

Her first stomach got right to work, massaging and growling around its meal. It would take some time to fully process everything she had swallowed, but she had done it. Her first real hunt – not just successful, but doubly so! Groggily, she looked to the remaining cocoon. She wanted to gobble her up too – but she knew better. She wasn’t about to let her hunger rule over her – not yet.

Shuddering as her body continued to work on its meal, she decided to distract herself with something else. The clothing her meals had been wearing would do nicely.

She started with Cal’s clothing – a tattered, brown chest piece with gray leg covers. Holding it up to her own chest, it barely draped over her breasts. It was slick with some kind of oil, the hide of some animal no doubt. Tossing it to the side, she picked up the leg covers. Raising one of her front legs out for comparison, she snickered at the idea of leg covers for a drider. Still, they felt warm and durable on the inside… perhaps she could use them in some other way later?

She dropped the leg covers as her belly began to kick and squirm. Her venom was wearing off now. It had taken far less time to wear off against Cal than it had her sow, but it had worn off. He wasn’t quite speaking that she could tell, but he was definitely becoming more lively. She shivered, pleasure dancing up her spine and down her abdomen – each movement electrifying her with new sensations.

Steadying herself, she briefly placed her hand over her abdominal join. Her fingers danced against the armored flesh, almost daring her fingers to slip in. Still, she held fast, though her legs did begin to quiver a bit. She needed to focus on something else – if she started masturbating, there’s no way Shelby would last the hour. She needed to save her food for later and think with a clear mind!

Breathing heavily through her nose, she picked up Shelby’s clothing to focus on it. The blue chest piece was similar to Cal’s, but the interior was padded with something a bit softer. Holding it up to her chest, Risha grumbled as the dainty thing barely covered one breast. Still, material and design for later. She merely glanced at the light blue leg coverings before tossing them into the pile. Gingerly, she picked up the silken shirt, its texture more akin to a flowing water than a fabric.

Playing with the article some more… no. There was no way a human had gotten their hands on drider silk – let alone mating silk! Clutching the shirt close to her chest, she shakily made her way over to Shelby’s cocoon. Breathing heavily, she let her belly rest against the cocoon whilst unraveling the top. Shelby was fully awake, if her gaze was to be trusted.

“W-where did you get this-s?” Risha said, fighting the urge to pleasure herself as her meal’s squirming became more intense. “Hu-humans don’t make silk,” she snapped, holding the garment close to her chest. “Y-you’ve got some explaining t-to do,” she said, stumbling backwards a bit. She landed roughly on her abdomen, meal shifting heavily in her stomach with the lurch.

An unexpected belch wormed its way out of Risha’s mouth, startling her. She laughed slightly, still holding the silken shirt. Looking back up, she saw the glisten of tears dribbling down Shelby’s cheeks. Rolling her eyes, Risha pointed to the shirt for emphasis this time.

Right before she was about to enunciate her point, a new wave of pleasure washed over her. Her vaginal lips quivered, orgasm rippling against her own protective chitin. Her cum began leaking out of her armored folds, dribbling onto the floor as she squirmed. She gasped again as another wave of pleasure washed over her, yet another orgasm causing her to lose her composure completely. Cum gushed onto the floor now in powerful spurts, soaking into the thick layer of silk below.

Risha’s breath shook, both hands hugging her sensitive belly tightly. If she dared move, her next orgasm might not stop. Panting heavily, she looked up to Shelby, licking her lips.

“We’ve got a lot to talk about,” she said, caressing her stomach gingerly.


from Logophilia

Hello and Welcome to the inaugural first post to Logophilia.net!

I spent a lot of time trying to find a platform that focused on writing in a way that I liked. Some of you may recall my previous attempts to find something satisfactory: Ghost, Discourse, PHPBB Forums – and now, this.

WriteFreely is the same platform that write.as uses, but I can host it myself and have complete control over the data involved; and so far, it seems like it just might be what I've been after. (Though I have yet to figure out a nice way to make the global CSS a dark theme)

Why is any of this necessary? Why go through the trouble of hosting a site like this yourself in the first place?

For the simple reason that I don't like the current options, and I have the capability to host my own site, so I might as well.

Surely there's a site out there that will host your work, you just haven't found it yet!

There are a few that would host my work, but none that I like. These are the sites I considered:

1) Eka's Portal 2) Deviant Art 3) Literotica 4) Archive Of Our Own (AO3) 5) Reddit

Let me break that list down and explain why none of those sites are to my liking.

Eka's Portal

  • Hasn't seen any significant update in a long time
  • Focused on visual work rather than written work
  • Chose to change internet providers rather than ban NSFW content that involved underage characters or minors

Deviant Art

  • Again, focused on visual work rather than written work
  • Lately has started to selectively purge NSFW content without warning, resulting in prominent accounts disappearing without a trace


  • Sexualized death, “vore”, or “snuff” fiction. Characters are allowed to kill or die in stories, but the death should not be intended as sexually titillating.
  • My work directly violates Literotica's Content Guidelines because it largely revolves around vore, and the sexual aspects of it

Archive of Our Own (AO3)

  • Focused exclusively on fanfiction, and my work is original work


  • With Reddit angling for an IPO, I have the sneaking suspicion that NSFW content will start to be suppressed and/or removed
  • At best, a sub par and laggy reading experience
  • Focused on making money and harvesting data

So there you have it. The major sites I considered, and why I ultimately decided to host my own instead.

It's not enough to simply host the written word though – if I wanted to do that, I could've used a service like pastebin and shared links to my work elsewhere. I like how writefreely feels, and I like the idea that this site might even host other people's written work someday. To that end, I set this instance up as a multi-user instance with open registration closed.

If you are interested in publishing your content here, contact me. For the foreseeable future, this site will be invite only – it helps cut down on spam, and helps to ensure actual interested writers are hosted.