04 – Tangled Web

“Mila!” Savaron said, clinging to the human. “Mila, slow down!” The slime held strong to Mila's energetic sprint, regretting instigating it. “We're not being chased, we can figure this out!”

“I just want to wake up!” Mila said, feet hitting the ground hard.

“We can both wake up when you slow down!” Savaron said, clenching tightly around their human. Mila said nothing, inhaling sharply as she continued to run. Each heavy footfall stirred the slime's volume, threatening to toss them into a puddle at any moment. “Mila!” Savaron said again, clenching around the human's legs.

Mila wasn't prepared for the sudden disobedience of her legs, her momentum throwing her into the path. Dust scattered around the couple, the cold regaining its silent strangle on the air. Mila laid on the ground, breathing rattling while Savaron collected their mass.

“Sorry about that,” Savaron said, coalescing into a humanoid shape. “I didn't know what else to do to get you to stop and think.” A gooey hand hung in the cold air, icy crystals already forming on the exposed surface. The normally collected core of the slime twitched uncomfortably in the silence. Being lost for words was not a familiar feeling...

A warm hand broke the crystalizing skin of the slime. Pulling herself up, Mila fell into a hug against Savaron. The slime shivered, thankful for the offered hand to be accepted.

And for the body heat.

“We'll figure this out,” she said, squeezing Mila. “Let's go home.”

“Do you think she'll be okay?”

“I think that drider has more trouble than she might realize with Melody.” Savaron ran a hand across Mila's cheek, pulling back from the embrace. “Besides, she said something about you and her being 'under her protection' or something, right?”

“I trust a drider's protection about as far as I can throw her.”

“What's this about a drider?” Savaron could practically feel their back solidifying at the new voice. A massive humanoid form stood farther up the path, tusks glistening in the two moon's light.

“A drider was spotted near here,” Mila said, holding Savaron close.

“A drider? Here?” The form stepped forward, their green skin illuminated clearly in the night light. “How long ago?”

“Maybe ten minutes or so?” Savaron suggested.

“Ten minutes...” The orc pulled a time piece out of his shirt pocket, mumbling to himself. “I think you two oughta come along to the station. I promise ya, no drider would be dumb enough to attack a horde of gobbos.”

“Goblins? What are goblins doing in Vastkóg?” Mila asked.

“They're here every night,” the orc said, putting his timepiece back. “Hurry along, they won't do nothin' to you. They're after good pay, same as me.” The orc ushered the two further down the path, squinting into the desolate path behind them. “Drider,” he said, huffing. “Never in the nine isles.”

“There've never been goblins in Vastkóg – not since I can remember.”

“You've never been to the station at night, have you?” The orc chuckled, turning to follow them to the station. “When do you s'pose all the deliveries happen? Night is good for gobbos and cargo.”

“Maybe,” Savaron said, bubbling with thought. “But that doesn't explain quite why an orc is here with them.”

“I'm an engineer, I'll have you know! Gobbos too short to run the train.” He smirked, rubbing his chin. “I'm Sguk, by the way.”

“I'm Mila, and this is Savaron,” Mila said, holding the slime close.

“What're you two doin out here at night anywho? You comin' over all peculiar?”

“We were running from the drider,” Savaron said, shivering in the cold air.

“Away from town? While the leaves are turnin'?”

“Not my best laid escape plan, I admit,” Mila said, looking to the ground.

“Well, you two can stay at the station till mornin. We've got a busy night tonight.” The orc's heavy footsteps were now clearly audible as he started heading back along the path.

“Actually, could we take one of your trains back to Jesa?”

“Jesa?” He repeated, turning his head slightly.

“We were visiting family when the drider showed up.”

“Well, if you say so,” he shrugged. “I can probably squeeze you in somewhere.”

“Somewhere warm, I hope,” Savaron said, shivering as he caught up to the orc, tugging Mila along.

“Now, I've not met goo before,” the orc said. “Are you aware you're nude?”

“We left in a hurry,” Savaron said, core bubbling.

“Iffin it fits your fancy,” the orc shrugged. “Gobbos might try and get handsy with you though. Remind them who pays them if they get to ya.” He stepped forward, holding the door to the station open for the two. Savaron's core spun in place as the couple's eyes adjusted to the light of the platform.

A sea of what had to be hundreds of hats were scurrying about, all manner of cargo and equipment was bobbing along the chest-high sea of goblin workers. Stacks of lumber, crates of pine needles and whole logs floated atop the chaotic sea, all slowly making their way to one car or another of a waiting train.

A shrill whistle cut through the chaos, halting every inch of movement at once.

“Listen up!” Sguk bellowed, letting the whistle drop back down around his neck. “A drider's been spotted in the woods. Iffin you see somethin' strange, say somethin; and don't go off on your own!” He paused, taking his timepiece out of his shirt pocket. Mumbling to himself, he closed the piece's cover, sliding it back in place. “Back to work!” he shouted, punctuating the command with a shorter blow on the whistle.

As soon as the whistle fell silent, the chaos of the platform resumed.

“What in the nine isles,” Mila said, rubbing her ears. “It's all just noise!”

“To you and me, maybe. Gobbos are wired to make sense of it all though,” the orc said, picking up a pipe wrench. “Iffin you two will follow me, you can stay in the first crew car.” Looking into the crowd of goblins, inhaled deeply. “Ash!” he called out, heading towards the train. “C'mon now, follow me or the gobbos might stack you in with the logs.”

Mila held Savaron's hand tightly, attempting to keep her focus on the orc as the sea of goblins parted around the group. The goblins seemed to offer neither of them any attention, merely brushing alongside them as they made their way up to the crew car.

“Ash!” the orc called again, standing on the steps to the crew car. “A- oh!” a tug on his vest interrupted the next call. “There you are. Ash, I'm trusting these two in your care until we stop at Jesa,” he said, gesturing towards the couple. “Ash here is one of the foremen – she'll make sure you're safe,” he said, opening the door to the car.

The goblin mumbled something, ears twitching as she turned her attention to the pair. She walked over, took Mila's free hand, and began pulling her up the stairs of the car. The goblin's grip was rough, her tough hands yielding no sympathy as Mila tried to keep her grip on Savaron.

“I'll check on you before we depart,” the orc said, closing the door behind Savaron. The goblin led the two into the center of the car, gesturing towards one of the seats as she released Mila's hand.

“Thank you,” Mila said, taking the offered seat. “I'm Mila.”

“I'm Savaron,” the slime said, deforming a bit next to the human.

“Ash,” the goblin said, taking her hat off. Her red hair billowed out, draping down to her waist. Taking the seat opposite the two, she set her hat down and began rubbing her ear lobes.

“Thank you for helping us. I'm not sure what we would've done if you all weren't here,” Mila said.

“Gettin paid is thanks plenty,” the goblin said simply. She closed her eyes, continuing to massage her ears.

“We should focus on what we're going to do back in Jesa,” Mila said, turning her attention back to Savaron. “We've got to bring help and make sure that monster never lays a hand on Melody.”

“Our shift will be wrapped up once delivery's been made,” Ash said, still rubbing her ears. “Gobbin hoard could probably wrap the dumb spider up with her own silk.”

“Really? You'd be willing to do that?” Mila asked.

“For the right price,” the goblin said, letting her ears perk up with her posture. “Ain't nothin stands between a gobbin and gold. Not for long.”

“How much gold?” The slime asked, folding their arms across their chest.

“Well, a drider be a serious problem. I reckon serious pay would be in order,” the goblin said, kicking her feet in thought. “Say twelve gold per head?”

“How many goblins do you think it would take to take down an adult drider?”

“A dozen or so. Maybe two, iffin its a big drider.”

“290 gold, and the drider gets driven out?”

“It's a nice thought, but I don't think I've even got twelve gold to my name right now,” Mila said, rubbing the back of her neck. “We'll have to find some other way.”

“I can get the gold,” Savaron said. “How soon do you need it?”

“Half up front, half after it's done.”

“Meet me in the Third Moon Tavern in Jesa when you're done with your shift,” Savaron said. “We can discuss the finer points there.”

“You've got yourself a deal, goo,” Ash said, walking over to extend her hand. The slime took it, all too familiar with the solid gesture. “You drink?” the goblin asked, wiping her hands off on her coveralls.

“Not exactly,” the slime said, walking over to the collection with Ash. “Alcohol doesn't affect slimes – or at least, doesn't affect me – the same way it affects solids.” Savaron reached for a bottle filled with a black syrup. “I've picked up a thing or two on how to mix drinks though.” Siphoning off a few heavy globs into their chest, the slime put the bottle back and eyed the rest of the shelving for the other ingredient.

“Ah, here it is,” they said. The second liquid was shimmering, hints of gold fleeting through the thick white volume as it fizzled down her throat towards their chest. Savaron put the bottle back, turning to face Ash. “Something called Star Liquid.” As the slime settled into their tavernkeep routine, the two liquids swelled into her chest. Her hips became more defined, while she casually worked her breasts together, combining the two heavy liquids.

It was only once she was done mixing that she noticed Ash's red face.

“Do you have a cup I could pour this into?” Savaron asked, looking to Ash. The goblin simply stared at the slime's chest, entranced by the sparkling liquid sloshing around in her breasts.

“Savri!” Mila said. “You're not wearing any clothes!”


So, you formed nipples!”

“Quickest way to get the drink out of my tits and into a cup!” she said, folding her arms in a pout. “Not my fault solids are so flustered by boobs.”

“Savri,” Mila said, walking over to the slime, coat in hand.

“First it's the spoon, now I've got to go and wear clothes even when I'm not working,” Savaron mumbled, pulling the jacket on.

“You're free to slip into mine any time you want,” Mila teased, kissing Savaron's cheek.

“So, got a cup?” the slime asked, looking back to the goblin.

Ash shook her head, rubbing her eyes for a moment. Nodding, she walked over to a cupboard, collected a mug, holding it tightly the entire way back to her previous position in front of Savaron.

“Sorry for the display,” Savaron said, rolling her eyes at Mila. “Usually I have this stuff mixed already.”

“If I get to drink from the tap, consider my head paid in full,” Ash said, ears twitching as she held out the mug to the slime.

“Really?” Savaron said, holding the mug. “At least some people aren't afraid of my goo,” she said, letting the jacket fall through her torso to the floor. She stepped out of the jacket, puffed out her chest a bit, and took a seat.

“You've never offered me a drink from 'the tap!'” Mila said, cheeks burning ever so slightly.

“You never asked,” Savaron shrugged. “It's not like I've only got one,” she said, scooting to the middle of the seat. “Betcha you'll like this drink, too,” she cooed, holding up her sparkling breast with one hand.

Mila's face discovered new shades of scarlet as Ash clamored up, attaching to Savaron's chest eagerly. She huffed, sitting down on the seat across from Savaron, watching as the goblin suckled the sparkling liquid out of the slime.

“Suit yourself,” Savaron said, sighing contently as the goblin practically inhaled the liquid. “It's a good stress reliever,” she continued, leaning her head against the wall of the carriage. Her hand went to the goblin's head, stroking her messy head of hair.

Melody needed to escape the drider's clutches. Gale needed to know what was going on, maybe he could get help, too.

And here Mila was, doing her level best not to rub herself raw at the sight of a goblin nursing from Savaron.

“Easy with the chewing – this is relaxing, but not a date,” Savaron said as the goblin switched breasts. The goblin mumbled into Savaron's body, sighing contently as the last of the sparkling liquid was slowly slurped into her stomach.

Once the goblin had thoroughly emptied the slime's breasts, she leaned back in her seat. A burp prefaced the onslaught of hiccups as the content goblin rubbed her distended stomach.

“Paid in full, was it?” Mila said, looking away from the pair.

“Mhmm,” the goblin hiccuped.

“Seems like a reasonable trade to me,” Savaron said, picking the jacket back up. “Think any of your crew would be up for a similar deal?”

“Savaron! Absolutely not!” Mila hissed.

“What? If it saves some gold, it saves some gold!” The slime slid the jacket back on, sitting down next to Ash. Leaning over, she began gently massaging her ears while resuming her conversation with Mila. “It's not like it's hurting anybody – there's plenty of me to go around.”

“We need to focus,” Mila said, cheeks hot enough to sear steaks. Her stomach rumbled loudly, potently reminding everyone within earshot that it had been nearly a full night since she'd eaten proper.

“Snack time?!” Savaron asked, core practically leaping from her chest to her head.

“This snack's not coming back out,” Mila said, rubbing her stomach.

“Promise?” Savaron asked, cheeks starting to bubble.

“Got anything to eat around here?” Mila asked, directing her question to the dazed goblin.

“Some meats n cheeses in t-the bar,” the goblin burped, sending her into a giggling fit.

“What was that drink, anyways?” Mila asked, heading over to the bar.

“Something I picked up from a customer a while back,” the slime said, collecting herself. She walked over to Mila, leaning down on the bartop while the human searched. “Find anything?”

“Some kind of jerky, I think?” Mila said, holding up a handful of dried, salted meat. “It's like goblins only eat jerky or something,” she said, pulling up another bundle of meat strips.

“Meat sticks for trips and work,” Ash mumbled, smacking her lips. “Good food for home.”

“Or it's just lazy,” Mila mumbled, tasting one of the meat strips.

“La-Lazy is just efficient to gobbinses,” Ash said, smiling sheepishly.

“It'll do,” she said, slurping it up like a noodle. Her stomach growled loudly as the snack made its way down, gurgling just as loud as before. Savaron took a couple of strips, letting them start to dissolve within her body while Mila continued to pull out more of the strips.

“You, uh, hungry?” Savaron asked, looking at the rather daunting pile of meat Mila had collected on the counter.

“Mhmm,” Mila grunted, shoveling handfuls of the strips down her throat. Savaron watched in awe as the human's throat greedily pulled the dried meat in without slowing down. The sheer amount of salt Mila had ingested was enough to make Savaron's core clench.

“Maybe you should slow down a little?” Savaron cautioned, holding one of Mila's hands down. Mila growled, scooping up even more meat with her free hand. She had eaten so much already that her shirt was starting to ride up, exposing her belly button as her stomach continued to bloat with food. “Mila,” Savaron said, grabbing her other arm. She found herself exerting more force than she'd anticipated to restrain the ravenous girl.

“I'm still hungry,” Mila said, swallowing the last of the food she'd shoveled into her mouth. She eyed the pile, stomach growling as it churned away at the pittance it had been granted.

“But that should be more than enough to tide you over,” Savaron said calmly, still restraining the human. “Ms. Ash, could you please put this meat away while I help Mila?” she asked, turning to look at the buzzed goblin. Her core sank a little when she found the goblin snoring, hand on her gut.

“I need food, Savri,” Mila said, drool dribbling down her chin as she leaned towards the pile of meat.

“You do, but not that – it can't be healthy for you,” she said, pulling Mila back up. She pressed forward, licking up some of Mila's saliva, tongue shriveling slightly in the process.

“I've got to have something,” Mila said, voice cracking. “I've never been so hungry in my life, Savri,” she said, attempting to lean down to the pile again.

“Mila!” Savaron said, shaking the human. “Snap out of it!” She crawled over the counter, sliding into Mila's clothing to get a better grip.

“Mmm, you feel good,” Mila purred, clenching her hands as Savaron slid over her skin.

“There'll be plenty of time for that later, after we get you sorted,” she said, forcing her to walk away from the pile of meat.

“Savri,” Mila said, still fighting the slime. “I need it!” She lurched towards the counter, straining to reach more of the super salted snack food.

“No!” Savaron hissed, using all of her might to pull Mila to the seat. “You'll make it to Jesa without more of that, I promise.”

“Savri,” Mila whined. “Savri I'm so hungry...” Using every ounce of energy the slime had, she pulled Mila's gaze from the pile of dried meat. The human's stomach growled violently, jostling the slime's volume inside her shirt. Mila's gaze locked firmly on the wall across from them, the slime finally eased her iron clad grip just a bit.

“You let me worry about driving for a bit, hmm?” the slime said, gently massaging the human's arms and back.

“So hungry,” Mila mumbled, her gaze drifting downwards with her suddenly heavy eyelids. Her neck stiffened despite the slime's dutiful massage as her gaze swept across Ash's buzzed form.

For maybe the second time in her iteration, Savaron's core ceased nearly all movement at the sound of a stomach growling.

“No,” Savaron whispered, following Mila's gaze. “No, no, no!” The iron clad grip returned with a vengeance, locking the human before she could make any foolish decisions.

“I could do it, Savri,” she mumbled, licking her lips. “She's small enough.”

“Hardly!” the slime said, bracing herself. “Your appetite is bigger than your mouth right now!”

“She looks so,” Mila paused, swallowing. “Delicious.

“As tasty as she might be, she's not on your menu – not tonight,” she said, sliding her volume down over Mila's eyes.

The human mumbled protests, attempting to rub at her eyes, but ultimately gave in to the slime's silent demands. Her lids heavy with slime and exhaustion, Savaron felt Mila start to finally relax in her grip. Gently, she guided her human down on the seat, core spinning slowly in relief as the human drifted off into sleep.

Savaron felt her body losing form, only snapping to something resembling distinction when the train jostled from the occasional bump. The crew car was full of snoring goblins – none of which were too interested in conversing with the slime or sleeping human. Ash was still sleeping off her drink, leaving the slime mostly to her own thoughts.

Just a few more hours, she thought, core contracting as she stretched in place. Even for a slime, going nearly a day and a half without so much as a rest in a comfy bucket was starting to take its toll. As much as she wanted to rest in Mila's belly, she got the distinct feeling that she would be digested if she wasn't awake.

Not that she'd mind being digested by Mila...

Her thoughts pushed the idea of total digestion and absorption away for now. She needed to figure this situation out. 290 gold was a fair amount of money... even with all the savings and profits from the tavern she'd amassed, by her calculations she was still about 60-ish gold short.

She looked down at Mila's head, her hand running through the girl's hair. The tavern was a blink of existence – a moment for this iteration. The idea paled in comparison to letting herself be happy with a human. If she was lucky, they'd both be happy – maybe even for multiple iterations of her core.

The thought of slowly bubbling around Mila while the two relaxed in front of a fire felt so... right.

The train jumped again, pulling the hopeful slime back to reality. She had made a promise to Melody, she intended to keep it. Protect her at all costs, no matter what she says. The words hung on Savaron's core like old honey. What did Mila need protecting from, aside from the drider? How had she been 'tamed' by her parents?

Slowly but surely, the momentum of the train started to decrease – the thumps between breaks in the track spacing out farther and farther. Eventually, the brakes applied with a hiss as the train stopped.

The flood of warm light did nothing to stir the sleeping goblins, even as Sguk stepped in. He squinted in the darkness, affixing his goggles as he scanned the car's occupants. Gaze settling on Savaron, he motioned for them to exit the car with him.

“Time to go,” Savaron whispered, slipping into Mila's clothes. Gently puppeteering the drowsy human upright, the slime steered them both towards the waiting orc. She could feel Mila's belly rumbling, not even a hint that she had gorged herself silly mere hours earlier. Settling her face over Mila's, the slime smiled weakly at the orc as the two stepped off the train.

“Jussa few more minutes,” Mila mumbled, fidgeting in the slime's grip.

“Alright, a few more minutes,” Savaron cooed. “Thank you, Sguk. I'm not sure what we would've done if it weren't for you and your crew.”

“Think nothin of it,” the orc whispered. “You gon' be alright from here?”

“This isn't the first time I've had to walk someone home.”

“I wish we coulda helped with the drider problem, but there's not 'nough time. I'll spread the word where I can that there's trouble brewin in Vatskóg – see if I can rustle up some help. If we're lucky, maybe the governor will lend a hand!”

“I appreciate it, but I won't hold my breath.”

“Well, stay safe then. Perhaps we'll run into each other again some time.”

“If we do, I'll buy you a drink,” Savaron said, smiling as the orc headed back towards the engine. “Come on now, let's get home.” Her volume was beginning to dissolve, despite her best efforts. She could feel tendrils of slime trying to drip off of Mila's fingers, only to crystalize in place in the cold. As warm as the jacket was keeping them both, the slime was starting to worry they might not make it back to the tavern.

“Looks like we're staying at your place,” Savaron said, plunging Mila's fingers into her pockets. She made a note to collect any loose slime after the two had gotten a chance to sleep properly.

Slowly shuffling through the dim light of the third moon, Savaron could feel her face starting to crystalize. Mila was, apparently, oblivious to the predicament if her snoring was to be believed.

“Not quite the late night stroll I envisioned,” she said, half-laughing to herself. “Hope Cas doesn't mind having me over.”

Despite the state of her slime, Savaron decided to forgo holding onto the metal hand rails leading up to Mila's dorm. At this rate, she'd be lucky if she could fill a pint by the time they made it up to the third floor.

“Thank Gias you don't sleepwalk,” Savaron mumbled, reaching for the handle. She grumbled to herself when the handle didn't yield, oozing some slime down into the locking mechanism. Feeling her semi-solid extension start to become fully solid, the slime sped up her work, eventually unlocking the stubborn door.

The heat of the room washed over her as she walked in, quickly shutting the door behind herself. Pulling her and Mila's hands out of the jacket pockets, Savaron leaned against the door, slowly sliding down into a sitting position.

She'd managed to get them both safe and warm – it was her turn to rest. Letting her form collapse into a pool, she felt herself splash down on the floor unceremoniously. Loosely collecting herself as a puddle, the slime gently rolled her core into the center of her mass, climbing up the nearby counter.

A bowl had been left out, and it would hardly contain all of her volume, but Savaron didn't care. She heaved her core into the bowl with a fair coating of her slime – it wasn't much, but it would do. At least she wouldn't lose herself with it tucked safely in the bowl. Barely enough energy to bubble, the slime collapsed into blissful rest.

The slime's core swelled and contracted slowly, slime bubbling around it as Savaron returned to the world of consciousness. Feeling her volume dribble and drip, she slowly started to pull herself together, coalescing around her core. Light trickled in through the window above the sink, causing her mass to tingle ever so slightly as it filtered through her body.

She allowed herself to ooze out of whatever bowl she'd found, plopping down to the floor unceremoniously. Gathering up any nearby globs of herself, she slowly began forming her humanoid shape. She stretched her semi-solid limbs out, loosely forming her legs as she reached her full height.

She grumbled as her eyes met the edge of the counter, a fair amount of mass having been lost somewhere between the train station and the dorm. She oozed over to check on Mila, only to find that she wasn't where she'd left her. Shrugging, the slime headed for the pantry, on the prowl for some peanut butter.

“Consider this payment for the ride last night,” she mumbled, finding the jar and plunging her hand into it. She sighed contently, chunks of the paste sliding up through her arm into her torso as she began tearing into the protein rich snack. It was no steak, but at least she'd be bigger than the goblins she met last night.

“Sav? Issat you?”

“Cas?” Savaron said, turning to find the source of the voice. “Sorry for the surprise visit – wasn't expecting to stay the night.”

“What happened to you two?” Cassidy asked, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“Met Mila's mom, ran into a drider, made a few friends. Y'know, your typical family visit.”

“A drider?” she repeated, scratching her side through her loose shirt. “That might 'splain why Mila's locked up in her room.”

“What?” she asked, pulling her hand from the jar she'd been cleaning. “What do you mean?”

“She's been in there all night, heard her bumbling 'round before daybreak. Didn't mention you were here though.” Cassidy yawned, stretching wildly upwards. “Thanks for takin care of the dishes.”

“Dishes?” Savaron looked down at her torso, bits of cereal and globs of milk floating around her core. “Who eats cereal at night and just leaves the bowl out?”

“I was 'ungry!”

“Yeah, yeah. I'll go check on Mila, but after that, I need to head back to the tavern. It's been a while since I checked on Phil.”

“I'm gonna shower then,” Cassidy said, shuffling off towards the bathroom. “See you later, Sav.”

Savaron mumbled to herself, dissolving the chunks of food she'd picked up from her nap. Holding the peanut butter jar up one more time, she pushed her hand in, making sure to get as heaping of a helping as she could manage before setting the jar on the counter. Opening her mouth, she tossed the glob of peanut paste in like candy, smiling as it fizzled down her throat and into her torso.

As the protein dissolved into her mass, her legs became more defined, height increasing just a bit. She would need to really gorge on some food before she could return to her full height.

“Mila?” she asked, hearing the water flush through the pipes as Cassidy drew her shower. “Everything alright?” The knob to her door wasn't locked, but the slime could hear movement as she let herself in.

Savaron's core twitched as she tried to match up the scene before her to the few times she'd seen Mila's bedroom in passing previously. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't manage to conjure up a memory where there had been cobwebs all over her bed or floor.

Was she losing her mind? Maybe some core memories flaked away in the cold and she simply hadn't noticed yet?

Her eyes soaked up the bizarre scene, slowly scanning over to Mila, curled up in a corner. She looked roughly the same – at least, as far as she could remember.

“Mila?” she asked, kneeling down next to the human.


“Mila, what happened?”

“I don't know,” Mila said, burying her head in her hands. “I don't remember any of last night other than eating.”

“What is all this?” the slime asked, more to herself than to Mila. She picked up a handful of the sticky stuff, running it through her mass to taste it. “Doesn't taste like anything I've eaten before,” she said, fizzling the material into her system. “Lots of protein though!”

“I think,” Mila said, peeking out from behind her hands. “I think I made it. All of it.” Savaron scooped up another handful of the stuff, fizzling it out as soon as it was within her body.

“It's kinda sticky,” Savaron commented, letting her legs melt into a more undefined form. She went to work, dutifully absorbing all of the stuff she could reach, eager to refill her protein. “Might be even taller after all this.”

“There's more,” Mila said, eyes drying up as she watched Savaron clean up her mess. “Look at these,” she opened her mouth, exposing her rather pronounced fangs.

“Those definitely weren't there before,” Savaron said, leaning her face in close to Mila's mouth. She kissed the human's tongue and licked her new fangs before pulling back, face foggy with the human's breath. “Still tastes good though,” she smiled, absorbing the excess moisture.

“What if Risha was right?” Mila looked away from Savaron, down at the floor that had just moments ago been covered in some new substance she'd created. “What if I really am a drider?”

“I still think she's trying to mess with your head. Besides, don't drider come out all spindly and spidery once they're born?”

“I don't know.” Mila looked at her hands, turning them over as though inspecting them for changes. “But Risha would.”

“We can't trust her,” Savaron said, grabbing Mila's cheeks. “We'll figure this out together – without her nonsense trying to muddy the waters.”

“What would I do without you, Savri?” Mila said, eyes watering again.

“You'd probably be gorging on meat right now, to be honest,” the slime smiled, core fidgeting in a snicker. “Let me get this cleaned up – clean room, clear mind and all that, right?”

“There we are,” Savaron said, her eyes wandering over the now spotless bedroom. The only traces of the stuff ever existing now were in her chest or in her hands. Her blue tint had a new sheen to it, light dancing through her newly developed volume as it filtered in from the window.

“That must've been a lot of protein,” Mila said, looking up at her companion. The slime's humanoid form now stood a full head above her, even with her legs partially dissolved.

“I'll say! Don't know that I like being this tall though,” Savaron said, redistributing her volume until she'd sunk down to her normal height. “But I'm not sure where to put all this,” she said, gesturing to the pool of herself that was now encompassing Mila's legs.

“Can't you just get rid of it?”

“I'm not about to put this much protein down the drain!” she said, crossing her arms. “Not without some fun, anyway.” Her mass churned and sloshed within the loose confines of her form, her breasts doubling in size. “Whatcha think?” she asked, squishing her slimy assets together. “Too much?”

“You're a bit,” Mila paused, cheeks red enough to reflect off of Savaron. “Front loaded. It doesn't look right?”

“So maybe just a bit taller,” the slime mumbled, height increasing again. “And a bit thicker?” she suggested, body becoming more curvaceous. It wasn't enough to get all the excess slime tucked away, but it handled most of it. Not to mention she wasn't too tall for her own liking now!

“You've still got a bit extra down here,” Mila said, kicking at Savaron's loose collection of mass that served as her feet.

“You sure the boobs were too much?”

“Positive. If you had a back, it would've been broken.” Mila rubbed the back of her head, doing her level best to avoid focusing on her fangs. “Maybe your belly?”

“What, like fat?”

“What do you think breasts are?”

“Full of milk, duh!”

“Maybe I'll give you a proper anatomy lesson sometime,” Mila said, rolling her eyes. “Besides, a bit of belly looks cute!”

“If you say so,” the slime grumbled, pulling the mass up into a bulge of a belly. “Not sure how I feel about this though...”

“I like it,” Mila said, reaching around from behind Savaron, playing with her new gut. “Besides, it's either that or drag it around at your feet.”

“At least I won't have to worry about my core flaking away in the cold any time soon...”

“You look like Cas did when you were driving her around.”

“Oooh, there's an idea!” Savaron said, batting her eyes as she turned to face Mila. “Maybe you could go for snack, hmm?” she offered, running her finger along Mila's lips.

“If I eat again, I might not stop,” Mila said, tongue playing with her fangs again.

“So long as you don't swallow this,” she said, reaching into her chest to grab her jittering core, “I'll bet we can figure it out. I've always wanted to let some part of me be fully digested.”

“Savri, can you hold out your arm?” Mila asked, swallowing nervously.

“Sure,” she said, holding out both of her slimy appendages. Mila's stomach growled at the sight – before she knew it, she had bitten into Savaron's right arm, an unprecedented amount of saliva pouring onto and into the slime's mass. The human groaned into the semi-solid arm, licking and slurping up some of the slime.

“You taste so good,” Mila whispered, biting into her arm again. She shuddered, small pockets of a dark liquid pooling into Savaron's body from the tips of her new fangs. Mila held her head in place, slurping up more of the slime's arm before finally pulling back. Her stomach grumbled contently with the small deposit of food, clearing her mind just enough to focus on what exactly she'd just done.

“You taste good, too,” Savaron said, pulling the thick saliva towards her core. She let it slowly disperse into her body, core ready to liquify right then and there as she savored Mila's flavor. Biting her lip, she held her arm up to inspect the two blots of ink-like liquid that had been secreted from Mila's fangs. “What do you suppose this is?”

“How am I supposed to know?!”

“Well it came out of you, so I figured you'd be a good person to ask,” Savaron shrugged, fizzling the liquid. “Kinda tart, weirdly syrupy though,” the slime said, wrinkling her brow in thought.

“Great, so I have fangs that probably poison anything I bite into, and I managed to...” she paused, realization slowly falling into place. “That was webbing, wasn't it?”

“Webbing?” Savaron repeated, tilting her head. “Oh! From earlier. Well, it was kinda stringy...”

“I really am a drider, aren't I?” Color fled from Mila's face as she sat down on her bed.

“I'm no expert, but you don't look like a drider to me,” Savaron said, sitting down next to the human. “Kinda low on the leg count, if you are,” she teased, gently pushing Mila's shoulder.

“But look!” she said, opening her mouth to point at her fangs. “That's not human!”

“So?” Savaron shrugged. “I think they're kinda sexy,” she cooed, kissing Mila on the cheek. “From everything I've seen so far, I think that the best thing I can do for you is to stay around you even more,” she said, oozing around to sit behind Mila. She reached forward, pulling the human into a hug from behind. “Don't think you can go and change species to get away from me now,” she mumbled, kissing Mila's ear.

“Sounds like Cas is done with her shower,” Mila said. “How do I break the news to her?”

“I think, maybe, we should figure out what exactly 'the news' is, first.”

“How?” Mila asked, looking over to the slime's face. “How do we figure this out? The only person that has any kind of answers is threatening my mother! If she's even really my mother,” Mila said, looking down at her hands again.

“She raised you, didn't she?” Savaron said, sliding into Mila's lap. “She cared for you, helped you learn and grow. What else would she be?” Mila leaned into Savaron's chest, tears dissolving into her translucent mass on contact. “Let's get something substantial in your belly, that'll help you think straight.”

The slime poured herself into Mila's clothing, core settling in the cusp of the human's cleavage. Even with an incredibly thick helping of slime, Savaron was able to maintain a nearly Mila-sized version of herself sitting on said human's lap.

“Lookout lips, lookout gums,” she teased, leaning in to kiss Mila. “Lookout stomach, here I come,” she sang, pushing herself into Mila's mouth. The human whimpered, swallowing the thick cocktail of rich, candy-like flavor that was Savaron. Her throat bulged as the slime helped her swallow, gently pushing into her belly as fast as she dared.

A couple of gulps later, and the Mila-sized mass of Savaron was now thoroughly bulging her stomach. She leaned back, panting heavily as a thin tendril of slime connected her coating to the bulk she'd just swallowed. Her stomach growled ominously, visibly distending and twitching with the slime's ecstatic movements.

She yelped, covering her chest when Savaron's core started to jitter. Pulling her shirt open, she looked down to the dark blue orb twitching in her cleavage. Her mouth watered as she reached for it, the slime dutifully absorbing and savoring any such waterworks she encountered.

Mila placed her fingers on Savaron's core, halting all movement from the slime in one swift instant. The human could hear her heartbeat in her ears, watching as the orb jiggled with each thump of her chest. Biting her lip, she pushed the core deep into her cleavage with her index finger, completely hiding it from her view. She still felt it, but the overwhelming urge to not gobble it up was subsiding.

She sighed, withdrawing her finger whilst leaning back. Her stomach growled again, churning of its own accord around the slime's mass.

“This is amazing,” Savaron panted, her face distorting over Mila's. “You've got to digest me more often,” she whispered, biting her lip as her core jittered and twitched in Mila's tight embrace. Every square inch of her mass that was within Mila's body was on fire. The stimulation was causing her to bubble – both inside and outside of the human.

Mila said nothing, leaning back and rubbing her belly while it worked on the impressively sized meal. The pressure was rising in her stomach, but no matter what she tried, it would never come up as a burp. She was bloated beyond reason, her stomach was pushing down into her lap from movements not entirely of her own accord, and...

She was starting to grind her pussy against the lower curve of her stomach. She couldn't help herself – being stretched so tautly, her belly had become impossibly sensitive. Mashing the soft but stretched skin of her gut against the equally aroused skin of her nethers was like something out of a fever dream.

“Savri,” she moaned, unable to take her hands off of her belly. She wanted to caress and poke and squeeze every inch of her stomach she could find, all while mashing as much of it as she could against her crotch.

The sheets would've been ruined, had it not been for her partner's attentive care.

The slime eagerly absorbed every ounce of juice her crotch squeezed out. She wanted to plunge in and take some for herself, but the gargantuan gut she had made was rather in the way. Still, the sweat dribbling down and condensing on her core from Mila's chest was equally as delicious, urging her core to a state she hadn't achieved in quite some time...

“M-Mila,” Savaron said, outer layer beginning to foam. “Mila, I n-need,” she tried to say, her own body no longer listening. Her core began to pulse violently between Mila's breasts, spurts of her mass shooting out as though she'd been squished. A streak here, a spasm there, and her loose slime had gotten all over the bed.

Mila collapsed backwards on the bed, her stomach writhing and twitching with Savaron's activity. Her crotch was too sensitive to touch now, each impromptu bit of contact her squirming belly made twisting and arching her spine as copious amounts of her own liquids began to overwhelm Savaron.

“Mila? Everything okay in there?”

“Cas!” Mila said, bolting upright. Her face was flush, she was sweating up a storm, and Savaron still stank of sex. “Everything's fine!” she said, covering her mouth as the pressure started to threaten a burp again.

“Alright, well I'm going to meet up with Lily and Vivian today so we can plan next semester's classes. Don't wait up for me tonight,” she said, door to her room clanging shut just as Savaron started to twitch again.

“Savri!” Mila hissed, biting her lip to stifle a moan as she struck her belly. The slime said nothing, core starting to foam from the overload as the rest of her body began to melt off of Mila. “Savri?” she whispered, pulling her shirt open to check on her lover's core.

Reaching down with one hand, she fished through the foam, sweat and slime to find Savaron's core. Pulling it up gently, she held the twitching, spazzing orb in her palm, watching it carefully. She wiped at her mouth, attempting to clear away any spats of drool from her stupor, only to find some of Savaron's slime instead.

“Everything okay?” she asked, feeling the loose tendril of slime that had been in her mouth slip down into her throat completely. She held the core up to her face, watching it intently as it jumped and turned.

The more she stared, the more she was able to make out two different layers to the slime's core. A deep, sapphire blue sat just below a layer of blue only slightly lighter than the deep sphere. She would never have noticed it with Savaron's slime surrounding it, not to mention the direct sunlight shining through it.

“M-Mila?” the slime asked, bubbling in her hands.

“Savri? You okay?”

“I,” the slime paused, pulling more of herself up over her core. “I think so. That was amazing.”

“What's this stuff?” Mila asked, scooping up some of the light blue foam that had gotten all over the inside of her shirt.

“It's me, more or less,” Savaron said, pulling herself back together. “It hasn't happened in a long, long time.” Mila sniffed the fizzling substance, poking her tongue out to give it a taste.

“Is this your cum?”

“Well,” Savaron said, core starting to luminesce. “Not exactly, but it's probably the best way to describe it,” she said, reaching into Mila's shirt once more. “Let me clean you up.”

Mila took the handful she'd collected and tossed it into her mouth, letting it fizzle and bubble a bit before swallowing it.

Savaron whimpered, core starting to twitch again as Mila went in for another handful.

“Tastes pretty good,” she said, licking her lips clean as she scooped up more of the bubbling stuff. The slime said nothing, simply collecting herself as another layer on top of the human, core resting on top of Mila's chest. Silently, the slime began oozing into Mila's cleavage to help, collecting her troublesome foam and dissolving it back into her mass.

“What happens to all of this slime?” Mila asked, delicately rubbing her stomach.

“I could go back in and get it,” Savaron said, forming her face on top of Mila's once more. “But if I do I might turn to foam completely.”

“Why's it still moving?” Mila asked, her stomach occasionally bulging or pushing outward as the slime moved about. “I thought it was basically water if it wasn't connected to your core?”

“It's still slime, just kinda feral,” Savaron said, wedging her core back into Mila's cleavage. “Not to mention it's being digested. It has every right to put up a good fight!”

“I wouldn't call this fighting,” Mila said softly. “Feels more like a kind of inside out massage.”

“Even without a core, I'd still find a way to get digested,” Savaron mumbled, probing Mila's belly with her slime. “We better get to the tavern before you get hungry again.”

“Phil?” Savaron called out, simply clinging to Mila as she made her way to the bar. “Phil, you here?”

“Sav?” Phil's voice echoed back, somewhere in the kitchen. “I was startin' to worry,” he said, walking up to the bar, apron adorned.

“You think I'd just hand over my tavern so easy?”

“Who's that you're driving?”

“Hi,” Mila said, waving at Phil. “I'm Mila.”

“If you're Mila, I've got a few questions on how you two managed to do that,” he said, gesturing towards her still pregnant looking gut.

“It's a long story,” Savaron said, core bubbling slightly. “You don't have to worry about little droplets of me running around – not yet, anyways.”

“I get the sneaking suspicion you aren't here to come back to work,” Phil said, resting his hands on the bar.

“Am I that transparent?” Savaron snickered. The heat from Mila's cheeks earned a few more bubbles from her core. “Need something to eat, and maybe to pick your brain.”

“What'll you have?”

“Probably just a couple of steaks. Something meaty.”

“Easy enough. How do you want yours cooked?”

“You know I eat it raw.”

“I was asking your captive there,” Phil said, gesturing towards Mila.

“Oh! I'm not sure... Whatever you think will taste good?” Mila said.

“It's her first time having steak. Well, properly prepared steak, anyway.”

“Of all the people you've piloted, she's certainly the most talkative, I'll give you that,” he said, turning to head into the kitchen. “So what is it you wanted to know?” he asked, throwing a slab of steak down on the stove.

“What do you know about drider?”

“Drider?” he repeated, raising an eyebrow. “Only to stay away. From what I hear, they tend to eat just about anything that moves. I'd wager you were both on the menu if you ran into one,” he said, flipping the steak as it sizzled. “Why?”

“We ran into one yesterday,” Mila said, looking down at her hands through Savaron's face. “Barely made it out in one piece.”

“Excuse me?!” he said, dropping whatever shaker he'd been using. A puff of purple smoke erupted from the stove, sending him into a brief coughing fit. “A fucking drider?” He repeated, waving the smoke away. “How in the Nine Isles did you two manage to run into a drider and live?”

“Don't be such a drama queen,” Savaron said, folding Mila's arms.

“You could've died – or worse!”

“We didn't though, so calm down!” Savaron snapped. “You're not getting rid of me that easy.”

Phil groaned, rummaging through various cupboards to collect silverware before heading back out to the bar with Mila's meal. As soon as the plate landed in front the girl, she had picked the steak up with both hands. Savaron wasn't quite aware of just how much saliva she'd been idly soaking up until she felt it running down Mila's chin while she ate.

“I'll leave you to your feast,” Savaron said, pulling herself off of Mila. The human seemed unaware of anything other than food, wolfing down the hefty cut of meat with ease. “As for you,” she said, solidifying her legs. “Trust that ol Savri has a plan, hmm?”

“Please don't tell me you're going to fuck the giant spider woman.”

“That's not a bad idea,” she said, stroking her chin in feigned thought. “But no, not this time. I've hired some help.”

“Does your help know what they're signing up for?”

“Sure do! We agreed on a fair price, and Ash should be here hopefully sometime this afternoon,” she said, walking around to the back of the bar. “One small goblin hoard is going to drive out the drider over in Vastkóg.”

“Goblins? That's your plan?” Phil said, watching as his boss picked out a spare vest.

“Seems like an easy enough plan to me!” she said, flattening the vest while finding a bottom to go with it. “I think pants tonight,” she mumbled, sliding her mass into a pair of tight-legged trousers. “Ash is confident her and her hoard can wrap up that drider and send her packing.”

“I suppose it's better than you running around trying to do it yourself,” Phil said, turning his attention back to Mila. “Is she okay?”

“Oh she'll be fine – she's just hungry. Whatever she wants, put it on my tab,” Savaron said, sliding a belt on. “Now, this week should be the end of finals, unless I'm mistaken. I'm going to go get the gold ready for Ash, just in case – you get the floor ready for rush hour.”

Taking the raw steak that had been on the counter, the slime slid it down her throat somewhere into her chest, fizzling it away delightedly. Mila had started licking her fingers and lips, not a trace of the cut remained so far as Phil could tell.

“Alright, alright, I get it,” he said, taking the practically clean plate away. “Another steak,” he mumbled, heading back to the kitchen.

Mila's belly growled, eagerly working away at the rather alarming amount of food she'd managed to put away. Her stomach had bulged out into her lap, but she didn't care. The commotion of the now packed bar was more irritating than her stomach was embarrassing. Where was that next steak anyways?

“Mila, right?” The voice was familiar, but Mila was still too hungry to focus properly. “Hey!” The tug at her somehow not ripped shirt caught her attention.

“Ash?” Mila managed to sputter out, still glancing towards the kitchen in hopes of the next steak.

“I'm here to collect the first half of the payment. You know where the goo is?”

“Not currently,” Mila said, glancing towards the kitchen. The fever dream she had sworn off earlier had resurfaced. Closing her eyes, she tried to push the fantastic flavors she had imagined belonged to Ash out of her mind. She needed some way to focus on something other than food. “I can find her though. Come with me, you can wait in the guest room.”

“Fine,” Ash said, following the human as she made her way towards the stairs.

Mila scoured the crowded tavern, hopes of finding Savaron's voice of reason becoming fainter and fainter with each step. Where had the slime wandered off to?

“Hurry it up,” the goblin said, pushing past Mila on the stairs. Her stomach jostled, working up a growl of hunger despite how filling her previous meal had been. Her eyes fixated on the goblin's toned rear as she headed up the stairs, mouth watering at the thought of it filling her mouth.

Tearing her eyes away from Ash one more time, Mila desperately hoped to find Savaron – or even Phil – somewhere in the crowd. No matter how hard she focused though, she couldn't make their heads out of the crowd. If Savaron was down there, serving her patrons, Mila's eyes weren't seeing her.

“How long you gonna make me wait, human?”

“Sorry,” Mila said, heading up the stairs to join Ash.

“You're not drunk, are ya?” the goblin asked, following Mila as she headed towards one of the guest room doors.

“Not at all,” she said, opening the door. This had been the guest room that Savaron had allotted to her so she could rest after eating. The sun had set some time ago, and this was the first time she'd laid eyes upon the room. Gulping nervously, she stepped inside the room with Ash. “Just wait here, I'll find Savaron and let her know you're here.”

Mila turned quickly, shutting the door behind her. In the quieter halls of the second floor, the only noise that seemed to permeate the cacophony below was the incessant growling of her stomach.

She wanted to eat Ash.

“No,” she whispered to herself, shaking her head. “It's not right,” she said, trepidly heading for the stairs. She paused at the top of the stairs, looking down to the noisy floor, then back to the door she had let Ash into. Biting her lip, she turned away from the stairs, and headed back to the guest room.

Letting herself inside, she carefully locked the door behind her.

She didn't want to do this. She didn't want to feel the ecstasy of a living creature fighting and squirming in her guts; to learn flavors of a person.

“Well?” Ash asked, hands on her hips. “Where's the goo?”

“On her way,” Mila lied, heading over to the bed. Sitting down, she stared at the floor for a moment.

She wanted to know. Wanted to feel something start squirming. To feel it stop squirming.

And every decadent step in between.

“How are you going to do it?” Mila asked, stomach grumbling.

“Run the spider out?” Ash huffed. “What's it to ya?”

“I'm just curious. Is the gold really worth risking your lives like that?”

“Ain't nothin stands between a gobbin and her gold,” Ash said, standing proudly. Mila's gaze flowed from her bare feet, up to her loosely packed legs. A slight bit of pudge pushed the goblin's shirt out, adding ever more strain to the button up that was tightly compressing her chest. “Truth is, I haven't told the hoard yet,” she continued. “They won't be too willing to help, unless they see the gold.”

“It just seems so risky for goblins to go and attack a drider. Surely there's a better, safer way?”

“Who said anythin' about attacking the spider? I was plannin' on burnin her out and tying her up.”

“Quite the plan.” Mila's gaze eventually found the goblin's face, mouth watering as she picked out each crease or bump that her tongue might slide over. Her fiery red hair was topped with the same dirty cap she'd had at the station, though it was instead flowing out of the cap, rather than being bunched up under it. “What if she retaliates, or gets violent?”

“You think gobbins can't be sneaky?” Ash asked, silently walking over to the human. Standing face to face with the still sitting Mila, the goblin stared into her eyes. “If we don't make it back, you don't pay the rest, simple. Where is your blasted goo?”

“Simple,” Mila repeated. Grabbing both of Ash's arms, she leaned in and bit into her shoulder. The goblin yelped with pain as Mila's venom pumped into the bite, squirming in her grip.

“By Gias' bosom!” Ash hissed, butting her head against the human. Mila released her grip, hands on her head as she rubbed the sore spot. The goblin stumbled backwards, hand on her shoulder as the venom pumped throughout her body. “What's the matter with you humans?!” she hissed, footing faltering slightly.

“I'm so sorry!” Mila said, rubbing her head. “I don't know what came over me!”

“I'll find the goo on my o-own,” Ash snarled, stumbling towards the door. “I'll b-be back for y-you,” she started, tripping over her feet. She fell to the floor with a thump, head turned towards the door.

Mila stared at the paralyzed goblin, watching as her movements ground to a halt. Her stomach growled as she took in the curves of her body, mouth salivating as her eyes drifted over her rear once more.

“Let me help you,” Mila said, walking over to the goblin. Carefully, she reached down, rolling the goblin over. She was still breathing, eyes darting around like mad as Mila slid an arm under her back, another under her legs. Lifting her up with ease, she walked back to the bed and laid her down. “There we go,” she said, brushing Ash's red hair out of her face.

The goblins eyes were focused intently on Mila, her lips attempting to form words that her mouth could not fulfill.

“I am, truly sorry,” Mila whispered, climbing up onto the bed with Ash. She sat down on the bed, holding Ash up by the shoulders to face her. “But I need to know,” she said, leaning towards the goblin's head. She opened her mouth wide, irresponsible amounts of saliva dribbling down her chin as her tongue rolled out.

The goblin could only stare as the pink, wet muscle touched her chin, dragging itself slowly up her face. Thick globs of the human's saliva clung to her cheeks and nose, a few more dribbling down from her forehead.

Mila shuddered at the taste, swishing it around in her mouth for a bit.

Without a word, she opened her mouth again, plunging the goblin's head in entirely. She moaned around Ash's sensitive ears as they folded into her cheeks, her hair matting up against the roof of her mouth like sandwich bread.

She exhaled as her lips closed around the goblin's neck, and started to swallow.

Inch by trepid inch, Ash's head was pulled into Mila's throat. As her shoulders entered the human's mouth, panic settled in with no outlet to free itself. The goblin could only grunt into the heavy, wet throat that now surrounded her head as she was pulled further in.

With Ash's breasts now pushing against her chin, Mila pulled and tugged, feeling her jaw start to go sore just as the soft mounds plopped into her mouth. Sighing with relief, she hoisted Ash up by her waist, tilting her head back to let gravity assist her.

As the goblin's head pushed into her stomach, Mila felt her belly push out against her legs. Leaning back further, she swallowed more hastily. As delicious as the goblin was, she was starting to question whether or not her meal would fit.

Soon Ash's rear was slurped up into Mila's maw, along with the last traces of her red hair. She had been right, the bottom of the goblin filled her cheeks out deliciously. Having the practiced muscle glide against the roof of her mouth only increased her desire to feel it slide down her throat, and so she continued.

Eventually, the goblin's toned legs were all that remained outside of her mouth. Leaning her head against the wall, Mila closed her eyes and swallowed, feeling the powerful muscles slip into her throat, her feet disappearing into her mouth.

She had done it.

Swallowing again, Ash's feet disappeared down Mila's throat in a hurry, bulging it out one last time. Another swallow pulled them down beyond her chest, disappearing into her mountainous gut.

Looking down at her exposed, distended stomach, Mila felt an odd sense of pride lingering in her throat. She'd actually done it. For the first time that she could recall, Mila felt wholly and truly full.

It took an entire goblin to reach that point – someone she'd only met the day before. What were her life plans? Did she have a family to go back to?

Did she know she was going to be food?

Mila shivered at the last question, feeling her stomach clench and squeeze her meal. The sensation of being full was like nothing she had experienced before. It didn't matter who walked through that door next, even if they saw her impossibly large, squirming gut – she was in Gias' embrace right now.

Laying down on the bed, her crotch began to burn for attention as her stomach's weight pressed against her. Gingerly, she slid her hand between her stomach and her thighs, toying with the idea of making a mess on the bed. Biting her lip, she slid her hand into her pants and slowly started fingering herself. Turning her head to the side, her eyes fell on Ash's discarded, dirty cap.

She stared at the hat, still knuckle deep in her drooling pussy.

Her stomach growled as her meal shifted, bringing her fully back to the reality she'd just consigned herself to. What was she thinking? How was she supposed to hide a goblin sized stomach?! When did it slip into her mind that this was, in any way, a good idea?

Then her meal started to move.

Mila inhaled sharply, squirming as though to arch her back, though her stomach's weight would not allow that. She pulled her finger from her pussy, placing both hands on her stomach. She could feel each movement Ash made under her skin. Every squirm, every kick, every swear.

“I'm so s-sorry,” she said, placing both hands on her stomach as she stifled a moan. Being stretched so thin, stuffed so unbelieviebly full, had her mind escaping the realm of proper words. Her thighs were alight with desire, her pussy lips quivering as the mass of her stomach applied pressure in just the right places.

Covering her mouth, she moaned as Ash found more energy within her belly. The goblin was making some semblence of word-sounding noises, but she didn't care. If anything, she wanted her meal to kick and squirm more – really rough up her stomach!

Sitting up proved to be a mistake. Her belly pushed down against her crotch, each kick and squirm electrifying more nerves than she thought she had in her body. Her sensitive stomach now abusing her aroused pussy proved an intoxicating combination however; sooner than she would've cared to admit, the bed sheets had become nearly as soaked as her stomach was with her excitement.

Resisting the pleasure seemed to only increase its effect, the next orgasm sending her into a stupor. Her hands roamed her belly, groping and poking, prodding and kneading at her meal as another orgasm built up. She leaned down to her stomach, kissing it tenderly while her third orgasm ruined any hopes she had of escaping pleasure.

“This has been one otherworldly night,” Savaron said, helping Phil scrub down the bartop. “Must've been a pretty good year!”

“I don't know how they keep up with that kind of life,” the human said, wiping sweat from his brow. “At least it's over now. And look! No broken furniture!”

“One time!” Savaron grumbled. “Never liked that chair anyways.” The slime smiled, standing up to admire their work. “Did Ash ever come by?” she asked, sliding the belt she'd put on earlier off.

“I didn't see her,” Phil said, stretching. “Where's Mila, by the way? She never finished that last steak I set out for her.”

“Must've gotten her fill and went to lie down. She's been through a lot these past couple days.”

“I'll wrap up the kitchen if you want to go check on her,” Phil said, throwing a towel over his shoulder.

“Sometimes I wonder if you're this nice to me or every jell-o shot that walks through the door,” she snickered, heading towards the stairs.

“If you ever figure it out, don't tell anyone – I've got a reputation to maintain, after all!” he said, heading into the kitchen.

Savaron shook her head, slowly climbing the stairs. She'd left one of the guest rooms reserved for Mila, though she had wagered that she would've seen more of her throughout the night.

“That's odd,” she said, jiggling the locked handle. Oozing part of her hand into the mechanism, the slime easily unlocked the door, letting herself inside. “How's it going, Mila?” she asked, shutting the door as she stepped into the dark room.

Her feet rapidly informed her that something was off.

“Mila?” she called out, core beginning to thump. Rubbing her hands together, the slime conjured what energy she had to start glowing. Looking around the room, her core seemed to freeze in place.

Every possible surface had been thoroughly coated in some kind of webbing – the same kind she had found Mila rolling around in earlier. The thumping of her core intensified as her light cast itself upon the bed.

There, in the center of the bed, was a massive, webbed cocoon. Looking around for any signs of a struggle, the slime only found an eerily familiar hat, cast aside on the floor. For a moment, she thought her core was thumping again, only to realize that it was, in fact, the cocoon.