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Welcome to!
Big Grin 
Hello and welcome to!

This site was conceived to share, discuss and promote written text of a generally not safe for work/erotic nature for writers/authors and readers alike.

With reddit being so openly hostile towards its user base and other sites being less than lax with their own moderation setup, I'm hoping this forum will be different.  Previously, a Lemmy instance was set up in place, but there were a few difficulties in maintaining that setup that caused me to switch to a traditional forum:
  • Technical problems on Lemmy's backend required a knowledge of the rust programming language in order to properly debug
  • Other members of the "fediverse" were simply blacklisting NSFW instances of lemmy, essentially splitting the federation userbase into SFW and NSFW with little to no overlap for users.
  • The largest NSFW instance of Lemmy is/was having administrative trouble, and seems to be somewhat unstable for the foreseeable future

Those are the biggest reasons that caused me to switch from a federated Lemmy instance to a traditional forum instance.

Global site rules can be found here.  Forums with additional rules will have their rule threads pinned - be sure to check those before posting!

I'm still getting things set up and squared away, so if you run into something that doesn't seem to be working quite right, send me a PM and let me know.

If you're new, consider dropping a reply below and saying hi; and thanks for reading!

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