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[META] The Burrow and Other News
If you're here, you more than likely found me on another site that linked back to my old blog style site:

So, unless this is your first time seeing that site, you might be wondering why it's changed.  The reason is simple: the platform I was using was one called ghost, and it's one that, in the past, I've had quite a bit of unnecessary trouble with on the backend when upgrading between versions.  This time around, it decided not to detect the database for whatever reason, and that was the final nail in the coffin.

I went through a few different blog/CMS style software before finally settling on simply using a managed service, via Obsidian publish.  I've redirected everything properly I think, so the burrow should now be forwarding to that site instead.

Interestingly, around that same time I was dealing with server issues, DeviantArt decided to nuke Karbo's account without warning or recourse.  Yet another wave of prudish, NSFW crackdowns are rolling out it would seem.  With tumblr gone, that leaves both DA and reddit to the slow squeeze of the same venture capitalist prudes that want their sites as bland and milquetoast as possible.  I know people have been moving to Discord, but I don't view that as a replacement for forums or galleries either - not only is it primarily a chat software, but the same prudish VC groups are sinking their claws in deep.  I wouldn't be surprised if Discord goes the way of reddit/DA within a year or two at most.

There aren't that many sites left where groups of people can share and discuss their NSFW works that don't fall in line with what other people think as acceptable.  It's part of why I stood this site up - I wanted a place where written work was the primary focus, and wouldn't get buried amongst the waterfall of visual content.  The other part was disagreements with Eka's administration style, but that's a story for another time.  With all that being said: this site is hosted on a managed service, but completely run and maintained by me - so unless something fundamental changes with the service providers, I don't plan on anything happening to it for a good long while.

While logophilia is primarily focused on written work, so long as the actual art is hosted elsewhere, I see no reason why it couldn't be discussed or links shared here.  If people are interested in doing that, I'll set up a specific forum for visual work to be shared and discussed.

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