01 – Risha

Risha's Forest

Risha looked at the cocooned, squirming mass writhing around in her den. A sow, swollen and fat, stolen from a nearby farm. The confused, muffled squealing was beginning to grate on her sensitive ears, almost as much as the empty pit in her stomach. Placing her hands on her forehead, the drider silently began berating herself and her prior life choices.

She had paid close attention to all the elders in her home clutter – eagerly lapping up any wayward gossamer they chose to divulge. Her hunting grounds were far from any other drider, nary a hint of competition. Her silk was strong and enticing, woven into webs the elders would’ve been proud of!

So why was she here, sitting in her den, seriously considering consuming a fat, simple sow?

Her stomach growled in response.

This meal would bring her only disgrace. There was no challenge in stealing from farmers. No fulfillment in getting enough nutrients to survive one more miserable day. No threat of outgrowing her body from such miserably tiny meals. This was a hatchling’s meal at best.

She needed sustenance – a meal that would endure and enhance her body, maybe even sharpen her mind.

Groaning at her pride getting in the way of survival one more time, she silently walked over to the cocoon. Picking it up, she gently tore the silk off of the sow’s head, allowing it to see and squeal until its air was stale.

“Don’t worry,” Risha said, turning the pig so that she could speak to it face to face. “You’re not my meal tonight,” she said, setting the cocoon back down. Her soft voice seemed to calm the beast, at least enough to stop its incessant squealing. Gingerly, she sliced the silk open along the pigs back, letting it squirm and scramble to its hooves.

Sighing, Risha picked the discarded cocoon up off the floor and began twirling it into a fine rope. She needed a meal. Why hadn’t she just taken one of the farmhands instead? She had seen it done many times by her elders, yet she couldn’t seem to bring herself to catch her own. Once the cocoon had been thoroughly braided into a rope, she placed one end in her mouth and began swallowing.

As the long strands made their way into her throat and down to her belly, she found herself playing with the end of the rope. Twirling it around her fingers, tugging on it against the pull of her throat. Inch by inch it slipped back into her body, until eventually she was left licking her fingers. The silk would not quiet her belly for long – she needed to find a proper meal. Climbing up along the walls of her den, she paused to look down at the pig one more time. It couldn’t get out even if it wanted to.

“Don’t worry little one – I’ll return with food enough for us both,” she said, turning to leave her burrow.

Silently, Risha climbed out from her burrow tree’s roots, making her way up to the canopy. The forest she had nested in had a thick canopy; one that she had decorated thoroughly with her webbing. No intricate designs, mind you – and only her burrow tree – but it was a start. Making her way to the top, she gazed out across her domain.

She was far from prying eyes – perhaps too far, in retrospect. The humans had yet to make it this deep into the forest, and there hadn’t been any signs of that changing in the near future. No traders, no envoys from foreign kingdoms, not even so much as a thief.

Perhaps that would be her plan? Humans were just curious enough to not learn from their kin’s mistakes… or flat out ignore any warnings that might be there. Perhaps she could catch a human and leave just enough evidence that they had wandered into the forest? If she was lucky, they might even send full search parties!

Her stomach growled again, reminding her just what was on the line. Might as well go all in, right?

Forest Outskirts

Risha sat in the tree, quietly observing the nearby human settlement. The settlement was so quiet, she could distinctly hear an owl swooping down to catch a rodent, somewhere towards the center of the village. Soon she would become a threat to the humans, just as the owl was a threat to the rodents.

Silently, she descended from her tree, tepidly finding her footing on the soft forest floor. Her abdomen moved eerily across the grass, her torso maintaining a constant height as she moved.

Sound. A moan of wood against metal, somewhere close.

Risha skittered up the nearest tree she could find, taking care to disturb as few of the branches as she could. Once in place, she listened intently for more.

There, again – the click of metal against metal. After focusing as much as she could on the sound, she decided it must be somewhere on the other side of one of these wooden ‘huts,’ as the elders called them. Squinting her eyes, she focused intently on where the sound should be coming from.

She needed a better view. There were footsteps, practically crunching the soft grass as the lumbering human attempted to conceal its sounds. Slowly, she descended from her perch, remaining as low to the ground as she could manage. A few strides later, and she had found the source of the sounds.

A human male. Pale in the moonlight, he seemed… more rigid than she had expected. This one was about the height of the humans she had seen before, but nowhere near as soft. The elders had described humans as soft and malleable, yet this specimen seemed to contradict that. His brown hair was barely long enough to rustle in the air as he moved, creeping along the edge of the domicile he had exited.

As he moved further away from her perch, she began to move in concert, maintaining a healthy distance. Eventually, he had stopped at another hut, peering into a window. Risha’s heart stopped beating when he looked around, only daring to breathe through her abdominal lungs until his gaze moved on. She had not been spotted – it would seem that her eyesight was better than his, at least.

He raised his fist, knocking against the glass three times. Two knocks came back, followed by a third, delayed knock. Did humans not speak? She focused more intently on her hearing, narrowing down on the sounds of the human. Why was he at another human's hut, while all the other humans appeared to be sleeping?

A slip of wood against wood, and a new figure had appeared. A human female. She was noticeably shorter than the male, but her black hair was far longer – almost down to her waist. Perhaps hair was some kind of mating display? She was embracing the male, the two running their hands along each other’s bodies.

While they were engrossed with each other, Risha took a moment to consider what they were wearing. The male was wearing a brown, somewhat ragged chest piece and gray leg covers. The female had more intricate clothing – a blue, rugged chest piece over top a fine silken shirt. Her leg covers were a light blue and much tighter than the male’s, defining her muscles clearly.

“Cal,” she whispered, breaking their embrace. “You know my father will be livid if he catches us out this late.”

“Then we’d better get a move on,” Cal said, his voice just as hushed as hers. Risha watched as Cal led the female towards her position. As quietly as she could, Risha slowly backed further into the forest as they approached. Once she was no longer in direct line of sight to the humans, she ascended into a nearby tree, finding her place in the canopy once more.

Risha paced the couple from the trees deep into the forest. Eventually the two stopped wandering, settling down in what could generously be described as a clearing in the woods. Risha forced herself to ignore her own growling belly – she wanted to learn more about these humans. What were they doing out here?

Cal embraced the female again, this time causing them to topple over onto the forest floor. They began disrobing, squirming and giggling to each other as they rolled around in the grass. Risha studied silently as Cal inserted his ovipositor into the female’s cloaca. With how he was gripping and mashing the female’s breasts, it was a wonder she wasn’t drawing blood with her bites.

“Shelby!” Cal moaned, seizing up on top of the female. This was the time to strike – she could bite both in their vulnerable state. Perhaps their mating would enhance their flavor? With the noise of a gentle breeze, the drider descended from her perch, approaching the couple. “Shelby,” Cal moaned again, leaning down to kiss his mate.

“Oh Cal,” she said, caressing his cheek. “What have we done?” she whispered, wrapping her legs around his.

“Exactly what we both wanted,” he said, gently brushing her hair.

“But what about my father? We won’t be able to explain this away,” she said.

“We’ll deal with him together, like we always do,” he said, smiling. “Let’s just enjoy the moment for a while.”

“Such a romantic,” Shelby teased, closing her eyes as he kissed her neck. “We need to head back before all the moons rise.” Cal didn’t say anything. “Cal?” she said, turning to look at her lover. “Cal, what’s wrong?” she asked, feeling his heartbeat slow against her.

“Did he lay his eggs?” Risha asked, looking down over his still frame to Shelby. Instead of simply answering her question though, the human began screaming. Never in her life had Risha heard such shrill noise come from such a small thing! Covering her ears, she quickly leaned down and bit into Shelby’s shoulder. The venom spread rapidly with her excited heart’s help.

She began cocooning her catch, pulling Cal off of Shelby with ease. Laying him down next to her, she could now clearly examine her specimens. As she wrapped Cal’s legs, she paused to examine his ovipositor. The lubricant was a pearly white, smelling strongly of pheromones. Picking up his limp body, she wiped up some of the lubricant to taste it. Salty, she thought. It would make for a fine seasoning, she thought, swallowing her sample.

Still, the ovipositor was far smaller than she imagined it would be. Perhaps it stretched some absurd amount? Examining his egg sac, she found two eggs still lodged inside. Her investigation was halted as her silk made its way up over his crotch. She would explore their strange anatomy back at her burrow. After Cal was thoroughly wrapped up and secured in her silk, Risha turned her attention to Shelby.

This time, she would investigate her cloaca before fully cocooning her. Carefully, she picked up her delicate legs, spreading them apart. Where was her armored covering? Did she simply walk around like this, ready to accept an egg at any time? No wonder there were so many humans… Sliding her index finger in caused Shelby’s muscles to twitch – an impressive feat given how much venom it had taken to quiet her! Pulling her finger out, she licked it clean, contemplating the mixture of pheromones and flavors. Nodding approvingly, she closed Shelby’s legs and began cocooning her.

“Don’t worry,” she cooed, silk weaving rapidly up and around Shelby’s hips. “I’ll make sure your eggs are returned to your hut,” she said, smiling. She slowed her cocooning when the silk made its way to Shelby’s breasts. Gingerly, she made sure the abused flesh was tucked neatly and comfortably in the cocoon before continuing. “Such a violent mating ritual,” she remarked, sealing Shelby’s cocoon.

Now she had to get them back to her burrow.

On an empty stomach.

After just extruding a tremendous amount of silk.

Sighing, she picked up Shelby first, placing her on her abdomen, wrapping her left arm around her torso. Similarly, she placed Cal on her abdomen, using her right arm to secure him to her side. Looking up at the night sky, she found two of the moons had already risen. She needed to get back to her burrow before the third moon rose. Before heading on her way though, she decided to collect her prey’s clothing as well. Perhaps she could adapt it in such a way as to invoke confusion rather than screeching fear for her next meals…

Risha's Burrow

Risha placed the cocoons side by side, leaning them up against the webbed wall of her burrow. Unburdened by the weight of her two meals, she stood to her full height, completely stretching out her legs. Silently mouthing protests, she eventually returned to her normal height, legs properly folded. The sow she had captured earlier was wandering around, much calmer than before. Given the tattered lower layer of silk, it must have taken to nibbling on some of her insulation for food.

“You need to go back home before you eat me out of my burrow,” she said, folding her arms across her chest. Her stomach growled intensely, bringing with it a sting of pain to accent its point. “Right. Food first,” she said, looking over to her fresh cocoons. She walked over, running her hand down the side of Shelby’s cocoon first. “You’ve been through a lot today,” she said, caressing her cheek through the silken tomb. “Perhaps later.”

“You though,” she said, turning to Cal’s cocoon. Slowly, she pulled the silk off of his face, revealing his silent, terrified expression. Pulling the silk away, she let his body collapse to the floor. She rolled him over, pulling away any lingering silk. As she further examined her meal, she began idly taking bites of the cocoon he had been in. While snacking on the silk, she noticed that his opivositor was becoming rigid.

“Didn’t you just mate?” she asked, tearing off another helping of silk. She watched, curious as it apparently reached its final stiffness. “How do you even get eggs out of that thing?” she asked, bending down to examine him. She toyed with the strange organ, poking and prodding at the egg sac. “This thing doesn’t feel stretchy,” she said, prodding the opening at the tip. Cal winced, convulsing slightly at the touch.

“Well, no matter. I would simply swallow any eggs that came out. Maybe feed one of them to your mate,” she said, gesturing to the other cocoon. Cal shuffled on the ground a bit, eventually managing to get some manner of view on Shelby’s cocoon. “That’s enough of that now. You’re not as dim-witted as the elders would have us believe. More than enough of a hunt to satisfy honor.” She picked Cal up by his wrists, hoisting him up to her level.

“Hmmm,” she said, licking his cheek. “I’m too hungry to work out which way of swallowing you would be easiest,” she said, opening her mouth. Placing both of his hands on her tongue, she began the laborious process of swallowing her meal whole. Her throat accepted his arms easily, her mouth engulfing his matted head with nary a worry. One powerful gulp later, and her throat had firmly taken hold of his elbows.

Another gulp, and her lips were sliding around his shoulders nicely. Reaching out with her forward legs, she balanced herself against the walls of her burrow – it was her first properly sized meal, after all! Properly braced, she hoisted Cal’s body up further, tilting her head back. The sudden lurch into her throat caught her off guard, her meal’s descent only stopped by his hips. His ovipositor was somehow still stiff, bouncing against her chin now.

Grumbling around her meal, she pulled him back out slightly, tucked his ovipositor into her mouth, and resumed swallowing. Her abdominal lung inhaled harshly, the webbing beneath her jittering slightly as she swallowed. Another gulp, and his waist was now firmly in her throat’s grasp. She was about to gulp again, but paused when she felt something pulsing in her throat.

Placing her hand against her throat, she traced the outline of her meal, finding the bit that was pulsing. His ovipositor? Was he really trying to lay eggs in her throat right now? She scoffed at the idea around him, reaching back up to grab his legs. Pulling on his legs in time with her swallow, she accelerated his journey into her swelling belly. Once only his feet remained, her abdominal lung sighed with relief. Gulping a few more times, she sent the entirety of Cal down her throat.

Licking her lips, she sighed contently as he slowly but surely slid down her throat. Placing both hands on her stomach, she felt it swell as it accepted him. Gently rubbing her bloated belly, she sat down fully on the floor, legs splayed carelessly.

The elder’s didn’t tell anyone just how good it felt being full.

It was always to be cautious, to not overeat or play with your food too long.

Never about the pleasure of being so wholly and purposely full.

Her first stomach got right to work, massaging and growling around its meal. It would take some time to fully process everything she had swallowed, but she had done it. Her first real hunt – not just successful, but doubly so! Groggily, she looked to the remaining cocoon. She wanted to gobble her up too – but she knew better. She wasn’t about to let her hunger rule over her – not yet.

Shuddering as her body continued to work on its meal, she decided to distract herself with something else. The clothing her meals had been wearing would do nicely.

She started with Cal’s clothing – a tattered, brown chest piece with gray leg covers. Holding it up to her own chest, it barely draped over her breasts. It was slick with some kind of oil, the hide of some animal no doubt. Tossing it to the side, she picked up the leg covers. Raising one of her front legs out for comparison, she snickered at the idea of leg covers for a drider. Still, they felt warm and durable on the inside… perhaps she could use them in some other way later?

She dropped the leg covers as her belly began to kick and squirm. Her venom was wearing off now. It had taken far less time to wear off against Cal than it had her sow, but it had worn off. He wasn’t quite speaking that she could tell, but he was definitely becoming more lively. She shivered, pleasure dancing up her spine and down her abdomen – each movement electrifying her with new sensations.

Steadying herself, she briefly placed her hand over her abdominal join. Her fingers danced against the armored flesh, almost daring her fingers to slip in. Still, she held fast, though her legs did begin to quiver a bit. She needed to focus on something else – if she started masturbating, there’s no way Shelby would last the hour. She needed to save her food for later and think with a clear mind!

Breathing heavily through her nose, she picked up Shelby’s clothing to focus on it. The blue chest piece was similar to Cal’s, but the interior was padded with something a bit softer. Holding it up to her chest, Risha grumbled as the dainty thing barely covered one breast. Still, material and design for later. She merely glanced at the light blue leg coverings before tossing them into the pile. Gingerly, she picked up the silken shirt, its texture more akin to a flowing water than a fabric.

Playing with the article some more… no. There was no way a human had gotten their hands on drider silk – let alone mating silk! Clutching the shirt close to her chest, she shakily made her way over to Shelby’s cocoon. Breathing heavily, she let her belly rest against the cocoon whilst unraveling the top. Shelby was fully awake, if her gaze was to be trusted.

“W-where did you get this-s?” Risha said, fighting the urge to pleasure herself as her meal’s squirming became more intense. “Hu-humans don’t make silk,” she snapped, holding the garment close to her chest. “Y-you’ve got some explaining t-to do,” she said, stumbling backwards a bit. She landed roughly on her abdomen, meal shifting heavily in her stomach with the lurch.

An unexpected belch wormed its way out of Risha’s mouth, startling her. She laughed slightly, still holding the silken shirt. Looking back up, she saw the glisten of tears dribbling down Shelby’s cheeks. Rolling her eyes, Risha pointed to the shirt for emphasis this time.

Right before she was about to enunciate her point, a new wave of pleasure washed over her. Her vaginal lips quivered, orgasm rippling against her own protective chitin. Her cum began leaking out of her armored folds, dribbling onto the floor as she squirmed. She gasped again as another wave of pleasure washed over her, yet another orgasm causing her to lose her composure completely. Cum gushed onto the floor now in powerful spurts, soaking into the thick layer of silk below.

Risha’s breath shook, both hands hugging her sensitive belly tightly. If she dared move, her next orgasm might not stop. Panting heavily, she looked up to Shelby, licking her lips.

“We’ve got a lot to talk about,” she said, caressing her stomach gingerly.