05 – Sheet Web

“What in the nine isles?” Savaron cursed, the light from her hands flickering. “Mila?” she whispered, fumbling forward into the dimly lit room. Carefully, she sat down next to the cocoon, mattress barely acknowledging her mass.

The slime stared at the wrap, her thoughts as chaotic as the silk she was so carelessly losing mass to. Seconds ticked away before her core finally coiled her thoughts into a somewhat coherent collection. First things first, she had to find Mila.

Well, perhaps find wasn't quite the right word...

She knew just enough about cocoons to know that, usually, you wanted to leave them well enough alone. One of this size, in Mila's room... Either it was Mila in there, or some impossibly large monstrosity. Letting her hands liquify for a moment, she began prying a seam through the silky layers, slowly but surely spreading them apart.

With meticulous effort, she eventually spread the silk apart. With the cocoon fully splayed, her chest bubbled softly in relief. It was Mila. She began brushing the inner strands of silk off of her partner, taking care to mop up any lingering residues the threads may have deposited.

“Mila?” she asked, rolling the slumbering human onto her back.

Or rather, attempting to roll her.

Instead, she found Mila's stomach bloated and heavy, resisting any attempts to move her with ease. A newfound appetite was one thing, but this was extreme. If she didn't know any better, she could've sworn Mila was pregnant!

It wasn't possible for a slime to get a human pregnant... right?

Setting that rather fizzy thought aside for the time being, Savaron refocused her efforts on waking the human. Sliding a hand under her cheek, she turned the lightly snoring girl to face her.

“Mila, you need to wake up,” she said, eyes searching for any signs of movement. “Mila!” she said, a bit louder this time. Under normal circumstances, she could appreciate a heavy meal and a long nap, but the silk absorbing her mass kept reaching for her attention.

“Sav?” Mila mumbled, stomach grumbling as she squirmed. “M' sleepin.”

“You need to wake up,” Savaron said, caressing the human's face. “What happened?”

“Must've dozed off,” Mila mumbled, batting away the slime's hands. “Don't s'pose you're feeling savory right now, are you?” she asked, licking her lips.

“You're kidding, right?”

“No, 'm hungry,” she yawned, idly rubbing her stomach.

Fantasies of slime droplets rolling around her tavern briefly occupied the slime's thoughts.

“Sit up and we can get you something to eat.”

“Fine,” Mila mumbled, rolling over to her back. Her stomach audibly sloshed, gurgling loudly at the movement as its mass settled. “What in the world?”

“You sure you're hungry?”

“Savri, what happened?”

“I was hoping you could tell me,” the slime said, casting the light from her hands across the dark room. “Found you wrapped up in this,” she said, holding up a bit of the shredded cocoon. “Are you okay?”

“I have no idea!” Mila hissed, eyes transfixed on the silk while her hands were glued to her gut.

“What do you remember?”

“I,” she paused, stifling a burp. “The last thing I remember is eating the steak that Phil set out for me.”

“There's definitely more than just one or two steaks in there. What else did you eat?”

“Just the steaks!” She paused, scouring her brain again. “I think.”

“I could go in and check,” the slime offered, resting a hand on Mila's belly.

“There was something else,” the human said, closing her eyes as she focused. “Something delicious. Better than anything I've ever tasted.”

“Well what was it? I'll have to make sure to make it a special!”

“I can't remember,” Mila said, stifling yet another belch.

“Must've been pretty good, whatever it was,” Savaron said, gesturing towards Mila's waist. Her underwear was still shoved down, loosely wrapped around her thighs.

“What in the Isles?” Mila mumbled, pulling her pants and panties back up.

“Still doesn't explain the silk everywhere,” Savaron said, glancing around the room one more time. “It's going to take a while to digest all of this.”

“Is,” Mila paused, a third burp pushing its way up through her throat. The eructation nearly rattled her teeth, leaving an odd sensation in her throat. “Sorry, something in my throat,” she said, placing a hand on her chest.

“I'll get it,” Savaron said, casually reaching into Mila's mouth. She found the obstruction, carefully pulling it out of the human's mouth. On the trip back out though, she did make sure to take her fair share of thick, hot saliva. Eventually, the slime forced herself to stop slurping up the delectable substance and pull the obstruction fully out.

With a heavy splat, a tattered bra landed on the human's gurgling stomach.

“I don't suppose that's yours, is it?” Mila asked, color draining from her face.

“Not mine,” the slime whispered back.

“You're sure?”

“All of mine are lace, and I don't usually wear them.”

“Then whose is it?” Mila asked. The two stared in silence at the soaked bra, the human's stomach gurgling loudly underneath it. In some vain hope, Mila picked it up, holding it up to her chest. “Savri,” she said, staring at the woefully ill-fit garment. “What did I do?”

The slime said nothing, instead placing a hand on Mila's bloated belly. The warm skin of her partner gave way ever so slightly at her touch, occasionally growling or gurgling in response. The repeated intrusions into the human's distended middle continued to yield only one, ever inescapable truth.

“I think you've eaten someone,” the slime finally said, her gaze slowly moving back up to Mila's face.

No,” Mila whispered, hands on her stomach. She closed her eyes, clenching at her belly as if to squeeze the contents out.

“Mila,” Savaron said, placing her hands over the human's. “Mila,” she said again, pulling her arms up. “No-one can change what has been done.”

Why,” Mila asked, tears beginning to well. “Why would I do this?”

“It's got to be something that Risha did to you.”

“But why? What could she do that would make me,” she paused, the words hung in her throat.

“Maybe you didn't,” Savaron said, a new idea conjuring up in her core.

“Savaron! There is no other explanation!” The human held up the tattered bra again for emphasis.

“No, it doesn't make any sense,” the slime said, looking around the room. “Where did the silk come from? How did you get a whole person into your belly without a fight?”

“What about the webs from last night? In my room?” The slime said nothing, core beginning to spin as she tried to focus in on something – anything that might shed reason as to what was happening. “What about this?” Mila asked, holding the bra up again.

“Enough of that,” Savaron said, snatching the garment away from the human. She took it into her mass, obscuring it behind her jacket. Electing not to mention how divine the generous helping of various stomach juices and saliva was proving to be, the slime pushed forward to a new train of thought. “What if this was Risha's doing?”


“What if she forced you to eat someone, then cocooned you?”


“I don't know,” the slime admitted. “I just know that whatever happened, it wasn't your fault.”

“Savaron!” Mila said, holding her belly for emphasis once more.

“I won't believe it,” the slime said, looking at Mila's belly. “If it's your fault, why can't you remember what happened?” It was the human's turn to fall silent, her gaze slowly drifting down from the slime's to her stomach. “Whatever happened, at the very least, you're not solely responsible for.”

The human stared at her stomach, the only source of sound in the room as the couple tried to think.

“Doesn't change what happened,” she finally whispered.

“No, I suppose it doesn't,” the slime sighed.

“I can't believe I'm saying this,” Mila said, wiping her eyes. “But I'm still hungry.”

“That, at least, I can help with,” Savaron said, placing her hand on Mila's once more.

“But I don't want to eat.” The words hung in the air, so much so that Savaron's core threatened to twitch. “I don't want to let this happen again.”

“I'll help you,” Savaron said. “You don't have to go through this alone.” Mila pulled the gooey figure into a hug – a somewhat awkward embrace for a semi-solid being. “Besides, that's my home,” the slime said, smiling as she felt Mila's snicker mix with a sob.

“Now,” the slime said, pulling back from the embrace. “You try and get some sleep. I'll take care of all this.”


Sleep. Words in the morning, okay?” Savaron leaned back in, replacing the rest of the silken cocoon under the human with a blanket. She gave Mila a kiss on the forehead before focusing on her own need for rest.

Had she any energy to spare, she would've stayed awake all night with Mila. As things stood though, her mass had been holding shape for far too long, her own legs threatening to dissolve at any moment.

Deciding to stay in Mila's room, Savaron let herself into the bathroom, collapsing into the tub. With a splash, she closed off the tub's drain, pooling herself just under the faucet to rest. She was going to need her energy tomorrow...

For Mila though, sleep was but a elusive fantasy.

She was full – satisfied, even – but sleep would not come. She had managed to rest most of the evening, leaving her more than refreshed and awake now. Though, even if she could sleep, she doubted she would.

Laying in the bed, she stared at the ceiling, trying not to focus on her stomach.

But how could she not? The thing gurgled and groaned – sometimes so loudly she swore she could feel it shake the bed!

Questions and curiosity plagued her mind, inviting such quandaries as why? and how?

Since she was going to be awake the rest of the night anyway, she decided to try and ignore the question of how for the time being. Why had she done it? Why couldn't she remember?

No matter how hard she tried, the only images she could conjure up were that of a warm, comfortable bed and big, filling meals. It was as though an instinct had taken over, settling her into an auto pilot of sorts.

Perhaps she was possessed? Bewitched? Maybe she was still asleep at this very moment, the whole experience some kind of nightmare inflicted upon her by a scorned dream eater?

No, everything felt too real. There was something absolutely clarifying about the meal she'd managed to indulge in. Were she bewitched or possessed, she had to wonder who would do such a thing, let alone command her to eat some goblin she barely knew...

What if it was instinct?

She was no stranger to instinct, having found herself at her dorm or at her next class with nary a memory of the journey there. If she tried hard enough, sometimes she could remember bits and pieces of the trip, but only just.

But what instinct? What would compel her to eat another creature like that?

Her stomach groaned and growled as she rolled to her side, bed creaking under her shifting center of gravity.

No humans she knew of had an instinct like that. If they did, they certainly never acted on it. So why did she have this instinct? Other creatures capable of swallowing their meals whole looked nothing like her – from mermaids to dragons and centaurs, none shared her comparatively petite frame.

Slowly, she got to her feet, discarding the blanket Savaron had so carefully tucked her in with. Quietly, she made her way into the bathroom, only glancing around to make sure the slime wasn't there.

In the dead of night, the light of the moon shining in through the fogged window, she looked into the mirror.

Staring at her hazel eyes, she resisted blinking. Maybe, if she was observant, she could catch some alter-ego peeking through, hiding in the darkness of her pupils. She stayed there for a time as her eyes watered, desperate for reprieve.

The cool air raised the hair on her arms, the eventual shiver giving her eyes an excuse to blink. Whatever secret identity her pupils hid, they would not reveal it tonight. Slowly, her eyes wandered over the rest of her face – inspecting each barely visible freckle, every hair of her eyebrows.

Eventually, her gaze landed on her lips. She knew they concealed another purpose – her newfound fangs. Slowly, she opened her mouth – teeth still well hidden. She didn't want to bare her teeth – her tongue gave her plenty of reminder that her new incisors were still there.

She did so regardless, pressing forward. The fangs were just as prominent, if not more so than the first time she'd noticed them. Closing her mouth, she felt no strange sensation by the protrusions. Her mouth felt normal, as though her teeth had always been like this.

As her gaze rose back to her eyes, a new feeling began to set in.

The longer she stared, the more it felt like this was not her body. Her skin reacted like her own, her muscles responded just as she would expect them to; but it did not feel right. Something was off.

Not wanting to look the stranger in the mirror in the eyes any longer, she cast her gaze down to her hands. Experimentally, she flexed her fingers – curling and uncurling them slowly, watching the mechanical motion. It wasn't until her fingers started to tremble, that she had had enough.

Burying all of the intrusive thoughts deep in her mind, she wrapped herself in her arms, quietly leaving the bathroom and finding her way back to the bed. Sitting down, she put a hand to her stomach before lying down on her side – away from the bathroom door.

Back in the bathroom, the puddle that was Savaron trembled. Tonight, Mila's gentle weeping would eventually carry them both to sleep.

Slimes, as flexible as they are in all other areas, tend to have more rigid rest requirements. Suffice it to say that lack of proper rest for a slime would eventually result in collapse. Their body would simply cease to hold together, forcing the creature into a loose liquid state until the stresses of holding shape could properly recover.

What that usually translated into, was a solid four to six hours of sleep for the slime, per day, minimum. Most slimes, if they needed to be active for longer, would simply take more restful breaks throughout the day – spread out their regeneration.

Savaron, however, was still very much in a liquid state as the sun rose. She had pushed her mass to its limit over the past couple of days, and the events of last night had left her more than physically exhausted.

To that end, Mila decided to burden only herself with her woes this morning. Leaving the webbed room and its troubles behind for another time, she headed to the campus library to try and find some answers.

Thankfully, it was still somewhat early in the morning. While there were a few other early birds out and about, the library itself was virtually empty. Ducking inside, she hoped she wouldn't be disturbed too much in her search for knowledge.

But where to begin?

Magic itself had a whole devoted section, spanning nearly a quarter of one floor, and half the next. Though she tended to avoid this section out of sheer frustration; the library's organization was one that she was intimately familiar with.

A paltry stack of books in hand, she made her way to a study cove and settled in. Her selection yielded a jumble of titles, but they were the best sources she could find on her first pass.

Defense Against Drider – A Traveler's Companion – it was the one book she'd managed to find with drider in the title.

Drider are formidable opponents that should not be underestimated. Possessing the strength and agility of a spider, along with the cunning of a human is a deadly combination. One must always be prepared when traveling near or through drider infested territory.

While surviving an encounter with a drider is not unheard of, these instances are exceptions rather than the rule. Some drider have taken to acting docile as a way to lure in prey – if you see a drider, always keep in mind that they view you as food.

Never travel alone when concerned with drider if you can avoid it. While drider are formidable, they are not invincible, and can be overwhelmed by numbers. Fire spells or devices are a quick way to disengage with a drider if you're ever caught off guard.

Mila's heart sank. If she was truly to become a drider, she could never show her face around humans again. The rest of the book went in to tactical weaknesses when approaching a drider – be it for capture or to kill. Crossbows, spears – even thrown apparatus were all suggested. Anything to maintain distance between yourself and the threat.

Her next book, Vicious Vexes and Horrible Hexes, was... a choice. Part of her still clung to the hope that she was transforming by means of some curse Risha had put on her. Opening the book, she began scouring the pages for anything useful she might be able to gleam.

While the various hexes were bemusing at best, she found little in the way of transformation. With titles like “Attack of the Silverware” and “The Bubbly Bra,” that particular book seemed to be aimed at more juvenile applications of magic, rather than anything truly egregious like full blown transformation.

Though, she did set it aside for later. Dancing silverware or antagonistic underwear might be juvenile, but the hexes themselves were simple enough to grasp in theory, and they might prove useful one day...

The third book, titled Magical Creatures and You, seemed a bit more hopeful at first glance. A few pages in though, and it was apparent that this book's sole purpose was to capture magical creatures and bring them to local authorities for study or dissection. The creatures themselves weren't even named, only summarily categorized.

For small magical creatures, it was advised to use nets and bags; for larger creatures, ropes and crossbows for binding. It went into detail on how hunting parties should move and communicate, or how they could coordinate to bring down nests of creatures at a time. Her expression now thoroughly sour, she flipped the book over.

This year?!” And presented by the Governor's library no less!

Feeling thoroughly betrayed by her own skin once more, she put the two less than helpful books back where she found them, taking the other to the counter to check out.

“Mila! You're here early,” the librarian said, smiling. “I didn't see you come in!”

“Hi Ms. Rose,” Mila said, setting the book down on the counter. “I wanted to get in early. Got a big project to get ready for.”

“Hexes and Vexes? Just what kind of project are you planning?”

“It wasn't my first choice,” Mila mumbled. “I really need to find something on drider, but I'm not having much luck there, either.”

“Drider? Rather odd subject,” Ms. Rose said, scribbling down the book's information. “Have you tried looking up information on demi humans?”

“Demi humans?”

“It's the proper term for creatures like drider – half humans. We don't have a big selection of those books anymore, but there might still be something useful for you.”

“I'll have to check them out,” Mila said, taking the Hex book back off the counter.

“I trust you'll sign your books out when you're ready if I'm not here?” Ms. Rose said, pushing her glasses up.

“Of course! Thank you Ms. Rose!”

Mila wandered back to the Magic section, a renewed glint in her eyes. Scouring the first floor section didn't yield any results, unfortunately. Not even a hint of demi-anything in the titles so far. She was about to give up on the second floor as well, were it not for a slim section tucked away in the very back corner.

Demi Humans

“Finally,” she mumbled, starting at the top. The section was only three shelves tall by one shelf wide, but at least it was something. Most of the books focused on merfolk or scylla – creatures of the vast oceans. Setting her interest aside, she eventually found a few books that were worth a closer look.

Savaron bubbled quietly in her tub, core drifting lazily around in the warm light. Pulling herself together, she started resting her chest against the porcelain container, blinking her eyes into existence.

While slime's didn't biologically need to yawn, Savaron had maintained the habit for as long as she could remember. Something about her previous iterations, to be sure; but an overall not terrible way to yank herself to the present after a good night's rest. Stretching her arms, she slid out of the tub, legs still solidifying as she found an upright posture.

“Mila?” she called out, yawning again. “You up? Did you get some rest?” she asked, pushing the door open. The warmth from the sun faded as she stepped into the web ridden room. “Where did you go?”

Before she could head out and find the human, she had to clean up the webbing. Letting her legs deform from her knees down, she simply glided across the room, soaking up any silky goodness she could find.

The material had a slightly different taste from the last time she remembered. Not quite unpleasant, but... noticeable. Was it tangy, maybe? No, that didn't fit... Smooth?

Yeah. It tasted smooth. Not exactly a traditional taste, but it was the only one that came to mind as she went about the process of absorbing the stuff. Feeling her mass increase, she simply spread herself out further, absorbing more of the webbing faster.

A whirlwind of less than conventional cleaning later, and she was done. Not a single strand of silk remained in the room – it had all been collected and absorbed by her body. No-one would know but her and Mila. Sighing contently, the slime reformed her legs, only to find her feet still in a puddle.

The extra mass was a bit... more than she expected. Dumping it all in her chest nearly landed her a face-first splash on the floor; and her thighs would basically be formless if she put it there. Grumbling at her efficiency, she decided to simply evenly distribute it.

Her height increased, along with the rest of her body in appropriate proportions. Still having a bit of puddle around her feet, she decided to dump any remaining extra mass to her chest today – she was feeling a bit jiggly, after all.

Shaking off the first mass adjustment tingles of the day, she returned to the bathroom to collect her clothes. The trousers were out of the question – they were tight legged before, she'd rip them to shreds if she tried to slide in now. Her vest was... optimistic, given her new bosom.

Sliding the vest on, she went downstairs, peering into the bar area for signs of life. One or two early birds, no doubt after Phil's infamous omelets.

“Phil?” she whisper-yelled, looking towards the kitchen.


“Hey! You got any spare clothes?”

The shrill clang of a pan missing it's destination on the stove rang out.

“What?!” Phil poked his head around the corner, looking at the slime. “What happened to you?”

“I'll explain later, can I have some pants first?” She paused, sliding to the other side of the bar to avoid any further inquisitive looks from the patrons. “Or an apron?”

“One second,” Phil grumbled, returning to his omelet. He finished preparing the dish and set it aside, leaning down to grab an extra apron from the cabinets in the back. On his way back out, he dropped off the meal to a quiet patron before heading over to Savaron. “What did you do?

“It was a busy night!” she said defensively, sliding the apron's hoop over her head. Tying up the back was a bit more cumbersome than normal, but she managed.

“Got any spare pants back there?”

“I don't think mine would fit you!” he said, looking up at his boss as she stood up. “You're nearly a head taller than me!”

“Guess I'll have to figure something out,” she mumbled, looking around the bar.

“Can't you just get rid of extra mass?”

“Not unless you're feeling particularly hungry.”

“I'm not eating you. That's just weird.”

“It's perfectly natural!” she said, feigning offense. “I'm told I taste kinda like blue berries.”

“You look,” he paused, hand on his chin. “Opaque today.”

“Do I?” she asked, looking down at her body. “I hadn't noticed.”

“Hmm. Here,” he said, taking his own apron off and handing it over. “Put that around your back. You'll look silly, but at least nobody will try and fine you for disrupting anything.”

“Thanks,” she said, sliding the apron on, facing opposite the first. At least she had extra pockets now... “Guess I have to go shopping.”

“You need some gold?”

“No, I got it covered.”

“What about that deal last night with the goblin?”

“Too rich for my goo after all,” she said, shrugging. “Couldn't come to an agreement.”

“Well, if you find something that fits, bring that apron back in one piece – it's my lucky one,” he said, heading back to the kitchen.

“Excuse me,” Savaron said, ducking into the library. “Have you seen Mila?” she asked, correcting her posture as she approached the desk.

“Second floor, I believe,” Ms. Rose said, adjusting her glasses. “Have you gotten bigger since I saw you last?”

“You could say that,” Savaron said, rubbing the back of her head. “Bit of a long story.”

“Mmm,” the librarian said, watching silently as the larger than normal slime ascended to the second floor.

“Where are you?” Savaron whispered, managing to find a benefit to her extra height. Peering over the shelves, she carefully walked down the isles, trying to catch a glimpse of Mila.

“A-ha!” she said, more to herself than to anyone else. Turning to head down between the shelves proved to be a bit of an oversight, part of her shirt catching a book and taking a shelf down.

“Savaron?” Mila asked, looking up from her book she'd been studying. “How'd you find me?”

“Where else would you go?” Savaron asked, picking the books back up and placing them on the shelf. “I'd have been more surprised if you were still at the tavern when I woke up.” Making her way over to Mila with a bit more caution in mind, she sat down on the other side of the study cove. “Find anything useful?” she asked, head curled against the ceiling of the small chamber.

“What are you wearing?” Mila asked, squinting.

“It's the only thing they had that would fit me!” the slime pouted, crossing her arms.

“At least you'll be warm I suppose. Not sure flannel goes well with your slime.”

“Is it the flannel? Or the overalls?” Savaron asked, looking down at her legs.

“We'll have to ask Cassidy,” Mila said, closing the book she'd been reading. “To answer your question, no luck so far.”

“Really? You'd think a library would have something on drider.”

“Oh, they have some books on drider,” Mila said, reaching over to her 'discard' pile. “How to capture and kill a drider,” she said, pointing to one spine. “How to fuck your way out of a drider's grasp; how to hunt a drider; where to turn a drider in for a fine reward,” she grumbled, pushing the tower over.

“Which one was how to seduce a drider?” Savaron asked, poking through the now pile of books.

“Drider was a bust for help. Tried transformation magic, nothing really helpful there though. Not unless you want dancing silverware.”

“Oh, that could be fun!”

“This one is the most helpful book I've found so far,” she said, holding up the book she had been reading.

The Demi-Human Royal Compendium, Second Edition,” Savaron said, contorting her head to read the title. “What's a demi-human?”

“Technically, I think you are,” Mila said, opening the book again. “It's supposed to mean part human I think.”

“I'm part human?” Savaron said, looking down at her semi-transparent hands. “I feel like I should've been told.”

“I think they only consider slimes that can take on human form to be demi humans.”

“Got any juicy secrets about me in there?”

“Only that you don't mix very well with salt water. Other than that, they don't have much. I guess slimes are rarer than the rest of the demi-humans in here.”

“Does it have anything on drider?”

“More than I was expecting,” Mila said, flipping back to the spot she had been reading. “Apparently there are as many types of drider as there are types of spiders. Big ones, small ones, jumping ones, burrowing ones...”

“Makes sense.”

“Did you know most drider have something called a book lung?” Savaron shook her head. “It's some kind of semi-passive lung on the bottom of their abdomen.”

“Sounds freaky. What else?”

“Two stomachs for all except the smallest of drider species,” Mila said, turning the page. “They're quick, quiet and most are naturally armored on their spider bits.”

“What about magic?”

“What about it?”

“Does it say they can do magic?”

“I don't think I've gotten to that part yet,” Mila said, flipping to the next page. “Here we go: most drider are incapable of using magic, as the drider body normally absorbs or dissipates directed magic. Any drider capable of magic are hunted by their fellow drider, usually perceived as a potential threat to others.

“Well, that doesn't sound like Risha,” Savaron said, gaze drawing to the floor. “Maybe she's working with someone else who can use magic?”

“Who would team up with a drider?” Mila asked, temple scrunched in frustration. “And that still doesn't explain why they would target me.”

“Maybe there's another book or section we can look through?”

“I've been here for hours, Savri,” Mila said, setting the compendium on her worryingly small 'check-out' tower. “I've been through every book I can find about drider, about magic transformation, even the odd romance story. I wasn't kidding when I said this was the most useful book I've found.”

“Well, what next then?”

“I think we have to go find Risha,” Mila said, her eyes burrowing into the same spot that Savaron's gaze had found earlier.

“Are you sure?”

“She's the only one who knows for sure what she did to me. We've just got to find a way to make her talk.” Mila silently started collecting the books from her 'discard' pile, standing up to return them to their proper shelves. “And I want to check on my parents... make sure they're okay.”

“Well, it is still pretty early. We can probably catch the mid day train, if we hurry!”

“Was that ride a little... too serene?” Savaron asked, straightening her overalls.

“I hadn't noticed,” Mila said, stepping onto the platform. “I imagine it's got to do with the drider we reported.”

“That's what I mean,” the slime said, doing her best to match Mila's stride. “You'd think there would be troops or knights or... something.

“Maybe they took care of her already?”

“That doesn't feel right,” Savaron said, folding her arms across her chest.

“Suppose it's a good thing I've got you to protect me then,” Mila said, bumping her hip against the slime's thigh.

“Keep that up and you'll knock me over,” the slime grumbled, catching her balance. “Still don't know what I'm going to do with all this extra me.”

“Why don't you just liquify your legs or something?”

“Clothes make it easier for me to hold my shape,” Savaron said, looking down at her aforementioned features. “Besides, legs are comfy!”

“Well, it's still here,” Mila sighed, taking in the familiar, if empty looking, streets of her home town. “Still quieter than I remember, too...”

“I'm beginning to think you might just have a loud memory.”

The couple walked down the streets of Vastkóg, just as they had the last time they had visited. Being a couple feet taller and quite a bit more massive garnered Savaron a few more glances than usual; but the two were never approached. Windows and doors remained tightly shut, the light breeze barely strong enough to ripple the slime's cheeks.

“Hope I'm not too tall,” Savaron said, crouching slightly as Mila knocked on her parent's door.

“I'm sure it'll be fine,” she said, shaking off a shiver. The slime's hands found Mila's shoulders, rubbing her ever so gently.


“Hi Melody,” Mila said, opening her arms.

“You'd better get in here before someone sees you,” she said, tugging her daughter in rather abruptly. “I suppose you can come in, too.” Savaron smiled sheepishly, ducking into the doorway, pushing the hearty slab closed behind her. “Gale! Mila's here!”

“Gale's home?”

“You didn't think he'd stay in Crada forever, did you?” Melody's expression softened, a glint of a grin sneaking onto her features. “You, sit,” she said, directing the oversized slime to an empty chair.

“Yes ma'am,” Savaron said, cramming herself into the rather tight-fitting furniture.

“Why're you so big?”

“Had a big meal!” the slime said, rubbing the back of her head. “Maybe a bit too big...”

“Well, don't go leaving any dribblings. Just got the house cleaned up.”

“Mila!” Gale said, smiling broadly.

“Gale!” Mila said, rushing over to her father's embrace.

Savaron flexed her arms, mimicking the burly appendages that embraced her human partner. While impressive at her mass, the lack of arm hair left the slime feeling less 'cuddly bear' and more sleek than she was aiming for.

“I was so worried about you!”

“Worried? About me?” Gale said, setting Mila back down. “Why ever for?”

“The drider – Risha. I thought she might've done something to you.”

“There's no drider in Vastkóg Mila,” her father laughed, rubbing her head. “Never has been!”

“But, she was here,” Mila said, turning to look towards her mother. “Didn't you tell him?”

“You,” Melody said, pointing again to Savaron. “You eat?”

“Yes ma'am?”

“Let's have some lunch then,” she said, not so much as glancing at Mila.

“But Melody, what about the drider? What about Risha?! She threatened you!”

“Mila,” Gale said, crossing his arms. “I thought you'd outgrown those children's tales. No drider has been seen anywhere near Vastkóg in a generation. Now, are you going to keep badgering your mother, or are you going to introduce me to your friend over there?”

“Right,” Mila said, shaking her head. “Gale, meet Savaron.”

“Pleased to meet you,” the slime said, crouching to avoid scraping her head against the ceiling.

“So, Savaron,” Gale said, sitting down in the seat across from the slime. “How are your studies?”

“Oh, I'm not in college,” Savaron said, rubbing the back of her head. “I run a tavern just next to the campus.”

“A tavern?” Gale repeated, glancing over to Mila. “How'd you two meet then? Our Mila is no drunkard.”

“Oh no, nothing like that!” Savaron said, cheeks bubbling. “Mutual friend, a year or two ago.”

“It's nothing bad, Gale,” Mila said, rolling her eyes. “Savri makes me happy.”

“Well, if you're happy, I suppose that's all that matters,” Gale said, smiling softly behind his mustache.

“Lunch 's ready,” Melody said, moving chairs around in the kitchen.

Savaron waited for Gale to head towards the kitchen before working her mass out of the rather tight chair. Catching herself on Mila's shoulders, the slime ducked into the kitchen, following the human's lead. Taking a seat next to Mila, Savaron slid down into the chair, letting her legs bend into rather uncomfortable looking folds as she settled in.

“Oooh, egg flats?” Mila asked, eyeing the flat, circular bread.

“Mhmm. Freshn's, too,” Melody said, sliding one of the stuffed bready things into Mila's plate. “You want some?” she asked, looking to Savaron.

“Sure!” the slime said cheerfully. What's the harm in a few more ounces of protein at this point, right? She took the folded, stuffed bread – heavy aromas of cheese and egg assaulting her senses as she engulfed her helping.

“Fascinating,” Gale said, digging into his own meal. “Why do you eat like that?”

“Like what?”

“Gale,” Mila said, nibbling at her food.

“I'm just curious!”

“It's,” Savaron paused, the food sizzling away somewhere behind her overalls. “Comfortable?”

“But you could eat with your hands or-”


“I've done that plenty,” Savaron said, picking up a nearby fork with her right hand. The utensil slipped into her mass, disappearing into her sleeves. A moment later, the same utensil slid out of her left hand, a barely noticeable film having accumulated on its surface.

“What do slimes eat, anyway?”

“Protein, mostly. I can eat other things, but I need protein to keep my mass up,” she said, brushing her shirt down for emphasis. “I'm not usually this massive though...”

“What did you eat to get so big?” Melody asked, long since having finished her meal.

“Cleaned out some leftovers this morning. Guess I got a bit carried away!”

“Well, for someone with no teeth, you mimic human eating pretty well!”

Gale!” Mila said, cheeks a definite shade of red now.

“It's fine,” Savaron said dismissively, rubbing Mila's shoulder. “I'll work on my teeth next – maybe try out some fangs like Mila has!” she said, smiling.

“Fangs?” Melody asked. Before Savaron could continue, she felt something penetrate her pants – something metallic. Leaning back to get a better look, she flexed her leg mass and slurped the fork into her body, concealing it. Mila's face had lost all color, eyes silently pleading with Savaron.

“You know, incisors?” Savaron said, the fork now firmly tucked away in her abdomen. “I have a thing for mouths, never really thought about my own.” Though she couldn't see it, she could practically feel a sigh of relief wash over more than just Mila.

“Mila, you hardly touched your food,” Melody said, poking at her daughter's plate. “Do you not like egg flats anymore?”

“No, I do! I was just thinking it would be nice to have a home cooked meal when I get back.” Mila paused, glancing over to Savaron. “Speaking of getting back...”

“Already?” Gale asked, collecting his plate and Savaron's.

“Are you sure?” Savaron asked, leaning down to whisper to Mila. “What about Risha? Or your fangs?”

Not here,” Mila whispered back, making sure to collect her own and Melody's plates.

“You sure you can't stay a while longer?” Gale asked, stretching.

“We've got some stuff to take care of this afternoon,” Mila said.

“Well, don't forget your meal,” Melody said, wrapping up the aforementioned food for Mila.

Savaron watched Mila hug both of her parents, take the food, and head out the door. Gale smiled at the slime, excusing himself to wander into another room. The slime glanced at the door, then at the sink Melody had started working with.

“Melody?” she asked, keeping her voice low as to not alert Mila or her father.


“When I was here last time, do you remember what you told me?”

“I've slept since then,” Melody said, shrugging.

“You told me to protect Mila from herself. What did you mean?”

“You must have your memories all swirled up in there – t'wasn't me.”

“But what about the drider – Risha?”

“Now I know you're all bubbles. Whatever it is you're on about,” she said, turning to look Savaron directly in the eyes. “Did. Not. Happen. Not here, and certainly not with me.”

“She bit you!” Savaron said, inner mass swirling heavily.

“I think it's time for you to go. Don't you go poisoning my daughter's mind with nonsense about drider or monsters like that neither.”

Savaron was utterly lost. She knew what she saw – she was half tempted to prove it, too.

“Savri?” Mila called, opening the door.

“Coming!” Savaron called back, giving Melody one final look over before turning to follow Mila.

“What's going on?” Savaron whispered, closing the door behind her.

“I'm not sure,” Mila whispered back. “But we can't talk about it here.”

The remaining walk to the train station was made in silence. Just like their last visit, not a soul so much as said 'hello' to either of them. With her extra height, Savaron took care to observe any action she could from the people; all while keeping an eye on Mila, making sure she didn't lose her.

Once they were on the train back to Jesa, Mila waited until well into their journey before finally picking the conversation back up.

“I think something's gotten to my parents.”

“From where I stood, it was more than just your parents,” Savaron said, leaning back. “Every single person we walked by avoided looking at us. This might sound shallow, but...”

“How could they avoid looking at an eight foot tall slime?”

“Exactly! Your mother didn't even remember that Risha bit her!”

“I think they're being watched,” Mila said, looking out the window. “I'd bet money it was by Risha.”

“The whole town?”

“Alls I know is that there's something going on that no-one wants to tell me about,” Mila said, rubbing her temples. “And I have a feeling it's to do with Risha.” She paused, rubbing her fangs with her tongue while her mind wandered. “What I can't figure out is why.”

“Maybe they're trying to protect you?”

“Bit of a strange way to go about that, don't you think?” Mila rubbed her temples. “Someone doesn't want me to know something. I'm just not sure who it is.”

“When I met your mother the first time,” Savaron said, gaze fixated on the floor of the train car. “She told me to do something while you were in another room.” The slime's eyes slowly worked their way up, focusing in on Mila's.

“What did she tell you?”

“I didn't know what to think of it at the time, but she told me to protect you.” The slime paused, biting her lip. “From yourself. I still don't know what she meant by that...”

Mila sat in silence, her own gaze fixating on the passing scenery as the train chugged along. Savaron's core twisted and spasmed, all hidden within the confines of her clothes.

“I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner...”

“You're sorry? I'm sorry my parents are so weird,” Mila said, half laughing. “I know where we need to go next though.” Savaron looked up, core practically deflated with relief. “We need to talk to professor Eless – he's the campus expert on magic.”

“You think your new features are because of magic?”

“One way to find out.”

“How do you find your way around this maze?” Savaron asked, ducking through yet another doorway. She really needed to shed some mass...

“It's mostly muscle memory at this point,” Mila mumbled.

“You know, there's not as many people here as I thought there'd be.”

“You don't come to campus very often, do you?”

“Not particularly.”

“Right on time,” Mila said, sticking to the side of the hallway as students began to pour out of one of the classrooms.

“Woah,” Savaron said, mimicking Mila's move as best she could. Crouching her head, she simply smiled back sheepishly at any wayward glances.

“Professor?” Mila asked, pushing her way into the classroom as the last of the students filtered out. “Professor Eless?”

“Ah, Mila, is it?” the professor said. “Friend of yours?” he asked, nodding towards the door as Savaron made her way inside.

“Ah, right! Professor Eless, meet Savaron, Savaron, meet—”

“It's a slime?”

“I am,” Savaron said, smiling. Once inside the classroom, she stood back up, extending her hand.

“I see you've dressed it up,” the professor said, observing the slime for a few more seconds. “What can I do for you?” he asked, returning his attention to Mila.

“We're looking for some information on transformation magic,” Mila said, glancing from Savaron as she awkwardly retracted her hand.

“You'd know all you need to if you paid attention in my classes,” he said, crossing his arms. “What is it you want to know?”

“We want to know about transformation magic,” Savaron said.

“Speak for yourself Mila, I'm not impressed by your pet's mimicry.”

“We want to know about transformation magic,” Mila said, placing her hand on the slime's leg.

“We covered that last semester,” the professor sighed. “What about it?”

“Could it turn someone into a demi human?” Savaron asked.

The professor glared at the slime, turning his ire to Mila. He simply tapped his finger on his arm, waiting for the human.

“Could it turn a human into a demi human?” Mila repeated, squeezing Savaron's thigh.

“Absolutely not,” the professor said. “Not permanently, anyway. Magic is an illusion at worst, simple mechanics at best. Something so complex as changing ones appearance or feigning intelligence would not last more than a few days, even for the most experienced practitioner.”

“So, if someone was changed by magic, they wo—”

“They would revert in a matter of days, if not hours,” the professor said, glancing to the clock in the room. “Magic is simply too weak a force to apply any serious, permanent change like that.”

“Is there any magic that could make someone look like a demi human?” Mila asked.

“Why don't you write down your questions and we can discuss them in your next class, hmm?” he asked, rubbing his temples. “I need to prepare for my next class, and your pet slime will only distract my students from actual magic studies.”

Mila lunged towards the professor, fangs instinctively at the ready. Her mouth clamped down, piercing the cotton-y arm easily.

Wait. That's not right.

Reality caught up with her, and Mila found herself fang-deep in Savaron's arm. The slime had blocked her from biting the professor – who was thankfully still too focused on himself to notice what had transpired.

Glaring up at her partner, Mila quietly released Savaron's arm, wiping her mouth as she regained her composure.

“Thank you for your time, professor,” Savaron said, placing her hand on Mila's shoulder. Whatever the professor's response was, it fell on deaf ears. Mila's anger had blinded her to one purpose, while Savaron had become entirely focused on ushering Mila out of the classroom.

Before her consequences could come back to bite her.

So to speak.

“I can't believe him!” Mila growled. “He acted like you weren't even there! Like you didn't have any thoughts of your own!”

“It'll be okay, Mila,” Savaron said, her cheeks starting to simmer as she smiled. “I'd rather him be arrogant and oblivious than trying to punish you.”

“He can rot in the depths of-”

“His own thoughts,” Savaron said, interrupting Mila's fuming. She squeezed the human's shoulder gently, ushering her back through the halls of the campus. Hopefully in the direction of the exit...

“I want to just—,” Mila growled, grinding her teeth. “He needs to wake up.”

“In all my time dealing with people,” the slime said, sighing. “I don't think I've ever seen arrogance corrected by anyone other than the arrogant person.”

“I can think of a few ways to help the good professor.”

“More importantly,” Savaron said, glancing down at the human. “Can we trust what he said about magic?”

“I don't know,” Mila sighed, still scowling. “If he's right though, then we know that whatever's happening to me isn't magic...”

“Well, whatever our next plan is, it won't benefit from you starving yourself.”

“What do you mean?”

“You think I haven't noticed?” Savaron laughed. “It's probably why you're so irritable right now!”

“That's different!”

“Is it?” the slime asked, holding her other hand out in front of Mila. The two pools of Mila's venom swirled around in her hand, distinctly visible through her pearly, translucent mass. “Why haven't you eaten anything?”

“I,” Mila paused, her gaze falling. “I don't want to lose control again.”

“Hey,” the slime said, halting their walk. “You got blind sided by some nonsense Risha is putting you through. We can get through this together,” she said, kneeling down to eye level with Mila. “What do you think you'll accomplish by not eating?”

“I won't eat anyone else,” Mila whispered, eyes glued to the floor.

The slime scooped the human up in her arms, hugging her tightly.

If she had been any less dense, she might've lost her balance. Was Mila always this light?

“If I have to carry you around in my body to make sure you eat, I'll do it,” the slime said, picking Mila up as she stood. “But I'm not about to let you hurt yourself.” She paused, stroking Mila's hair as the human wrapped her arms around her neck. “In fact, I think I know just what you need to feel better.”

“Hey Phil,” Savaron said, closing the door with a harder-than-intended thump behind her.

“Sav?” The human rubbed his eyes, taking in Savaron's new outfit. “That's certainly... a choice.

“It's all they had that would fit me!”

“Is she okay?” Phil asked, gesturing to Mila who was still strung out across Savaron's chest.

“That's what we're going to take care of,” the slime said, smiling warmly as she rested her cheek against Mila's head. “You're gonna want this back though,” she said, procuring Phil's lucky apron from... somewhere inside her mass.

“This is wetter than I remember.”

“It's clean, I promise!” The slime said, cheeks bubbling. Not her fault she was so massive today...

Well, maybe it was.

But still.

“I'll wash it tomorrow,” she said, glancing around the rather empty tavern. “Slow day?”

“You're ahead of the rush. All that mass really has gone to your ass, hasn't it?”

“Maybe,” Savaron said, silently redistributing her extra goo. “I'll catch you after closing,” she said, crouching as she made her way up the stairs, Mila still clinging to her neck.

“Do we have to go back here?” Mila asked, looking around as the slime ducked into the same room Mila had spent the night in previously.

“We do, and I'll explain why after you have a good, hot shower,” Savaron said, sitting down on the bed. She gently pulled Mila down, sitting her on her lap. “Trust me, it'll be worth it.”

“Okay” Mila said, eventually pushing off of the slime's lap. “If you say so.”

The slime smiled warmly at Mila, patiently waiting as the bathroom door closed behind her. Once she heard the shower water kick on, she sighed sweet relief.

The plan she had settled on was... uniquely suited to her abilities.

And interests.

Leaning back, she began to ooze out of her new clothes. Even with her increased size, she still felt incredibly dense. How humans walked around like that all day, she wasn't sure...

Collecting herself in a pool at the side of the bed, Savaron slowly reformed her humanoid shape. Glancing at her rear, she wondered how long she'd been unconsciously favoring her rear over her chest... She shrugged, forming her hips and legs – paying extra attention to shift some mass up top.

Savaron had hoped that the shower would help Mila relax a bit – maybe unwind after the busy day. Picking up her rather large clothes, the slime folded the garments up neatly, piling them on top of the room's dresser.

While collapsing into a puddle was certainly relaxing, there was something about holding a humanoid form that just felt so... natural to Savaron. Even if she missed a few details here and there. Why were belly buttons so hard?

Shoving those distracting thoughts aside, the slime focused on her dinner plans for Mila. The problem was simple – Mila didn't want anyone else to get hurt if she somehow lost control of her hunger again. A problem the slime was more than capable of solving.

A life condemned to sliding down her partners throat, over and over, bloating her stomach to deliciously round proportions...

Her core rippled.

“Savaron?” Mila asked, towel tightly wrapped around her chest. “Are you okay?”

“I'm fine!” the slime said, sitting upright on the bed abruptly. “Must've gotten lost in thought...”

Mila smiled, albeit half-heartedly. She picked the towel up, drying herself off a bit more thoroughly before turning to the dresser.

“What should I wear to this... whatever it is you've got planned?” she asked, picking out a pair of panties.

“Wear as little as you like,” Savaron said, smiling.


“It's a private affair~” the slime cooed. She stood up, walking over to stand behind Mila. Leaning down, she rest her heavy breasts atop the girl's head. “Unless you want it less than private?”

“What are you planning?” Mila asked, cheeks flush as she stared at the pair of panties she'd picked out.

“Let's call it a romantic dinner.”


“I can hear your stomach from here. I know you're hungry.”

“I don't want anyone to get hurt!”

“It'll be just you,” Savaron said, turning Mila around to face her. “And me. Nobody will get hurt, you have my word.”

“What about you? I couldn't forgive myself if-”

“So long as this survives,” sliding a hand into her mass, the slime gestured to her core. “I'll be fine. And I know just how to keep this safe, don't you worry.”

Mila said nothing, staring intensely at the slime's core.

“Now, come,” she said, guiding Mila over to the bed.

The pale girl quietly followed the slime's lead, eventually finding herself kneeling on the bed, face to face with Savaron.

Well, face to chest, but still.

Before Mila had a chance to get cold feet, Savaron pulled her into a hug. Squeezing her tightly, the slime picked her up, planting a kiss on her lips. Mila's eyes were closed, but she was squeezing back just as passionately.

The difference in heat between a human and a slime can be... pronounced. Depending on what the slime might've been doing, it could be anything from a gentle misting on a hot day, to a deluge of ice water in the middle of winter.

To that end, Savaron could feel herself heating up as more and more of her surface area came into contact with Mila's body. Breasts and bellies mashed together, tongues began to twist and dance, fingers interlaced...

“W-wait,” Mila said, breaking off the kiss for a moment.

“Mmm?” Savaron mumbled, utterly lost in the delicious taste of the human's saliva.

“How do slimes,” she paused, cheeks rising in temperature enough that the slime's might start to bubble from exposure alone.

“All in good time,” Savaron said, planting a somewhat cooling kiss on Mila's cheek. “But first, it's dinnertime.”

“Are you sure?”

“More sure than I've ever been. Open wide,” she cooed, kissing Mila on the lips again.

The human obeyed – sort of. Her lips parted ever so slightly, but it was all the encouragement the slime needed.

Savaron pushed the first bulk of slime down her tongue, into Mila's mouth. Her cheeks puffed out until she reflexively swallowed, plunging the helping of slimy mass down her throat.

The first gulp electrified Savaron's core. Every ridge and ravenous contraction of Mila's throat was relayed back to Savaron's being. She shuddered, feeling the connection begin to thin as her offering was deposited down into Mila's belly.

She repeated the offering a second time, as soon as the first was secured – she needed the experience that swallow again.

Mila obliged, closing her eyes and opening her throat to accept the slime. She gulped, rippling her muscles around Savaron's now excited being. Her stomach gurgled ravenously, depraved as it was for nutrition, at finally getting something to work on.

Feeling the thralls of digestion nibbling at one end, while Mila's throat coaxed yet more of her mass further in was enough to get Savaron's core bubbling. She bit her proverbial lip, doing her best to stave off foaming for a bit – this was all for Mila's benefit, after all!

That's why they were naked!

Savaron pulled out of the kiss, her mouth still connected to Mila's by the thin strand of slime and saliva.

“Better?” she asked, slurping at the connecting strand.

Mila gulped, opening her eyes to look at Savaron. Instead of putting her somewhat informed vocabulary to use, she pulled the slime back in to another kiss. Her mouth opened more, openly suckling and slurping on Savaron's surprised lips.

The slime laughed to herself, and began pumping a truly monstrous amount of slime down Mila's throat. Each heap increased in size from the previous, slowly stretching Mila's mouth and throat to her absolute limits – but the slime dared not slow down.

If she slowed down, she might focus on the loud, wet swallowing sounds Mila was making.

Or the savory heat that was being exchanged from the human's tight, wet insides to her own dense, viscous being.

Or the intense urge that was building to fully immerse herself in Mila in every possible way.

Instead, she focused on Mila's now bulging stomach. She could feel the inside and the outside simultaneously now – her mass pressed across every square inch she could manage.

As her mass was slowly transferred, Savaron's proportions became more in line with that of a normal sized human. Her head was now just above Mila's, though she was fairly certain that was only because the human's stomach was displacing so much of her outside mass right now.

Sitting back for a third time, she managed to pause Mila's aggressive gulping.

“How're we feeling now?” Savaron asked, scooting back to admire her handiwork. Mila was now sporting a well beyond pregnant looking stomach, her belly button threatening to pop out like some kind of timer.

“Be'er,” Mila mumbled, still licking at the slime tendril that connected the two.

“Good,” Savaron said, shaking herself around to focus. “Now bite me.”


You need to sever the connection,” Savaron said. It wasn't entirely a lie – if Savaron focused, she could sever the connection to the cauldron of pleasure she was experiencing.

She was simply not sure she could muster the willpower to do so on her own.

Mila looked into Savaron's blue eyes, slowly closing her mouth around the tendril. Still staring, she bit down with her teeth, feeling the slime's mass separate. As soon as the connection was severed, a loud slosh emanated from the human's stomach.

Savaron's core foamed heavily, distorting her mass even more while Mila's belly sloshed. The human was too engrossed with what was going on in her belly to notice the slime bubbling over herself in pleasure.

Mila gulped the rest of the slime eagerly, feeling it splash down without any resistance. Her stomach groaned as the thick liquid settled, a bubbly simmering having started somewhere deep in the depths of her latest meal.

“Savaron?” she asked, prodding her stomach. “What's happening?”

“Wa-huh?” the slime asked, barely holding onto her form. Her half-lidded gaze followed Mila's, ending up on the bloated, bubbly belly they'd managed to create.

“What's happening in there?” Mila asked, anxiety tip toeing on the edge of her words.

“Bubbles,” Savaron said, smiling sheepishly. “You're warm,” she giggled, placing a hand on Mila's belly. “n slime gets bubbly when 's warm.”


Savaron snickered, pressing down on Mila's belly. The taut tum gave way with relative ease, its contents starting to tickle Mila ever so slightly. She could feel something start to work its way up her throat – but before she could properly process what it might've been, it was in her mouth.

The slime leaned in, kissing Mila on the lips as the hefty belch rattled through her unprepared lips. The gas bubble ballooned into the somewhat prepared slime, being directed and coaxed down into her middle.

“Bubbly,” the slime cooed, sitting back from the kiss. She worked the bubble down into her stomach, letting it swell out ever so slightly. She pressed her belly outward towards Mila's, swaying it from side to side.

“O-oh.” Mila blushed, covering her mouth.

“Now, let's have some fun while you've still got this beauty,” the slime said, pushing Mila down on the bed. Once she was properly settled, the slime began rubbing and caressing the incessantly hot, burbling orb before her. Her core shivered with each groan or growl that Mila's belly offered, foam starting to build up in her chest again.

For her part, Mila found herself lost in a myriad of emotions. She wanted her stomach to drop, to slink away and take with it the guilt of her previous meal. Instead, her stuffed belly was treating her to pleasure she'd not known before.

Savaron was pushing and prodding at her stomach, reliably moving her taut skin around just enough to elicit electrifying sensations – all while the contents of her stomach were bubbling – simmering away in a cauldron of flesh. She wasn't familiar with her belly's newfound sensitivity, but she wasn't hating it...

In fact, she was rather enjoying herself. Despite her mind attempting to focus on the life she'd taken, the only thing she could consider was how immensely wonderful it felt to be so full and so utterly overwhelmed with sensations.

Kneeling between Mila's legs, Savaron was in a prime position to pick up on the human's pleasure as well. Taking her cue, she slid her hips up, letting her lower mass envelop Mila's. The human whimpered, biting her lip as she looked up, over her stomach to Savaron.

“Hold on to your gut~” the slime teased, grabbing said stomach with both hands.

Her mass began tickling and probing at Mila's pussy, her slime slowly enveloping each and every nook and cranny she could find. Pushing in gently, Savaron began to spread her mass around, sampling Mila's excited juices.

Before pressing in further, she worked her slime around, finding Mila's clitoris. The accompanying attempted leg lock from the human was a pretty good indicator she was on the right path. Slowly, she fed her slime up into the hood, letting it slowly envelop the sensitive gland completely.

She began pumping her mass in and out of Mila's pussy, working a slow, methodic rhythm up. Unable to restrain herself further though, she began massaging and slurping on Mila's clit with her mass.

Mila's legs tensed up, pushing into Savaron's mass as the slime had her way with her. Arousal began to flow freely now, something that the slime was more than happy to taste and absorb.

Leaning forward, Savaron spread her remaining mass over Mila's stomach, very nearly enveloping the entirety of Mila's abdomen with her enthusiasm. Her head melded away, pooling across the crest of the human's stomach as her rhythm increased.

Mila tilted her head back, arching against the bed as the first orgasm of the night shook her. She could feel herself clamping down on Savaron, attempting to pull what she could in, but she didn't care. Her body spasmed around the slimy appendage, legs twitching somewhere inside the mass of her lover.

“W-wait,” Mila gasped, peering over her stomach. “How do we keep your core s-safe?” she asked, still twitching on Savaron.

“Well,” Savaron said, rolling her core around on Mila's belly. “We put it somewhere safe.”

Mila wanted to ask like where?

She wanted desperately to form cohesive words and have a conversation that involved more than one or two errant conjugations.

Instead, the strange texture now rolling up against her thighs skipped over most of her linguistic capabilities. Moaning, she arched her back as the slime's core spread her thoroughly. Inch by trepid inch, she felt the heavy orb slide up into her, until it passed in with a satisfied plop.

Savaron shuddered, pushing her core deeper into Mila as it foamed. Making sure to protect it further with a thick coating of her mass, she felt herself start to spread thin across the human's stretched, full stomach.

As her core throbbed and twitched inside Mila, the slime began tucking more and more of her remaining mass in with it.

So much for sleeping in her bucket tonight...