02 – Savaron

“Go home, Cas,” the tavernkeep said, confiscating her glass.

“But I’ve not even ‘ad me fill, Sav!” Cassidy said, words slurring.

“You’re a linguistics major who can’t even get all her letters in order right now, and you’ve got exams tomorrow,” Savaron said, rolling her eyes. “You need rest, not ale.”

“You don’t even have a brain, jelly lady – how’re you upposed to know me drunkerlyness?” “Would you like me to start with the new words you’re creating, or the number of contractions you’re abusing?”

“C’mon Sav, one more drunk! Pleaaaase?”

Savaron rolled Cassidy’s glass around in her hands, strategically absorbing all the traces of alcohol.

“Fine. One more drink,” she said, setting the glass back down in front of her friend. “But I choose what it is.”


“Make sure to drink it all up,” Savaron said, placing one finger over the lip of the cup. Reaching below the counter, she placed her other hand into the keg of water and began pumping the clear liquid up through one arm and down the other. Once the cup was full, Cassidy took to it like gold.

“What’s the big idea?” Cassidy said, her drink dribbling down her shirt now. “This innit ale!” She said, splashing the remaining contents of her drink in Savaron’s face. “That’s right, smarty pants. I’m cutting you off,” she said, absorbing the liquid into a ball in her chest.

Cassidy watched, transfixed on the bubbles inside her bartender’s body as they swirled and merged. Her eyes squinted, trying to focus on all the commotion instead of Sav’s loud words.

“Is that my ale?” She asked, jabbing a finger into Savaron’s abdomen. Savaron quickly closed her jacket, buy it was too late. The damage had been done. “Cas, you don’t want to do this,” she said, standing her ground. “Don’t make me dry you out.”

“I paid for ale, I’m gonna get ale!” She said, grabbing Savaron’s arm. She pulled the gooey appendage into her mouth, slurping it up like a jelly shot. “Mmmm,” she said, voice causing Savaron’s blue body to vibrate.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Cassidy,” Savaron said, biting her lip as her friend’s saliva seeped into her body. Cassidy said nothing, choosing to slurp up more of her friend. While she slurped, Savaron made sure to move the ball of ale she’d collected earlier farther and farther away.

“You remember how this ended last time, don’t you?” Savaron groaned. With no coherent response coming from her friend, Savaron called out to her coworker. “Phil, I’ve got to walk Cas home,” she said, biting her lip. “I might be a while.”

“You got it, Sav,” Phil called back, still clamoring about in the kitchen. Thank Gias it was a slow night.

“Alright linguists major, let’s see how well your tongue works.” Savaron rushed her body forward, into Cassidy’s mouth. The sudden change in momentum caught her off guard, but Savaron knew what she was doing. As her friend gulped and her belly bloated, the blue slime let her attire drop to the floor and enjoyed the ride.

Her core slipped into Cassidy’s throat, bulging it slightly as she swallowed. With Savaron’s help, of course. Eventually, the whole ordeal was over, and Cassidy was sitting on the floor of the empty tavern, caressing her bloated stomach.

“Mmm, tasty ale,” she giggled, burping as her stomach settled. “I told you I’d get my ale!” She said triumphantly, laying back on the floor.

Savaron paid her no mind. This wasn’t her first trip into a stomach, nor would it be her last. She quickly got to work absorbing all the she could within Cassidy, making sure no more would seep into her friend’s body. Collecting herself, she began excreting the water from earlier, giving her friend’s belly something to work on other than herself.

Now came the complicated part. Normally she wouldn’t care how a drunken patron felt after having swallowed her, but she wanted to be gentle with Cassidy. Slowly but surely, she oozed throughout her friend’s digestive tract and throat, spreading back to the outside air through each hole.

After a few careful minutes, Cassidy was fully enveloped in a translucent, blue, second skin. Fitting herself tightly, Savaron reconstructed her face over Cassidy’s, and stood up. “We’re going to have a long talk after your exams tomorrow,” she said, picking up her previously discarded garments.

“You got everything?” Phil asked, walking into the bar from the kitchen. “I think so,” Savaron said, testing out all of her mumbling passenger’s limbs. “Try not to burn the place down while I’m gone.”

“One birthday party!” Phil joked. “Do you need me to come pick you up in a bit? I can bring your favorite bottle.”

“If I’m not back in two hours, maybe.”

Phil nodded, watching Savaron walk Cassidy out.

“Will you stop drooling?” Savaron moaned, vibrating in Cassidy’s throat. “It’s distracting enough trying to wrangle your tits,” she said, more to herself than to her passenger. Thankfully, most other students had already turned in hours ago. Given how thinly she was spread, Savaron wasn’t fully sure she could turn down a fresh protein offering…

“Where ‘m I?” Cassidy said, her muscles twitching in Savaron’s embrace.

“We are on the way to your place, because someone can’t control their liquor.”

“I’m do it myself!” Cassidy said, jerking her limbs around.

“You’re too drunk to stand up on your own right now,” Savaron said, clenching down on Cassidy hard – inside and out.

“Ow!” Cassidy yelled into the back of Savaron’s face. “You’re… mean jelly.”

“Mhmm,” Savaron said, resuming their walk. Cassidy’s stomach growled around her, causing her to bite her lip. “We need to hurry up and get me out of your body.”

“I can count my lickers!”

“I’m inside your stomach right now, and no, you can’t.”

“Not my fault you’s tasty.”

“Oh, victim blaming now, are we? I’ll remember that next time you’re gobbled up by some drunkard at my bar,” Savaron said, ruffling up Cassidy’s hair. “I feel like it is your fault that you chose the top floor dorm though,” she said, sighing. Focusing all of her attention on not tripping over both their feet, Savaron began the arduous task of navigating three flights of stairs.

“I can help,” Cassidy mumbled, tensing her legs within Savaron.

“Woah there tiger, I’m not done absorbing all that alcohol you drank. Better let me drive,” Savaron said, grabbing the nearest handrail.

“N-no, I got this,” Cassidy insisted, moving her legs with more force now. Savaron could feel the ball of ale she’d collected in Cassidy’s stomach slosh around.

“Cassidy!” Savaron hissed, gripping the handrail tightly. “Please don’t make me walk you up two and a half flights of stairs again!”

The hallway ahead flooded with the warm, yellow light of a dorm. As Cassidy and Saravon struggled to climb the last few stairs, another student approached.

“Cas? Is that you?”

“Mi-mi!” Cassidy said, lunging both herself and Saravon forward. Saravon couldn’t stop the momentum this time, and instead focused on holding all the liquor in place.

“Cas!” the other student yelled. With lightning reflexes, Saravon counted her blessings as the other student caught the two of them. “Cas, you’re drunk, aren’t you?”

“Tell me about it,” Savaron said, still fighting Cassidy’s drunken movements.

“Savri?! Is that you?”

“How do ya think she made it this far up the stairs?” Savaron asked, pulling herself and Cassidy up with the student’s help. “Thanks Mila. Help me get her in?”

“For sure,” Mila said, quickly moving to support some of Cassidy’s weight. The three eventually made it into Cassidy and Mila’s dorm. Once inside, Savaron steered Cassidy to the couch and collapsed, while Mila closed the door and started preparing some water.

“So, what happened to drag you into this, Savri?” Mila asked, holding the cup of water. “Our little lit major decided I would be a good substitute for ale when I cut her off,” she said, letting her feet deform into a puddle around Cassidy’s. “She’s been digesting me the whole way here – can you help me out?”

“Oh, right! What do you need me to do?”

“I’m stretched pretty thin right now – too much longer and all the alcohol I absorbed from her will be right back in her belly. I either need some protein to start building myself back up, or somewhere to put all this ale.”

“How much ale?”

“Well,” Savaron said, looking down to Cassidy’s belly. She sloshed the contents around a bit, weighing out an estimate. “Feels like about three pints in here.”

“Three pints?! Cas!” Mila said, looking through the slime to her roommate’s belly.

“Let’s focus on retribution later, eh?” Savaron said.

“Right, sorry. I don’t think we have anything that will hold it all. Can't you just pour it down the sink?” She suggested.

“I don’t know that I can get her standing again, but it’s worth a shot,” Savaron said, polling what was left of her strength. With Mila’s help, the three of them eventually made it to the sink. Savaron breathed a sigh of relief, resting Cassidy’s arms on the counter. Mila watched, transfixed, as visible distention’s inside Cassidy’s stomach disappeared up into her chest, only to reappear in her throat, one after the other.

Cassidy smiled sheepishly, playing as though she was blowing bubbles each time a glob of ale was carried from her mouth. Savaron expertly pumped the volumes of ale into thin vein-like structures down her arms, each slime coated finger pouring the liquid into the sink.

“Is that all of it?” Mila asked, a barely perceptible dip in her voice as Savaron stopped pumping ale.

“No, but I can deal with the rest. Now we just need to get my core out of her stomach,” she said, moving the contents of Cassidy’s stomach around.

“What do you need me to do?”

“I’m going to push it up her throat, but I’m going to need you to push it up with me. Don’t let her swallow it back down – I’m stretched so thin right now, I might liquify on the spot if she decides to nibble,” Savaron said.

Mila nodded, placing her hands gently on Cassidy’s throat through Savaron. Some gurgling noises came from her mouth as Savaron worked, but the human didn’t seem all too bothered by the situation. Mila jumped when Cassidy’s throat bulged against her fingers, brushing the core roughly.

“M-Mila!” Savaron said, her legs threatening to dissolve on their own.

“Sorry!” She said, firmly holding just below the bulge. She pushed up with Savaron, until the resistant collection of goo had made it into Cassidy’s mouth. With one final push, the dark blue orb landed with a heavy splat in Cassidy’s hands.

Savaron groaned with relief, now finally able to focus on pulling herself and the ale out of Cassidy. As her blue slime began to ebb and flow down Cassidy’s chest, a fair amount of amber ale came with it – all still suspended and given shape by Savaron. While she pulled herself out, Mila took to supporting Cassidy and pressing on her stomach.

A few minutes later, and Savaron was fully, finally free from the human’s insides. She took her normal, curvaceous humanoid shape, though her legs and feet were less defined than normal.

“There,” she said, standing upright. She held the ale in her chest, visible slightly through her body as she pulled her clothing back on.

“I’m hungry,” Cassidy mumbled, her belly growling.

“You’re one to talk,” Savaron grumbled. “I feel about a gallon short, even with the ale,” she said, flattening out her top. “Though I could go for some protein, too. Do you have any snacks you could spare, Mila?” she asked, ale beginning to fizzle throughout her body.

“Only if you like vegetarian snacks,” she said, helping Cassidy to the couch.

“I don’t care what it is, so long as it’s got protein,” Savaron said, stretching. “Thanks for helping me out there. I might’ve had to spend the night in her belly if you hadn’t been home.”

“No problem,” she said, rummaging through her pantry. “Peanut butter?” She asked, holding up a small jar.

“Dibs!” Savaron said, opening the jar. Wiggling her fingers, she prepared to scoop out a heaping helping of the stuff.

“Wait!” Mila said, rummaging through one of the kitchen cabinets. “Here,” she said, handing the slime a spoon.

“Really?” Savaron groaned, taking the utensil. She rolled her eyes, plunging the spoon into the jar to get a heaping helping of peanut butter. She unceremoniously heaved the mountain of peanut butter into her mouth, quickly digesting the paste then and there while handing the jar back to Mila. “Thanks,” she said, chunks of the paste still fizzling out, joining the cacophony of dissolving ale.

“I know, I know,” Mila said, putting the jar away. “Call it paranoia.”

“What are you gonna get from me that you’re so afraid of? Savaron’s special ale?” she teased, pushing her fizzling breasts together. “A taste for jelly?” She suggested, batting her eyes and grinning.

“You know, that’s a good point, actually. I’m not sure what eating you would do to me,” Mila said, crossing her arms.

“Well if you ever get the inkling to find out, you know where to find me,” Savaron said, solidifying her legs a bit. “Just make sure you have some protein in that belly of yours for me to snack on – not like party animal over there, drinking on an empty stomach.”

“I did eat a pretty big dinner,” Mila said, idly rubbing her belly.

“How do you survive with an appetite like that?” Savaron asked, poking at her flat stomach. “I’d swear you don’t actually eat anything, if I hadn’t seen it myself.”

“How long could you have lasted in Cassidy’s belly?”

“Being the only thing in there and trying to prevent her from absorbing any more ale… maybe another hour at best,” the slime said. “Why?”

“Do you think you could,” Mila paused, cheeks reddening furiously. “Do you think you could spend a day moving around in my belly like that?”

Savaron’s core throbbed.

“You want to eat me?” Savaron asked, cheeks beginning to bubble. Mila nodded, looking down at the floor now. “What brought this on?”

“I’m sorry, it was a stupid question!” Mila said, cursing herself.

“Hey,” Savaron said, gently grabbing the human’s chin. “I didn’t say no.” Looking into Mila’s eyes, the gentle fizzing of Savaron’s cheeks began to stop.

“I-I don’t know,” Mila said, looking away from the slime. “I couldn’t stop thinking about when you were moving around inside Cassidy, I guess.”

“You do know that there was just as much of me inside her belly as there was outside her belly, right? Not for nothing, but you’re a bit on the smaller size for humans.”

“I want to try,” Mila said, turning her gaze back to Savaron. “I need to try.”

“Well, I suppose I’m not exactly meat,” Savaron said, grinning. “When do you want to do this, then?”

“N-now?” Mila suggested. Savaron could’ve sworn there was a bit of drool leaking from the girl’s mouth.

“I don’t think right now is a good idea,” Savaron said, stretching. “I just got out of Cassidy’s stomach, and I need to get back to the tavern before Phil comes looking for me.”

“O-oh… okay.”

“You’re really ready to just dive into this, aren’t you?”

“It’s… all I can think about.”

“Tell you what,” Savaron said, slinging her arm across Mila’s shoulders. “Get some sleep and think on it, okay? If you’re still feeling like I’m the one to sate your appetite, come to the tavern in the morning.”


“Really,” the slime said, kissing her on the cheek. “Besides, I need to regain some of my volume before I take a dip into someone else’s belly.”

“Oh thank you Savri, thank you so much!” Mila said, squeezing into the slime’s body. Savaron returned the gesture as best she could, gently hugging Mila back.

“You can thank me by getting some sleep and eating a hearty breakfast tomorrow. No empty stomach business, remember?” she said, standing back up from the hug.

“Yes ma’am!” Mila said, almost shaking with excitement. Savaron winked at the human before leaving, shaking off her own excitement outside of the dorm room.

What’s gotten into her? She wondered, walking back down the steps. She’s never had any interest in eating me before… I wonder what’s changed? Her mind went blank for a bit as she walked, noisy thoughts bubbling up and dissolving just as the last of the ale was.

Without having to walk for two, the slime drank in the scenery of her midnight stroll back to the tavern. The moon occasionally peeked out from behind silvery clouds, the streets devoid of anyone else wandering around. As pretty as it was, she could feel her outermost layer beginning to crystalize from the cold. Rubbing her arms, she picked up the pace.

After a while walking in solitude, Savaron’s core was starting to shiver. Freezing crystals had crept up her forearm from her wrists, encroaching on her shoulders. She was shaking her head on occasion, making sure to break up any crystals that were trying to form in her hair. Thankfully though, she had arrived at her tavern only slightly crystalized. Breaking the icy crust on her hands, she pulled the door open and let herself in.

“Savaraon? That you?”

Thank Gias Phil was still there.

“Phil?” she called out, voice raspy from the cold. “Tell me you’ve got a fire going back there,” she said, rubbing her arms.

“Yeah,” Phil said, poking his head out from the dining room. “Savaron!” he said, rushing up to his boss.

“I’m f-fine,” she said, still rubbing her arms.

“You call this fine?” he said, grabbing her icy shoulders.

“A-Ah!” she said, the thermal shock jolting her to attention.

“What were you thinking? Going out in without a coat!”

“Y’know, hadn’t really thought about that when I was driving a drunk Cassidy,” she snapped, legs creaking as she started moving towards the dining room. “Guess her body heat was keeping me warmer than I thought.”

“Alright, come on,” Phil said, picking Savaron up.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Carrying you to the fire, and hopefully helping you heat up a bit,” he said, sweeping his arm under her legs. She reluctantly wrapped her arms around his neck, the thermal shock slowly numbing down.

“My hero,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“I don’t have time to break in a new boss,” he said, smiling. He carried her into the dining room, setting her down on the bench closest to the fire. “Now get yourself warmed up, I’ll make you some soup.”

Savaron grumbled, more to herself than at Phil. He was good to her, and she knew it. The tavern probably wouldn’t be surviving if it weren’t for her… unique management style. Call it a benefit that slimes didn’t follow normal human sleeping behaviors.

A few minutes later, Phil returned to the thawing slime, holding a bowl of steaming soup for her.

“What, no spoon?”

“Since when do you use silverware?” he asked.

“Mila made me,” she pouted, sticking her hand into the bowl. The warmth ran up her arm along with the hearty meal, quickly pouring into her body and gravitating around her core. “Much better,” she said, legs melting into their normal gelatinous form.

“Mila,” Phil said, setting the empty bowl on the bench. “She’s one of Cassidy’s friends?”

“Her roommate,” Savaron said, massaging some remaining crystal formations in her arms. “She’s a nice girl, you’d like her,” she said, winking.

“How do you know her?”

“Like you said, she’s a friend of Cassidy’s. Kinda quiet in a crowd, doesn’t eat much.”

“Explains why I’ve never seen here in here,” he chuckled. “You want me to get your bucket?”

“Nah, I’m gonna hold this form a little bit longer I think,” she said, kicking her legs around as the soup fizzled away in her chest. “In fact, I could use some more protein. Cassidy ate me on an empty stomach, and I swear she digested nearly a gallon off of me.”

“Want me to grab a steak from the back?”

“That could work,” she said, rolling the idea around in her head. “Maybe two. Need to bulk up a bit before tomorrow.”

“You don’t think someone else is going to try and eat you tomorrow, do you?”

“I’m counting on it – Mila asked to eat me,” she said, kicking her feet as he headed towards the back. She stood up, making her way over to the bar while Phil scrounged up some fresh meat.

“How well do you know Mila, exactly?” Phil said, returning with two massive slabs of raw steak.

“I’ve known her since she started attending the college,” she said, picking two bottles from the rack behind the bar. “I trust her,” she said, pouring an orange liquid into a vial. She opened the other bottle, pouring a healthy amount of the pinkish alcohol into a glass.

“I thought slime didn’t drink alcohol?”

“We don’t,” she said, opening her mouth wide while tilting her head back. She emptied the glass into her throat directly, making sure Phil could see the liquid slide down into her chest. She repeated the action with the vial, moving the liquids into her breasts. “It makes us all bubbly,” she said, grabbing her breasts with both hands.

“What are you doing then?” Phil asked, setting the steaks on the counter.

“Making a Savaron special for one of my most valued employees,” she said simply, jostling her breasts around. The two liquids mixed and washed around each other in her chest, forming a neon orange mixture in her bosom. Smirking, she grabbed a martini glass and began pouring the mixture out through her finger. Once the drink was out of her system, she picked up the glass and handed it to Phil, while taking the steaks with her other hand.

“Thanks, Savri,” he said, sipping the drink.

“Anytime,” she said, dropping one of the steaks down her mouth. It was pulled into her throat with ease, fizzling violently in her chest as it began to dissolve. “Maybe I’ll convince Mila to come by, see if you can give us both a bit of protein,” she said, grinning.

“You know I’m not into girls,” he said, finishing his drink.

“I know, I know. If she was interested in guys, I doubt she’d be asking to eat me,” she said, shrugging. “Besides, she’s a vegetarian – she doesn’t eat meat,” she snickered.

“Now, when you decide to present as male again, you can have all of my protein you want,” he said, grabbing a rag to clean the now empty martini glass.

“I think I’ll stick to female for a while longer,” she said, dropping the second steak down her throat. “Though, I may come in for a week or so as male – just so I can get some of that tasty protein of yours,” she cooed.

“Promises, promises,” he said, putting the cleaned glass away. “Well, I’m going to close up for the night. I’d suggest you get some rest – even if you’re going to be mostly liquid tomorrow,” he said.

“Maybe I will spend some time in my bucket,” she said, heading up the stairs. “I’ll see you in a day or two,” she said, steaks still fizzling. “Maybe sooner if Mila’s stomach doesn’t agree with me.”

“Get some rest, Savaron,” Phil said as she closed the upstairs door behind her.

The slime immediately set about dissolving her legs into a rather undefined mass, oozing across the floor to her room. Once inside, she dropped her human clothing unceremoniously on the floor, oozing towards her large metal tub – her ‘bucket.’ Once her legs were comfortably inside, she lit the fire in her bedroom and began slowly liquifying as the room heated up.

As the steaks fizzled away in her mass, she let sleep catch her, slowly bubbling off to a well-deserved slumber.

“Savri?” Mila called, knocking on the door to the tavern. Maybe she was too early? She’d barely slept after talking with Savaron… But the sun was coming up – that counts as morning, right? “Savaron?” she called, knocking again.

“It’s open,” Savaron said from somewhere inside, voice barely audible through the door. Mila put her hand on the handle, staring at it for a minute. She could still back out now – Savri would understand. Nobody would know.

But neither would she.

“You coming?” Savaron called out, what sounded like mid-yawn.

“Be right there!” Mila said, standing at attention. She should just go in and tell her she doesn’t want to go through with it anymore. “But then I’d be lying,” she whispered to herself, opening the door.

“Morning Mila,” Savaron said, still a bit drowsy from her nap. Mila said nothing, closing the door behind her as she came in. “You had breakfast yet?” she asked, rummaging through the bar for some plates.

“No. I-I mean yeah,” she said, desperately trying to focus.

“Well, I’ve got enough protein for two,” Savaron said, patting her own belly. “Come on in and sit down, I’m not going anywhere,” she said, smiling. Mila walked over to the bar, sitting down at one of the stools as she took her jacket off. She could feel Savaron’s gaze wandering over her now, even if she wasn’t looking directly at her. “Second thoughts?” she asked, setting a glass of water down in front of Mila.

“What? I’m here, aren’t I?” Mila said, forcing a smile.

“You don’t look like yourself,” Savaron said, pouring herself a glass. “Tell ol Savri what’s really eating you up.”

“I,” Mila started, only to pause in a desperate search for words. “I don’t know who I am anymore, Savri.”

“What do you mean?” Savaron asked, sipping her glass with both hands.

“I ate meat yesterday,” Mila said, staring into her own glass.

“I thought there was something to do with your stomach where you got sick if you ate meat?”

“That’s what I thought, too. Here I am though,” she said, eyes fixated on the water in her cup. Savaron said nothing, continuing to drink her water. “I thought, maybe it was a fluke – some imitation meat or something like that. So, I went out to the store yesterday and bought some bacon.” She paused, looking up at the slime. “I ate every piece.”

“You weren’t kidding when you said you had a big meal last night,” Savaron said, setting her glass down.

“There’s more,” Mila said, glancing around the bar for any other prying ears. “Is anyone else here?”

“Just you and me,” Savaron said, resting her hands on the counter. “Tavern doesn’t even open until the afternoon today. Finals week and all,” she said, winking. Mila took a deep breath before continuing.

“It was so good, Savri,” she said, looking into the slime’s eyes. “The taste didn’t really mean anything to me, but the feeling,” she said, resting one hand on her stomach. “It felt so good in my stomach,” she said, eyes starting to water. “I spent hours masturbating yesterday,” she said, voice lowered.

“Sounds like a pretty solid day so far,” Savaron said, smiling.

“It’s why I was up so late last night,” she said, blushing. “When you brought Cassidy home, and you were swirling around in her belly, I…” she said, looking away. “I don’t know how I managed to stay upright.”

“Well, so far,” Savaron said, walking around the bar. “It sounds to me like you’re still yourself,” she said, sliding up onto the bar stool next to Mila.

“I have cravings now, Savri,” she said, looking back into her drink. “I want to feel what Cassidy felt last night. At least, I think I do.”

“Well, I’m not going anywhere,” Savaron said, resting her chin on her palm. “Take your time, think about what you want to do.”

“I want to eat you,” Mila said, cheeks burning red. “It’s all I could think about all night. I won’t be able to think clearly until you’re in my belly.”

“Then that’s where I’ll go,” Savaron said, sliding off of her stool and into Mila’s lap. She gingerly wrapped her legs around Mila, engulfing her waist in her gooey embrace. Leaning in, she kissed Mila, probing at her lips with her tongue.

Mila gasped at the touch, shivering slightly as Savaron heated up around her. The slime’s probing tongue eventually got its way, and pried her mouth open. Mila’s sense of taste was, all at once, overwhelmed with the sudden influx of Savaron’s being. She tasted sweet, with just a hint of salt as her tongue pushed further into Mila’s mouth.

Savaron was in heaven. Her core throbbed as thick, delicious strands of saliva were almost violently slurped into her volume. The intense heat combined with the abundance liquid goodness in Mila’s mouth was more than she ever could’ve hoped for. It took all of her focus to not simply dive down Mila’s throat and gorge herself on whatever she could find in her stomach.

She managed to resist – barely. Instead, she focused her efforts on filling Mila’s mouth slowly, oozing into every nook and cranny she could find. Even after every square inch of her mouth was covered by Savaron, the saliva delicious, thick saliva kept coming. Savaron’s core began throbbing rhythmically as she devoured the tantalizing liquid, the first bit of her slime probing into her throat.

Feeling Savaron move and fill her mouth was only serving to confuse Mila more. She felt silly, cheeks practically bulging with gooey slime; but at the same time, the urge to gulp was matching up with a building desire deep in her crotch. Her hands explored what they could of Savaron’s liquifying body, squeezing and groping here and there. In all honesty, she didn’t quite know what to do with her hands. How exactly does one grope a slime?

The first involuntary gulp was all the encouragement the slime needed from Mila. She pushed forward, sliding down her throat like molasses on a cold day. The human’s throat pulsed and tugged her deeper and deeper, barely giving her time to enjoy the ride! The growl of her belly sent shivers down Savaron’s body, tickling her core as she barreled towards the source.

Mila’s hands went to her belly once she felt Savaron’s mass enter. At first, it felt like simply drinking a thick sauce; but as her belly filled, a new sensation began to manifest. Each time Savaron pulled more of herself into Mila’s stomach, she pressed out against her stomach walls. Each time her stomach walls stretched, a jolt of pleasure shot up Mila’s spine – and they were only getting more intense.

Eventually, only a handful of Savaron remained outside of Mila – a gooey strand barely containing her quivering core. Mila slurped up to the orb until it rest against her lips. Opening her mouth wider, she let the core scrape gently against her teeth on its way in. It felt… chewy. The longer she held it in her mouth, the more intense the urge to at least nibble on the orb became. Savaron was tugging to get her core down into her belly, but Mila couldn’t let it slide without at least pretend nibbling it.

Savaron felt Mila’s teeth press against her core, and her entire being tensed up. Then the nibbling started. The slime was completely filling Mila’s belly now, only the core and a bit of connecting slime remained. That being said, if she could’ve screamed in pleasure, she would have. What happened instead, was spasms of movement all throughout Mila’s esophagus and stomach, constantly shifting between solid and liquid states.

The movement against her belly walls caused Mila to gasp hard, involuntarily swallowing Savaron’s core. She hiccupped, forcing the orb down her throat with the slime’s help. The movement in her stomach held her attention intensely, her pussy already practically drooling on its own. As Savaron’s core entered her stomach with a plop, Mila placed both hands on her now bloated stomach.

Mila panted heavily, trying to take slow, deep breaths. She hadn’t anticipated the experience to be this intense, and already her panties were soaked. Savaron was still for a moment, before erupting into movement Mila had never even imagined. All at once there were slimy tentacles writhing around in every square inch of her stomach, sometimes poking, sometimes rubbing. Savaron had started to bubble inside Mila’s belly, as though she were boiling herself from the pleasure.

Savaron erupted everywhere at once, unable to control her own pleasure inside Mila’s belly. The intense saliva, the delicious heat, and the wonderfully tight embrace… She couldn’t help herself anymore, and practically poached herself inside Mila’s stomach. Her core was spasming as errant jets of slime bounced around Mila’s belly, leaving Savaron in a fully liquid state, slowly settling back to a gentle sloshing.

Mila had to bite her lip to stop from crying out. Her stool was soaked, her pants ruined, and her mind shattered. She could’ve sworn that all the slime’s movements in her stomach had turned her own legs to jelly – if only she could see over her bloated middle to check…

“S-Savri,” she panted, still holding her belly with both hands. “Oh, Gias, what have I done?” she said, still too sensitive to move. She felt a pressure sliding up her throat, but her stomach wasn’t reducing in size in the slightest. The burp erupted from her lips, bits of Savaron’s jelly mixed with her saliva dribbling out of her mouth with the expulsion. Savaron shivered inside her, earning a barely coherent moan from Mila.

“Savri?” she said again, louder this time. “A-are you okay in there?” A gentle push seemed to confirm that she was, indeed, still alive and well in Mila’s belly. The push had sent sparks down Mila’s spine, threatening to make her soak the stool she was sitting on completely through.

Standing up caused Savaron to gently slosh around in her stomach, earning a squeak from Mila. Slowly but surely, both of her feet managed to find their footing. Not daring to lift her legs more than necessary, she began shuffling towards the door – crotch still thoroughly on fire. Maybe the cold could take her mind off of these sensations for a bit?

Though, she would have to climb three flights of stairs…

Each step sloshing more than the last…

“Savri?” she asked, voice shaky. “Do you mind if I rest here for a bit?” The slime said something – Mila could feel the vibrations in her stomach, but she couldn’t quite hear what she was saying. “What?” she asked, tingling threatening to start another urge deep in her belly. She inhaled deeply, slowly breathing out to try and calm her nerves.

“I said, up the stairs and down the hall on the right. Guest room is empty right now.”

Mila stared blankly for a second. Her mouth drying out reminded her that her mouth was still open – if anyone were to walk in right now, she might be mistaken for a jester…

“Wait,” Mila said, breathing heavily through her nose. “Say something again?” she asked, barely parting her lips.

“Is this one of the things you wanted to try?” There was no mistaking it – Savaron’s voice was traveling up her throat and out of her mouth.

“Ha!” she said, covering her mouth. “I can feel you talk, but I can’t hear you unless I have my mouth open,” she said, looking down at her stomach. “Oh this is weird.”

“Well if you thought a stomach growling was annoying, just wait until yours starts moaning,” Savaron said, sloshing around a bit.

“A-ah!” Mila said, knees buckling. She braced herself against the bar, slowly pulling herself back up. “N-not so much!” she panted, closing her eyes.

“You must be way more sensitive than other humans,” Savaron said, condensing herself a bit to ease the sloshing. “Your saliva tasted sweeter than Cassidy’s, that’s for sure,” she mused, resuming a soft bubbling inside Mila.

“We can talk more in the guest room,” Mila said, looking over to the stairs. “If I can make it that far…”

“Do you want some help? I can come back out and—”

“No!” Mila said, lurching upright. “N-no,” she said again, softer this time. “One full day, remember?” she panted, gingerly taking her first step towards the stairs. Savaron said nothing, doing her best to keep the jiggling and sloshing to a minimum while Mila ascended. “I can do this,” Mila said, moreso to herself than to Savaron. “This is easy.”

Mila arrived at the top of the flight of stairs, still panting. Looking down at her achievement, she caught glimpse of her jacket resting on the bar. Placing a hand on her belly, she decided that it could stay there for a while. At least until she got her footing figured out again. The walk to the guest bedroom was far less eventful – she’d even managed to take full, normal steps again! Maybe she was getting the hang of this after all?

“Okay,” she said, closing the door to the bedroom. She carefully walked over to the bed and sat down. “Wow,” she said, delicately rubbing her stomach. “Is this what Cassidy felt like last night?”

“I doubt it,” Savaron said, allowing herself to liquify again. “If she did, she was hiding it well. Did you know that when a human blushes, you can see it on the inside of their stomach?”

“What?” Mila said, looking down. She frantically searched her gut for any signs of blushing, feeling her cheeks redden at the thought.

“I said inside their stomach, silly,” Savaron said. Mila could feel the slime’s core jitter for a few seconds after she said that.

“What was that?” she asked, still looking at her stomach.

“That was me,” Savaron said, core jittering a bit.

“Are you… laughing?” Mila asked, brow furrowing.


“I guess I never really thought about what a slime laughing would feel like… why can’t I hear it though?”

“Because I’m not vocalizing it,” Savaron said, sloshing around a bit. Mila moaned, biting her lip again until the slime settled down. “Do you want me to?”

“N-no,” Mila said, kicking her shoes off. “It feels nice like that,” she said, working herself out of her pants.

“What’s the plan now?” Savaron asked, bubbling away happiliy.

“I think I’m going to take a shower,” Mila said, pulling her shirt off. “Maybe that’ll help take care of these urges.”

“It’s gonna get even warmer in here?” Savaron asked, core starting to throb again.